EnchantedMob and ZAmination (2020-present)

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EnchantedMob and ZAmination
Sometimes, even imagination has its limits, whether it's made of blocks or not.
Genre: "Slice of Life"
Running Time: Varies by episode
Release Date: April 9th, 2014 - present (EnchantedMob)
March 31st, 2015 - present (ZAmination)
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Seth and Zach Belanger (EnchantedMob)
Zach and Micah (ZAmination)

EnchantedMob and ZAmination are video productions and YouTube channels, created by Seth and Zach Belanger (EnchantedMob) and Zach and Micah (ZAmination). They're famous for producing several Minecraft Music Videos, mostly based on indie games like Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy and The Ink Machine, and Undertale. They're also the creators of Poppy Playtime, published under the MOB Games division.

Sadly, since 2020, they went downhill when it was revealed that they poorly treated Ekrcoaster by joining the hate bandwagon, which was sped up with the release of Fazbear and Friends and only worsened when they shoved Poppy Playtime, their own game, in the series, as well milking the franchise to death

Why They Suck Now

Note: This page only documents the business practices coming from their studios as well as the content in their videos nowadays. Please do not show any ill will towards anyone who works for these two YouTube channels. Remember, doing so will make you have to be treated with.

  1. The main problem is that the channels now became kids' channels in contrast to the Minecraft Music Videos (which were dark and gritty and were faithful to the source materials). This is arguably one of the worst "It's made for kids" excuses after Dhar Mann and Elsagate.
  2. They're behind the controversy in 2020 when Ekrcoaster published a video called "Why Ekrcoaster Disappeared...", which explains why he went on hiatus from February to July 2020. It was revealed that he got toxic hate showing it that was even worse than before (one message even said that he would be satisfied that Ekrcoaster would be dead. No joke) since they accused him of "copy" EnchantedMob and ZAmination (even though he has his original animation and he does have originality and he was the one that got copied) and three of the members came from EnchantedMob. Not only that but in his document it says that when he pointed out that EnchantedMob copied his outro, they manipulated him, threatened him and even blackmailed him. After the fiasco, when Ekrcoaster asked to Seth for stopping the drama, he completely dismissed the problem. Not only that, but a user named Qdeanc, a former member of EnchantedMob, revealed that the animation staff received poor pay from higher executives and when they criticized them, they were fired.[1] This shows how they poorly treat animators by mistreating them and not giving any help.
  3. They proved to not handle criticism, as after the document was released, the staff behind EnchantedMob decided to use the excuse that they were minors, completely ignoring that this doesn't excuse the fact that they harassed a minor who's WAY YOUNGER than them.
  4. They were accused of child sexualization thanks to their "Don't Come Crying" Music Video, a collab between ZAmination and EnchantedMob. The reason for this is that they made Circus Baby sassy and made her breasts bigger. To remind you, in the lore, there's a child named Elizabeth Afton, whose soul is in Circus Baby. This caused many people to speculate that the people in the studios are pedophiles. To respond to this, the EnchantedMob studio used the excuse that the video was set 4 years after Sister Location's release[2], ignoring the fact that the game, at least according to the lore, is set in 1983 and video game characters do not age in terms of real-life years. Thankfully, they later apologized for this.[3]
  5. After the Ekrcoaster fiasco, they later made an apology....in a comment. What's even worse is that months after the fiasco ended, they deleted the apology. This caused people to speculate that the apology was fake and it was made to end the fiasco.
  6. Continuing with the Ekrcoaster stuff, he revealed that Poppy Playtime plagiarized Venge, a game made by Ekrcoaster himself as an inspiration for Bendy and The Ink Machine. In fact, on Twitter, he made several comparisons with both games and they look very similar both in terms of plot and environment.[4]
  7. Quantity over Quality: They produced 46 videos for the young audience in a total span of a year, mostly because they focused more on the shorts rather than the original show. Because of this, it makes both the studios jump the shark.
  8. Most of their videos are very annoying and very nonsensical.
  9. They made the FNaF characters very dumb to appeal to the young audience (with the worst offender being William Afton, who became a pathetic man who does just basic mean stuff but other than that, he's very dumb).
  10. If that wasn't enough, they heavily milked to death the Fazbear and Friends shorts, completely ignoring the original series. Even worse, they also decided to shove Poppy Playtime in the shorts for the sake of promoting it. Thankfully, they decided to end the Fazbear and Friends shorts to focus on their series and go back to the Minecraft music videos they previously had.
  11. Nowadays they resort to clickbait. Most of their videos now have misleading thumbnails. A great example is Version A of the third episode of Fazbear & Friends, which is titled "Foxy BROKE Bonnie's Guitar!?", with a thumbnail of Foxy breaking Bonnie's guitar, saying that Foxy broke Bonnie's guitar, but in reality, it was Bonnie himself that (accidentally broke) the guitar.
  12. They also have little care towards originality nowadays and they instead keep milking the Poppy Playtime franchise and care more about advertising the game, to the point they even announced that they partnered with Studio71 and Legendary to make a Poppy Playtime movie despite not even being a year old by the time it was announced, which is outrageous![5] AND EVEN WORSE, ALL THREE GAMES ARE UNFINSHED!
  13. They often cash in on trends like Squid Game, Among Us, and (recently) Talking Ben.
  14. They used to support NFTs (which are very harmful to the environment), as proved with the Poppy Playtime ones[6][7]. This risked their game to be banned from Steam (considering Valve is highly against Cryptocurrency). Thankfully, they backed out.[8]
  15. Continuing the Ekrcoaster stuff again (and also the pedophile stuff), not only did they sexualize Circus Baby, but they also sexualized Ekrcoaster’s Minecraft skin in another animation. Even worse, Ekrcoaster is a minor!
  16. Due to the shady practices of EnchantedMob, in 2023, many staff members including the entire Zamination crew ended up laid off due to creative differences

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They used to be good before the Ekrcoaster controversy. Additionally, they somewhat improved over time after the Ekrcoaster controversy because they don't act as scummy as back in 2021.
  2. The animation in their videos is still awesome. Also, the voice acting in most of these videos is pretty good, with Michael Kovach (Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel, and Jax from The Amazing Digital Circus) and Nola Klop (who also worked on the Poppy Playtime video game) being one of the standouts
  3. Although they milked the Fazbear and Friends shorts for money and kids, on February 28 2023 as shown through here, it looks like they will stop doing the Fazbear and Friends shorts to focus on other series like their Minecraft music videos. After Fazbear and Friends had ended, they released a new music video for "Purple Girl", which turned out to be great and looks like it will go back to their roots
  4. If it wasn't for them, the Minecraft Music videos wouldn't be so popular.
  5. As mentioned earlier, they fortunately stopped supporting NFTs after realizing their mistake in doing so.




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