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Growing Around: Party Panic
The title is right, reading this you will be in a panic.
Published: November 2016
Franchise: Growing Around
Author(s): Johnathan "Enter" Rozanski (a.k.a TheMysteriousMrEnter)
Publisher: Johnathan "Enter" Rozanski (a.k.a TheMysteriousMrEnter)
Pages 164 pages

Growing Around: Party Panic is a 2016 book written and published by Johnatan "Enter" Rozanski, a.k.a TheMysteriousMrEnter (or Mr. Enter), a cartoon critic notorious for being very harsh when criticizing shows. It was released on November 2016. It serves as a proof-of-concept of the show Growing Around, which was funded on Indiegogo.

Why It's In Panic

  1. The very concept of kids ruling the world while the adults are forced to do kids stuff (such as going school) is uncanny, creepy and nonsensical because this means that when kids are born, they can create their own rules but when they grow up, they're forced to do stuff that children normally do such as going school. This concept was one of the main reasons why his Indiegogo failed and yet Mr. Enter failed to realize that.
  2. The book cover is awful, especially the physical cover. It's very blurry (no, it's not the bad source image, Simian Jimmy confirmed the cover is blurry and pixelated), the artwork is bland and generic and the back of the book is extremely basic and blander, filled with typos.
  3. Sally Dunn, the protagonist of the book, is an extremely horrible character,
  4. The world building is awful