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How do you spell LOL? Darwin Watterson J-E-R-K! - Gumball Watterson These commercials: Y-O-U-A-R-E-S-T-U-P-I-D!

The LBC Spelling Bee Commercials was aired on April 30 to May 3, 2009. It had three commercials: Remittance, Instant, and Affordable. However, these three commercials had been banned for students saying the acronym "LBC" rather than the actual words stated above. But despite that, these commercials have been aired on YouTube.

Why They S-U-C-K

  1. For starters, these commercials had controversies, with students saying the word "LBC" instead of Remittance, Affordable, and Instant. This resulted in Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Jesli Lapus pointing out that these have bad spelling habits.
  2. The three students are stupid enough to say the correct answer, which resulted in Edu Manzano stating that LBC is the correct word when in reality it is not.
  3. While the Remittance commercial was 30 seconds, the other two commercials (Instant and Affordable) had 15 seconds, which was strange since the former one gives a well-done execution rather than a rushed execution.
  4. In the Remittance commercial flashback after Edu Manzano told the male student about that word, he imagines him with his mother about receiving the paycheck in LBC, given how stupid he is in the spelling bee and he would fail.
  5. At the end of these three commercials, the announcer shouts "Hari ng Padala", which is ear-piercing at best.
  6. Overall, they are pointless due to the commercial only being served to be smart enough to answer the correct answer, rather than saying the wrong answer.

S-M-A-R-T Qualities

  1. Edu Manzano did a good job portraying the spelling bee host in these three commercials.
  2. The spelling bee set is good to look at.


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