Adventures in Supersitting (Sidekick)

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Adventures in Supersitting
Adventures in Super-sitting.png
Don't bother taking care of Max the Superbaby.
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: Overall: 75
Season: 23 (12a)
Air Date: March 24, 2012
Writer: Heather Jackson
Director: Joey So
Kerry Sargent
Previous episode: I, Sidebot
Next episode: Mandy-o & Eric-et

Adventures in Supersitting is the first half of episode 12 and the 23rd episode of Season 2, as well as the 75th episode overall of Sidekick


Vana and Kitty have a trouble taking care of Superbaby, so Eric and Trevor take care of him before he causes trouble.

Why Superbaby Deserves a HUGE Fart on Eric

  1. This is an Eric and Trevor torture episode.
  2. The whole episode is mean-spirited and gross-out all at the same time; though not as gross as another episode, My Brother, My Pimple, but still.
  3. The opening scene starts in a mean-spirited way, Vana and Kitty having a hard time babysititng Superbaby, which resulted in the former shooting baby food while the baby farts excessively.
    • Additionally, Eric and Trevor fight over the remote just to watch TV, until the former throws a cookie to Trevor so that he can eat it.
  4. Eric is a terrible babysitter in this episode after he accepts Vana's request:
    • When he uses the rattle to calm the baby down, the latter cries and splashes him and Trevor.
    • Eric attempts to use the teddy bear to appeal him, but the baby farts and launches him and Trevor away.
    • While Eric is changing his diaper, Superbaby urinates all over the place and causing him and Trevor to run away.
      • That one is also a plot hole, how does Superbaby created a tidal wave of urine when he urinated for a second?
      • Again, how was Disney XD able to get away with showing uncensored urine on TV? Also, this goes against Disney’s “family-friendly” image.
  5. Even Trevor is also a terrible babysitter, just like Eric did, but worse, especially when he demanded more cookies despite Eric's protest of not having anymore cookies.
  6. Superbaby Max is also mean-spirited to Eric and Trevor, while babies can cause trouble, this one gets worse for using superpowers.
    • Speaking of which, he is a rip-off of Jack-Jack from The Incredibles.
  7. The clones of Superbaby also create a loud tantrum, which can be ear-grating.
  8. The scene where Max uses heat vision to Eric twice, and Trevor once is mean-spirited.
    • Plot Hole: Eric using the stapler to staple his ear can cause swelling in real-life.
  9. While Vana has the right to get mad at Eric for ruining his babysitting, she does this in a cruel way, where she gets easily angered by him for not babysitting properly.
  10. Bad Ending: Eric returned Max the Superbaby, which Vana returned him back, but he and Maxum Brain were tortured by Trevor and Max's clones because he ran out of cookies, which makes him a criminal and believes that cooperating is fun when it is dangerous. As a result, Max's clones use heat vision to burn Eric alive.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eric, Kitty, and Maxum Brain are the only likable characters in this episode.
    • While Trevor is likable in this episode, he becomes unlikable at the end.
  2. The toys scene with Max and Trevor is decent.
  3. Despite Trevor's line, "Cooperating is fun." at least it manages on how to cooperate well with people, which is a good moral.


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