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Banned From Equestria (Daily)

Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia would be very horrified by a game that's NOT about friendship and magic.

Genre(s): Adult
Platform(s): Internet
Release: August 21, 2015 (Version 1.5)
Engine: Adobe Flash
Developer(s): Pokehidden
Publisher(s): Pokehidden

Banned From Equestria (Daily) is a point-and-click adult game created by Pokehidden. It is based by the animated show My Little Pony. After its release, Pokehidden published a Halloween version of the game, called Banned [Forever].


The game starts with Trixie talking with you, the protagonist of the game. She tells you that she will turn you into a pony, with the spell lasting three days. After this, she will turn you back to human, ending the gameplay. During this, the player must have sex with every pony he meets, which involves the player solving some puzzles.

Why It Should Be Banned Forever

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this game is very controversial for containing rape and pedophilia, only FOUR positive pointers will be permitted on this page with no more being included. Anyone who is caught adding more than that will have to be dealt with and their edits will be reverted.

  1. The game is nothing more than an adult parody game based on a kid's show, which was probably made to appeal to some perverted bronies and fetishists of the franchise.
  2. The gameplay is very tedious, you just solve some puzzles and watch the protagonist have sex with the other characters.
  3. It is very short. You can beat the game in around 30 minutes to an hour if you get all the sex scenes and secrets quickly.
  4. The protagonist is very unlikeable as he is a huge pervert who only thinks of having sex with every pony he meets.
    • Even worse, he is also a rapist and manipulator in some moments, like in Trixie and Rainbow Dash's sex scenes.
  5. There is a scene when you can have sex with Spike, which is considered as pedophilia, since he is a baby dragon.
  6. Aside from the character designs and backgrounds being very faithful to the show, the game doesn't have a good grasp of source material, as most of the ponies act very out-of-character in this game:
    • The most infamous one is Pinkie Pie, who acts like a "bitch in heat", having sex with the protagonist without even knowing him (see below).
  7. Some gameplay mechanics are very frustrating:
    • To earn money, the player must talk to Applejack and begin a minigame where the player has to keep constantly clicking the left mouse button as fast as possible to kick a tree, earning bits depending on how much you clicked. This is the only way to get money in this game.
    • If you challenge Rainbow Dash for a race, it will begin a minigame where the protagonist must dodge the clouds to win the race by clicking the left mouse button. However, when you approach Rainbow Dash, the clouds will begin to appear very fast and out of nowhere, making it difficult to dodge.
    • If you attempt to enter Everfree Forest, the protagonist must choose the correct paths until he finds Zecora's Cottage. But you will probably end up getting lost in the forest, since the game doesn't tell which paths are the correct ones, unless you find the combination on the internet.
    • The battle with Princess Luna minigame, while very challenging and well-made, really isn't worth playing.
  8. False Advertising: According to the game, the protagonist can have sex with any pony in this game, however, Rarity is the only pony which the protagonist can't have sex with.
    • In reality, Rarity's sex scene consists of her and Spike having sex in Carousel Boutique, while the protagonist watches them through the window, masturbating.
  9. You can beat the game without having sex with the ponies. To do this, all you need to do is find a dancing scarecrow, which when interacted, will change the day/night cycle. So, if the player interacts with the scarecrow every day and night in the game until the third day is finished, the game will end with Trixie teasing you for not having enough sex with the ponies.
  10. In the old versions of the game before the 1.5 update, some cutscenes, backgrounds and items were poorly drawn with no colors, shadow or details in them, which is beyond laziness and is just plain unprofessionalism.

Banned [Forever]

  1. It has less content than there was in the original game:
    • Because of the fog, the player can't go to other locations, like Sweet Apple Acres, or Twilight's library. The only location you have to go is Sugarcube Corner.
    • Unlike the original game, there is only one character the protagonist must have sex with, which is Pinkie Pie.
  2. It tries way too hard to have a creepypasta vibe, using a lot of overused elements:
    • Instead of the dancing scarecrow, the protagonist will find a ponified version of BEN Drowned (a well know creepypasta character), which when interacted with, won't do anything.
    • The soundtrack is terrible, using a lot of clich├ęd creepypasta themes. An infamous example is Pinkie Pie's theme song, which is nothing more than a reversed version of her theme in the original game.
    • Mrs. Cake's eyes are black with no pupils, which is probably a reference to Zalgo. Also if the player interacts with her, the game starts glitching, while she constantly tells the player to leave.
  3. This version is even shorter than the original game, since you can beat in 2 minutes.
  4. After Trixie talks to you in the opening scene, for some reason, she disappears without any explanation.
  5. If you attempt to enter DJ Pon-3's house, a picture of the protagonist with a creepy smile will appear on the screen with the text "But there was no key.", which is much more laughable than scary.
  6. The sound effect that plays when you interact with Mrs. Cake in Sugarcube Corner is obnoxiously ear-piercing.
  7. Pinkie Pie's, or in this case, Pinkamena Diane Pie's (which is the creepypasta version of her) sex scene is very disturbing and difficult to watch.
    • After Pinkamena begins to have sex with the protagonist, she tells him that her "daddy" put pieces of glass in her vagina, which obviously, leaves his penis full of cut wounds.
    • To make matters worse, you are forced to watch Pinkamena practicing fellatio with his penis full of blood, which is beyond unsettling.

Redeeming Qualities

NOTE: These redeeming qualities do NOT excuse the actions of this game.

  1. The pixelated graphics are good, and the design of the characters and backgrounds are very faithful to the show.
  2. The animation scenes are well made and detailed.
  3. The 8-bit soundtrack of the original version is great to listen, like the Overworld song, which is an 8-bit version of the My Little Pony opening theme.
  4. The battle with Princess Luna minigame is very challenging and well made, despite not being that worthy.


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