Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory (Sidekick)

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Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory
Maxum Brain factory.png
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Overall: 87
Season: 7 (4a)
Air Date: June 22, 2013
Writer: Shawn Kalb
Director: Kerry Sargent
Previous episode: XOX To Be You
Next episode: Trip Van Twinkle Toes

Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory is the first half of episode 4 and the 7th episode of Season 3, as well as the 87th episode overall of Sidekick


After Maxum Brain's machine is nearly broken, Eric and the gang send him to the Maxum Brain factory to encounter the maker of the Maxum Brains.

Why It's Braniac

  1. The characters are likable in this episode.
  2. It introduces Maxius Brainius, the owner of the Maxum Brain factory, who started as a friendly owner of this factory to tour with the children about Maxum Brains, but he turns out as a villain who wanted to capture Maxum Brain and the children just to make the former disintegrate.
  3. While Maxum Brain 2.0 starts as a stereotypical nagging house maid, she shapeshifts into an object that can kill Eric and the gang, which is a clever concept for a villain.
  4. Trevor throwing water at Kitty twice is a funny scene.
  5. There is a good scene where Maxius Brainius attempted to give Eric the Maxum Brain T-shirt, but Trevor shoves Eric just to get it.
  6. The climax scene where Maxius Brainius and Maxum Brain 2.0 chases Maxum Brain, along the dramatic scene where the latter shows the infamous sewer waterfall.
  7. Maxius Brainius' "Note yourself" line.
  8. Near the end, Vana reminded Maxum Brain that the bubblegum shielded his vital components and Eric's underwear absorbed his sludge, so basically she is right about this and it becomes a twist ending, despite Eric saying that he is "always right" making Brain upset about this situation.
  9. This episode is dedicated to the late Robert Henry, the editorial department of Sidekick and Scaredy Squirrel.

Bad Qualities

  1. The opening scene starts in a mean-spirited way, Eric and the gang have a pool party in his mansion where kids play with heavy objects, causing Brain to kick everyone, but Eric, Trevor, Kitty, and Vana out.
  2. Plot Hole: Near the end of this episode, Trevor is a human, but how does he have a robotic face?
  3. Maxum Brain 2.0 is just a stereotypical nagging maid, despite the execution being well done.
  4. Sadly, there are gross-out scenes in this episode:
    • Trevor burping out soda on Maxum Brain's face.
    • Maxum Brain 2.0 grabbed Kitty's legs to "scrub the toilet", causing her hair to get wet.
    • Eric attempts to blow a kiss on Maxum Brain's mouth, much to the latter's disgust.
    • Trevor's robotic face.
  5. The ending ends on a cliffhanger. After Maxum Brain 2.0 and Maxius Brainius land on the sewer, he is revealed as a cyborg, but there is no given climax whatsoever since it already ended. Note that it was shown in two scenes where he has red eyes, one in the factory tour and the other where he leaves the factory before he wields a hammer.


  • This episode was dedicated to Robert Henry.


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