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NOTE: This is a remake of a deleted page on Crappy Games Wiki with the same name.

Why make a good FNaF fan game when you can release it unfinished with no care?

Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror point-and-click franchise created by Scott Cawthon, composed of nine main games and two spin-offs. The franchise is widely succesful and responsible for defining the indie horror genre. Thanks to the franchise's success, it spawned a huge and devoted fanbase who would often make fanarts or fan games. While the original games are amazing and scary, the same can't be said for the fan games, which overwhelmed GameJolt and it became so oversaturated to the point GameJolt themselves had to create a category specifically for FNaF fan games.

Why They Mostly Should Get Jumpscared

  1. Quantity Over Quality: Rather than focusing on polishing the game and focus on the main aspects and enhance them to give something new, these fan games are often released unfinished with no care whatsoever and even when they're finished, they often have uninspired and generic gameplay that's directly stolen from the original FNaF games.
  2. They're notorious for flooding GameJolt and Scratch, with the former being the worst offender. The worst part is that unlike Scratch, which responded to this, GameJolt does absolutely nothing to stop these fan games from flooding their website.
  3. They often have ugly graphics and poorly-done animatronics to the point it's not even scary, it's laughable.
  4. Speaking of not being scary, most of the fan games hardly attempt to scare the player and they think that jumpscares make the games scary, when it's not.
  5. Even when they have scary atmosphere, they're often ignored by the repetitive and uninspired gameplay.
  6. They're often filled with multiple bugs and glitches, to the point they're borderline unplayable, with The Return to Freddy's being the worst offender.
  7. False advertising at its purest form: Most pages feature high-quality images, showing impressive artwork with frightening atmosphere, but the games themselves have none of that and often are poor quality.
  8. Some developers can even get into controversies when they develop their games. A great example is a group of 3 prominent members of the FNaF community, Ramenov (developer of JR's), Ultranite (developer of Chompers, a game originally planned to be part of the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative) and Mechlus (developer of the Project Readjusted series) were revealed to have a secret group where they would leak several info of upcoming fan games and planned to release them publicly. Not only this ruined their reputation and caused the games to get delayed, but it also caused the cancellation of Chompers.
  9. Speaking of cancellation, multiple anticipated fan games were often cancelled either due to toxic fanbases, troubled development, drama, leaks and sometimes, no reason at all. A great example is the cancellation of Sinister Turmoil, which suffered from a troubled development, leaks and other stuff.
  10. Related to anticipated fan games, once they get announced and after showing tons of stuff during the development, they often get abandoned with no news, leading them to get stuck in development hell.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are still plenty of FNaF fan games that are awesome. Examples include:
    1. Five Nights at Candy's (FNaC 2 is an exception)
    2. The Joy of Creation series (2015 version, Reborn and Story Mode)
    3. The Final Nights series (except Final Nights 1)
    4. The POPGOES series
    5. Five Nights at Treasure Island
    6. The Jolly series
    7. JR's
    8. The Jollibee's series (both games were taken down for copyright violation)
    9. Fredbear's Fright
    10. Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot
    11. Sinister Turmoil: Sewers (a small game that shows how the original game was meant to be)
    12. Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's: Rebooted (a remake of the original Five Nights at Chuck E' Cheese's)
    13. Dayshift at Freddy's Trilogy
    14. The Return to Freddy's 2: Winter Wonderland
    15. The Glitched Attraction
    16. Bubba's Diner
    17. Five Nights with Herobrine
    18. One Night at Flumpty's (series)
  2. Speaking of great fan games, they often take advantage of Clickteam Fusion 2.5, which is considered outdated, and make impressive graphics. Thanks to FNaF's popularity, the engine became one of the most popular engines of all time.
  3. Even Scott Cawthon himself is impressed by the great fan games. In fact, in August 2020, he announced The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, which is a collaboration between Scott Cawthon and several fan game creators. Thanks to this, fan games can get released on multiple platforms other than PC and Mobile and even get their own merchandise.

Notable Bad FNaF Fan Games

  1. The Return to Freddy's series (except 4)
  2. Five Nights at Candy's 2
  3. Most fan-made remakes of the original FNaF games
  4. Final Nights 1
  5. Dormitabis
  6. Five Nights in Anime


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