Insane in the Cranial (Sidekick)

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Insane in the Cranial
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: Overall: 63
Season: 11 (6a)
Air Date: November 26, 2011
Writer: Shawn Kalb
Director: Joey So
Previous episode: Fortress of Maxumtude
Next episode: What's He Hiding

Insane in the Cranial is the first half of episode 6 and the 11th episode of Season 2, as well as the 63rd episode overall of Sidekick


Eric and the gang are invited in the Cranial Club when he has the invitation. However, they encounter Alan Amazing, the initiator of the Cranials, to face dangerous challenges.

Why It's Anything But Insane

  1. The episode has an interesting concept, the main characters facing challenges in the secret society can be fun to watch.
  2. The characters, especially Alan, the main antagonist, are likable in this episode.
  3. The introduction of how students become members of the Cranials is a good touch, despite the non-Cranials getting mean-spirited moments.
  4. Pamplemoose touching Eric's hand while Eric stares at him is funny.
  5. While the challenges are torturous, they can be fun.
  6. Eric giving the cheese to Alan is a somewhat heartwarming scene.
  7. Alan running away from the real Cranials, the henchmen, is satisfying, since he knows that he is only there to "humiliate" the kids and make Pamplemoose, his servant.
  8. Half-Decent Ending: It was revealed that the "real" members of the Cranials are the henchmen, but when Master XOX reminded Eric that there are no room for sidekicks, Trevor sneaks in the ship and became one of them.

Bad Qualities

  1. This is an Eric, Trevor, Vana, Kitty, and Pamplemoose torture episode.
  2. While the challenges are good, most of it can be dangerous.
    • Pamplemoose gettign eaten by the shark can be a cruel thing to this poor guy.
  3. Plot Hole: During the archery challenge, the robots shoot Eric, Trevor, Kitty, and Vana on the target, but Eric, Kitty, and Vana's butt get hurt from the bow without suffering any pain. In the later scene, they survive without explaination.
  4. Half-Bad Ending: When Trevor joined the Cranials, this implied that Eric became worried about not coming back.


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