Pamp My Ride (Sidekick)

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Pamp My Ride
Pamp My Ride.png
At least this episode shows that no one should hijack anyone else's vehicles
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Overall: 98
Season: 18 (9b)
Air Date: July 27, 2013
Writer: Andrew Harrison
Director: Kerry Sargent
Previous episode: Eric of the Board
Next episode: OppoXOX

Pamp My Ride is the second half of episode 9 and the 18th episode of Season 3, as well as the 98th episode of Sidekick


Eric and Trevor developed an idea that can make Pamplemoose's chair move, using the remote control, but it gets worse when they destroyed it. Pamplemoose's chair also has a time bomb that can explode him and the designated area.

Why It Never Pimps

  1. Sadly, this episode retconned Sidekick's Funpak Shorts, named Alien Transformation, the pilot episode, as Trevor's father, who was revealed as Master XOX, accidentally transformed human Pamplemoose into an alien, as well as hurting his foot from the rocket-powered boots.
  2. This is a Pamplemoose torture episode, as he was uncontrollably driving his chair while getting hurt.
  3. Misleading Title Card: Ironically, while this episode focuses on Pamplemoose uncontrollably driving his chair, the title card shows Eric dressing up as Xzibit from Pimp My Ride; with that not appearing in the episode at all.
  4. The episode started in a mean-spirited way, with Eric and Trevor trying to hack Pamplemoose's chair by controlling it with the Maxum Mobile; and they also evil laugh too. This makes them more immature jerks than real children.
  5. They even laugh at Pamplemoose's car just to play with it using the remote control; not helping the fact that students also laugh at his uncontrollable chair.
  6. Plot-Holes:
    • How do Eric and Trevor become skeletons when Pamplemoose's first flashback is just short?
    • How does Trevor use the batteries to fix the remote when he was not even using it throughout the entire episode?
    • If Eric removes all of his hair because he was shocked to notice that Trevor controlled Pamplemoose's chair using the remote, how does his hair grow back quickly?
  7. Kitty is mad at Eric and Trevor for calling her "smells like farts", resulting in her kicking their faces and which is considered mean-spirited.
    • Another mean-spirited scene is where Vana and Kitty call the second and third flashbacks "boring", which is just cruel to Pamplemoose.
  8. The old marching band member and Old Golly Gee Kid serve no purpose in this episode.
    • Pamplemoose's rat also serves no purpose in this episode.
  9. Bad Ending: After Maxum Brain rescued Trevor using his robotic hand, the latter reminded Eric and others that he was the one controlling Pamplemoose's chair by replacing it with new batteries. As a result, everyone, but Trevor, beat him up for good.
    • Additionally, the aforementioned characters do not seem to encounter The Chair Whisperer for the first time, which was a missed opportunity too.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The characters, except Trevor and Splittsboro children, are likable in this episode.
  2. The Chair Whisperer flashbacks are emotional to watch, despite the kids proclaiming that they are boring.
  3. The void scene where the characters turn into crayons is good.
  4. Despite the ending being bad, at least the characters beat Trevor up when the latter used the remote with new batteries to control Pamplemoose's chair.


  • This episode's title is a reference to the MTV show, Pimp My Ride; with Eric Needles cosplaying as Xzibit, the show's host.
  • This is the only episode to include vulgar, which is evident when Eric and others beat Trevor up.


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