Pamplemoose and Son (Sidekick)

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Pamplemoose and Son
Pamplemoose and Son.png
Eric does not have a father at all, sad.
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 44 (22b)
Air Date: January 22, 2011
Writer: Ken Cuperus
Director: Joey So
Previous episode: The Show Must Go On
Next episode: Little Orphan Eric

Pamplemoose and Son is the second half of episode 22 and the 44th episode of Sidekick


Pamplemoose believes that there is a birthmark seen in Eric's stomach, indicating that it is his son. This makes Eric a mentor of Pamplemoose.

Bad Qualities

  1. This is somewhat an Eric torture episode.
  2. Pamplemoose becomes a servant throughout the episode and he usually stalks with Eric after the latter believes that there is a birthmark on his stomach.
    • This includes a scene where Pamplemoose brings towels to Eric, causing the latter to freak out, which is mean-spirited.
  3. The opening starts with an "Art of Quick Change" with Pamplemoose, with Eric agreeing on this situation causing him to beat up a paper bag, despite his protest.
  4. When Eric protests about not getting a volunteer, Pamplemoose growls like a dog, which is mean-spirited.
  5. The pig biting Eric's underwear, revealing his butt is too inappropriate for viewers.
  6. Pamplemoose has an enormous outie and some body hair, which are gross to look at.
    • The holographic view of Pamplemoose is also gross to look at.
  7. In the next scene after Pamplemoose gives Eric a floating chair, he struggles to ride it causing one of the tables to break, which is a plot hole and it should have been done with a manual to get started.
  8. Once Eric finds out that he has a father, Pamplemoose, his friends are shocked as Vana wants to not have a father and Kitty states that the remote-controlled chair gives her nightmares.
  9. Master XOX is pointless in this episode, as he uses snake venom to drip it on the burger patties, which is also a plot hole since it can potentially make you sick after eating them.
    • He also uses TNTs on the patties as well, which is also pointless.
    • Fortunately, it backfired when Martin is aware of the TNTs, causing it to explode.
  10. Trevor has a close-up view of his fork finger, along with his fingers being sown.
  11. When Eric grabs King Neptune's trunks, the latter blames and summons a fish to eat Pamplemoose, despite not doing anything wrong.
    • Pamplemoose uses a boulder to launch it on the pond, creating a tidal wave and knocking some of the fish and King Neptune, which is also cruel and illegal in real life.
  12. Trevor, Vana, and Kitty jaw-dropping after they saw Eric becoming Pamplemoose's mentor can be a bit disturbing.
  13. A pointless filler of two worms having a nervous conversation.
  14. Bad Ending: It was revealed that Eric's birthmark was actually pizza pudding sauce, thus making Pamplemoose upset and creating a permanent volunteer for him.

Good Qualities

  1. Eric, Trevor, Vana, Kitty, and Maxum Brain are likable in this episode.
  2. Eric's sacrifice is decent and emotional as he wanted to save his friends' reputation.
  3. The 5 stages of the Grief scene, the conversation in Maxum Mansion, and hanging out in the park are the only scenes that are decent.


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