Redakai: Conquer the Kairu

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Redakai: Conquer the Kairu
Didn't Spin Master and Cartoon Network never learn of their merchandise-driven shows? (No, PAW Patrol doesn't count)
Genre: Action
Science Fantasy
Running Time: 20 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: July 9, 2011 – December 23, 2013
Network(s): Canal J/Gulli (France)
YTV (Canada)
Created by: Vincent Chalvon Demersay
David Michel
Distributed by: Marathon Media
Spin Master Entertainment
Starring: Austin Di Iulio
Jasmine Richards
Dan Petronijevic
Cory Doran
Dwayne Hill
Jamie Watson
Lyon Smith
Katie Griffin
Jeff Margolis
Tegan Moss
Athena Karkanis
Jason Barr
Wil Wheaton
Episodes: 52

Redakai, Conquer the Kairu, also known simply as Redakai, is a Canadian/French animated series that premiered on YTV in Canada on July 9, 2011, on Cartoon Network in the United States on July 16, 2011, and on Canal J and Gulli in France on October 22, 2011. The series was created by Vincent Chalvon Demersay and David Michel and was co-produced by Canada's Spin Master Entertainment and France's Marathon Media in association with Canal J and Gulli.

Bad Qualities

  1. This show feels like it didn't even exist since Spin Master created it and it’s trading card game of the same name wanted to cash in their success with their Bakugan brand but failed at it's execution.
  2. It rips off shows like Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tai Chi Chasers, Digimon Frontier and even Gormiti and Chaotic (the last of which is most similar to this show).
  3. A bland, yet unoriginal story where Team Stax are fighting an evil kairu master, Lokar and his 4 following teams. But, this plot really suffers like any other merchandise-driven show with utter blandness and rip-off cliches.
  4. Lazy writing compared to other merchandise-driven shows that suffer from it.
  5. Some annoying characters that are very bland and stereotypical like Princess Diara, Mookie, and Team Stax, who are indeed forgettable:
    1. Team Stax are very despicable "warriors" who trash talk, try to be smarter, and act like they're jerks who care about powering up.
    2. Ky is a generic "powerful male" protagonist and a mean popular boy, who has no character development with Maya and Boomer. He also has a father who disappeared and is never seen again or found.
    3. Maya, who may be as smart and experienced is a complete moron. In the 2nd episode, Maya is brainwashed by the Imperiaz as generally "braindead". Being revealed as Lokar's granddaughter was never explained.
    4. Boomer is a cowardly "brute" stereotype.
    5. Princess Diara is a self-centered mean girl.
    6. Team Battacor are just reckless teenage delinquents who care more about being powerful, that’s it.
    7. Team Radikor act like Team Stax with similar personalities.
  6. No character development whatsoever.
  7. Misleading title: the title said that someone (either Team Stax) would "conquer" the Kairu, but doesn't happen at all.
  8. Some animation errors like the teleporting neck of Radikor member, Zane.
  9. Weak stories that focus on gathering power-ups. As such, whenever the Kairu warrior teams obtain those power attacks and monsters, they don't use them later and are forgotten.
  10. Every or any episode had the same plot over and over again.
  11. The monster designs are unconvincing and try to be creative to be powerful.
  12. Uninspired character designs that try to be anime-like and don't feel like it anymore.
  13. Attempts at comedy that isn't even funny or original, but it comes off as incredibly bland.
  14. Bland dialogue like Ky saying: "You are clearly no match of my Ky-tastic moves and yes I did just say Ky-tastic". Plus, that line gets old very fast.
  15. Some Kairu challenges can be boring and sub-par to watch.
  16. The heroes are seen as heroes, despite doing non-heroic acts (such as Maya, who was supposed to be defending the forest, hurling a giant fire tornado through a said forest).
    1. Speaking for the rules restricted are broken and forgotten such as no power attacks on civilians, firing architectures, and not using swords to fight, but they all do that for sure.
  17. Like Teen Titans, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground and Winx Club Season 3 (4Kids dub), the series ended off on a cliffhanger without any continuation at all.

Good Qualities

  1. Nice animation.
  2. Team Stax can sometimes be likable in many episodes.
  3. Epic music and theme song.
  4. Lokar is a very solid and intimidating main antagonist.
  5. Team Imperiaz are sympathetic villains, unlike Radikor and Battacor, as we see that they are only working for Lokar because he captured their parents.
  6. The story is revealed in episode 21.


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