Requiem for a Loud (The Loud House fanfic)

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Requiem for a Loud
Behold, one of the most praised fanfics ever.
Book Type: Fanfiction
Genre: Drama
Published: Aug 2, 2016
Author(s): UnderratedHero
Publisher: UnderratedHero
Pages 27

Requiem for a Loud is a 2016 fanfiction written by UnderratedHero and published on The fanfic is based from Nickelodeon's The Loud House. The fanfic received very positive reviews from fans of The Loud House and even sane fans praised it and it was considered one of the best fanfictions of the show. It started back on August 2nd, 2016, and ended on August 2nd, 2019, during the 3rd anniversary of the fanfiction.

Why It Deserves a Huge End & Final Farewell to the Loud Family (In an EXCELLENT Way!)

  1. The concept of Lincoln being diagnosed with a terminal disease and accepting mortality is a very good concept, which made a lot of fans interested and the execution was pretty good.
  2. The plot, while dark, is pretty good for TLH fanfiction standards and probably one of the best stories ever written in fanfiction.
  3. The fanfic uses a lot of real-life elements and some product placements to make the fanfic more realistic, which, unlike other shows, actually works, because The Loud House itself is supposed to be slice-of-life, it's supposed to be realistic, and therefore, making these elements work, even if the show went downhill since season 4 by being unrealistic.
  4. Unlike other fanfics, this fanfic is very faithful to the original show and makes various references and mentions events from the first season's episodes, which is when the fanfic is set.
  5. The fanfic is also known for having chapters that focus on and develop each character in the Loud family, and it does a pretty good job.
  6. Although it's serious, at least it doesn't take itself way too seriously to the point of being hammy, unlike It's (Not) Your Fault.
  7. Everyone in the fanfic from the show is pretty likable and retains their charm.
    1. Lori also became a better character in the fanfic, as she isn't as mean as she was in the first half of season 1 of the show.
    2. Even the OCs of this fanfic are likable and/or interesting such as Adrien.
  8. Great ending that is very open-ended and ambiguous, meaning that people can make fan-made epilogues about it.
  9. The fanfic has good morals, such as that life is worth living because of the people you meet, care and love.
  10. Even though Luna and Lynn are UnderratedHero's favorite characters, and, they get somewhat more screen time than other characters, they surprisingly aren't treated as Creator's Pets, as they still have some balance with the screen time.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some plot elements don't make sense and contradict some elements of the show.
    1. The biggest example is when it is revealed that Christina (a minor character in the show) has a crush on Lincoln. This is very odd because this was set after the infamous episode Making the Case.
  2. House of Sadness, the third chapter, while not bad, was pretty controversial for various reasons:
    1. UnderratedHero thought it was a good idea to put Dr. House (a character from the Fox show of the same name) in the fanfic when he could have just simply created an OC for the fanfic because some felt it was too distracting for the story. However, he did explain the reason why he put him there, and that is, as opposed to other doctors, who often say cliched stuff and underestimate very serious topics such as death, he's very different, who would make Lincoln confused and interested at the same time and also basically being a cynical counterpart of Lincoln.
    2. The feelings of the characters are also messy because UnderratedHero relied on body language because he planned to make other chapters develop the characters, but he realized it was a dumb idea. Thankfully, he apologized for the issues and took accountability.
  3. The medical information is rather bizarre and unrealistic. Great examples include white hair can cause death or Lynn's ball hitting Lincoln's head split his tumor and gave him more time to live.
  4. Some supposedly dark scenes can be cheesy at times.
  5. The English version suffers from grammar errors compared to the Spanish version due to it not being the writer's native language, but thankfully it wasn't very distracting.
  6. The cover of the fanfic is pretty mediocre and somewhat nonsensical. While the scene of the Loud characters hugging each other is good, behind them there's a weird clock that doesn't have anything to do with the fanfic.
  7. Due to the fanfic being made 3 months after the show was released, some stuff didn't age very well as the show progressed, such as Ronnie Anne still being Lincoln's classmate and Stella not appearing.
    1. Because of this, some elements that were told in the fanfiction became outdated by the time the series progressed, such as when Ronnie Anne revealed that her mother died when she was 9, and she and Bobby were raised by their father. In the actual show, Ronnie Anne's mother is still alive, and she and the father are both divorced, Ronnie Anne and Bobby currently live with their mother, along with the Casagrande family.
  8. There are some creepy hints on the infamous Lynncoln (Lynn Jr. x Lincoln) ship, due to the writer being a shipper of the couple itself. Thankfully, the fanfic still decided to go for Ronniecoln.


Requiem for a Loud received a lot of positive reviews from fans of The Loud House, praising the concept, the writing, and the dark tone, although the grammar received some criticism, while the addition of Dr. House was polarizing. AustinDR at first highly praised the fanfic, but he later re-reviewed it and was more critical of it like some cheesy dark scenes, but still praised it and gave it an 8.5/10.

Many reviewers said that they cried when reading the fanfic and highly praised it for the story, the ending, and many elements. Even the Discord server of the fandom, in which most users are sane, praised it.

This fanfiction was listed in the fanfic recommendations of The Loud House on TVTropes[1].


  • Back when Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki was open, the fanfic was listed among the bad fanfictions made by The Loud House Fandom along with It's a Wonderful Loud[2], but there was no explanation as to why it was considered bad.
  • A year after the fanfiction ended, UnderratedHero decided to write a new chapter called "Consummatum est" which is not canon and more a "What If..." epilogue, that talks about what would happen after the ending.
  • UnderratedHero initially planned to write Lynn Sr. to quit his IT job to be a hairdresser, but as the original show progressed, it was revealed that he's more of an aspiring chef, so the writer scrapped his element to be more faithful to the show.



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