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This following work contains very strong sexual and/or violent content. Reader discretion is advised.

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Sin Kids AU
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Believe us, this is the least disturbing thing this comic has to offer...
Book Type: Fanfiction
Genre: Slice of Life
Author(s): Multiple
Publisher: Multiple

The Sin Kids AU (also known as Abomination AU) is a Loud House "fan-verse" ranging from fanfiction made by various authors from the series fandom centered around the love children of Lincoln and one or more of his sisters. Lincoln also has children with other non-related female characters in some versions of this verse.

Plot[edit | edit source]

It is an alternate universe of The Loud House where Lincoln and his sisters together and children.

Why All of Them Are Sinful[edit | edit source]

Important note: This AU is controversial for incest, child pornography, and rape porn. Because of that, no redeeming qualities will be permitted on this page.

  1. Addressing the elephant in the room, the concept itself is too disturbing, disgusting, sickening, and nasty at the same time due to the reason mentioned above: it's about the Loud siblings having children with each other, which is incest!
    • Even the "Sin Kids" themselves are attracted to each other!
    • They make Lemy have kids with his sisters, which is even more messed up!
    • None of them showed any regret for committing such a taboo relationship!
  2. All the characters (especially the OC kids) have generic personalities and are unlikable and one-dimensional.
    • Some of them are pretty much just rehashes of The Loud Sisters from the original show.
  3. Lupa is the worst of them all, since in most interpretations (like Lyra), all she wants to do is to have sex with Lincoln, who is her father and uncle at the same time!
  4. Even the Loud Siblings themselves and other canonical characters are heavily degraded from their canonical counterparts as they act nothing like their original counterparts, especially Lincoln, who is portrayed as a rapist!
  5. It has lots of depictions of child porn since some of the "Sin Kids" (besides Loan and Liena, as they are, respectively, 19 and 21) are underage yet are constantly sexualized or put in sexual situations.
  6. Some of these comics, while most of the comics are beautifully illustrated, are poorly illustrated.
  7. The writers of these comics can't take criticism, as they said that these comics are not for sane Loud House fans.

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