The Wendy Williams Show

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The Wendy Williams Show
The Wendy Williams Show.jpg
Great, another show with a controversial host that got cancelled in 2022. Like we haven't seen THAT before.
Genre: Drama
Talk show
Running Time: 43 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 14, 2008 - June 17, 2022
Network(s): Fox
Distributed by: Debmar-Mercury
Starring: Wendy Williams
Seasons: 13
Episodes: 1500+

"Her Show is the kind of show you'd watch a 30-second clip of and immediately ask yourself "Who the f**k is watching this?"

penguinz0, also known as Cr1TiKaL.

The Wendy Williams Show (abbreviated Wendy) is an American syndicated talk show created and hosted by Wendy Williams and produced by Wendy Williams Productions in collaboration with Perler Productions.

Why It "DIED!"

  1. The host, Wendy Williams, is very well known for being controversial and mean-spirited.
  2. Speaking of being controversial, she has done very rude things before.
    • She tells people to die constantly, which can be considered manslaughter if they actually commit on such act.[1]
    • In 2012, she mocked Beyoncé's Education from the way she speaks in her HBO Documentary Life Is But a Dream.
    • In 2015, Wendy Williams shamed Ariana Grande for her slim body. She also said "She's 21. She'll forever look 12. And I don't mean that in a good way," she doesn't even look at her like she's a women, for those unaware, Ariana was about 22 years old at the time.
    • In 2019, she accused Christie Brinkley for faking her injuries, when she clearly didn't.
    • She has also made homophobic and unintentionally transphobic remarks once. In 2020, she says, by her words, ""If you’re a man and you’re clapping, you’re not even a part of this," she told them. "I don’t care if you’re gay … Stop wearing our skirts and our heels. Gay men, you will never be the women that we are — no matter how gay, sir."
    • And to rub salt on the wound, she was also ageist towards Dionne Warwick, claiming the artist likely has to have her niece, Brittani, help her use social media, even though multiple old people are allowed to use electronics without help.
    • In 2021, she mocked TikTok Star Swavy's tragic death. She kept making very insensitive comments [2] about his death, when he was only 19-years-old when he got shot in a Delaware shooting.
    • However, this wasn't the first time she mocked someone's death, in 2020, she also mocked Amie Harwick's by making light of it.
    • Wendy Williams has called TV hosts disgusting in May 2020 when she took aim at fellow TV hosts’ at-home looks, even though we're it was a pandemic and still is.
    • In 2020, she made fun of Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft lip scar. However, she did apologize [3]
  3. Wendy Williams seems to be very unprofessional and has no manners, for multiple reasons.
    • She burped and farted several times, that there's even a compilation of it on Youtube.
    • Wendy got caught slurring her words in 2018.
  4. The title name is very unoriginal, since there are many TV series called "The Ellen Degeneres Show",
  5. The Wendy Williams YouTube channel was deleted in July 2022, which could have resulted in something becoming lost media. Thankfully, there's a new YouTube channel dedicated to archiving her show. [4]


  • According to Daily Mail, Wendy William's podcast was already cancelled before it's launch amid health concerns.[5]
  • She has multiple memes made out of her, including:
    • "What was that...?"
    • "Clap IF you care."
    • She also has her own Know Your Meme page, proving how meme-worthy some of her scenes are. [6]
  • On Feburary 2, 2024, Wendy Williams was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia.[7]



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