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Raidarr is a cylon admin.

Why He Sucks

  1. There is no need for so much tyranny. Everything he does could be more peaceful, just like CJWorldGame32125.
    • He claims this is necessary, but this is not true otherwise the likes of ChessGuy or Szczypak would be running the place. On second thought...
  2. He takes things very seriously. Robin1020th and Szcypak64 pointed out that he looks like an artificial intelligence. He is. Call Google.
  3. He was responsible for demoting Brazilian User and Robin1020th (the latter quit and was not rehired, the former was removed by OA for abuse of power, but close enough). Clearly with their 7th 8th wiki so far they're just that much more responsible.
  4. He blocked ChessGuy for vandalizing. I wonder why. Same for those other blokes.
  5. He literally drops users in the trash. I'm serious, check the trash log.
  6. It came suddenly, it was simply demanding that the Brazilian User leave and gaining things (like administration power) without any real effort. Yes, he made an effort at Qualitipedia, but he should also make an effort at New Qualitipedia to become an administrator.
    • This is so poorly written I have no way to further deform it. Credit goes straight to Brazilian User for coming up with this malignant sentence structure.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He fixed a rule, averted the wiki's deletion, and other stuff I guess.

Originally written by the stooges with slight unfunny very serious commentary by Darth Sidio- I mean Raidarr. Are the stories true? You decide.