App-y Days (Sidekick)

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App-y Days
Appy Days.png
The Maxum Brain app seems a good idea, but it could be better to patch things up.
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: Overall: 60
Season 8 (4b)
Air Date: November 5, 2011
Writer: David Dias
Director: Joey So
Previous episode: The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid
Next episode: Exchange Student From the Black Lagoon

App-y Days is the second half of episode 4, and the 8th episode of season 2, as well as the 60th episode overall of Sidekick.


After having enough old-fashioned duties for Eric, Maxum Brain decided to open an app from a watch, or a smartphone that made the world viral.

Why It's Not App-y

  1. This concept is all about using the Maxum Brain apps, which could mean that citizens of Splittsboro are trying to be hip and trendy, as well as being an insult to a decent episode, "Squawk".
  2. Eric is very unlikable throughout this episode, and he tends to do mean-spirited moments:
    • He and Trevor use jackhammers to destroy his room, as well as messing the bombs while doing dirty laundry, which Maxum Brain called him out for that.
    • He yells at Maxum Brain for "nagging".
    • He attempted to delete the Maxum Brain app, but it was restored again.
    • He stomped at his watch, but it shot popcorn, much to his chagrin.
    • He uses the plunger launcher on a computer from Maxum Brain, because the latter refuses to delete the app.
    • The entire climax scene with him and Trevor, along with its ending.
  3. Trevor is somewhat unlikable in this episode, though not as bad as Eric's.
    • Trevor saying "please" can annoy viewers, until Eric agrees with him.
  4. Pointless gag of Spam, which is a product placement.
    • The pig and Master XOX are also pointless in this episode.
  5. This whole episode is mean-spirited with Eric treating Maxum Brain like dirt.
  6. There are some gross-out moments:
    • Trevor gouging his own eyeballs, then he SWALLOWS them.
    • The entire climax scene.
    • Close-up views of Eric and Trevor's hairy arms.
    • The pig pooping in the toilet.
    • The ending scene contained feces and a horse pooping candy.
  7. Bad Ending: Eric's dog-butt video becomes viral along with Eric stating to the citizens that the Maxum Brain seems good, but cannot do chores properly, while it does get karma for him, this is above mean-spirited at best.

App-y Qualities

  1. Kitty, Vana, and Maxum Brain are likable characters in this episode.
  2. The popcorn and the cheerleader are the only gags that are funny.
  3. Despite the ending being mean-spirited, at least Eric gets karma for making a viral video about not doing chores.


  • This episode reveals that Eric and Trevor wear boxer briefs, rather than briefs, as opposed to some episodes.
    • Trevor wears boxer briefs again in Insane in the Cranial, this time, he eats the stuff in the crocodile's teeth.


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