Bethesda Softworks (1986-2018, 2023-present)

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Bethesda Softworks
1280px-Bethesda Game Studios logo.svg.png
"All of this just works." - Todd Howard
Type: Subsidiary
Founded: June 28, 1986
Founder(s): Christopher Weaver
Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland, U.S.
Services: (2018-2022)
Parent: ZeniMax Media
Divisions: Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Softworks is a video game company founded in 1986. They're famous for owning several franchises, such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Starfield, and Wolfenstein.

Why They Work Properly

  1. They created The Elder Scrolls series, one of the most popular RPG series of all time.
  2. Good voice acting in their games. They hire professional voice actors for their games, all of which do a pretty good job.
  3. They're against EA's claims that, "single-player games are dying", by making a video titled #SavePlayer1. Sadly, this didn't age well, with the release of the infamous Fallout 76.
  4. They saved ID Software from Activision's clutches, which further saved their franchises:
    1. They helped revive the Wolfenstein series, after its license was forgotten by Activision, since the release of the 2009 reboot, with the release of the excellent The New Order.
    2. They also successfully revived the Doom series, after being dormant for 11 years outside of re-releases, with the amazing Doom.
    3. While Quake has been long dormant in terms of new games outside of a few spin-offs like Quake Champions, they're recently releasing remasters of the old-school Quake games, thanks to Nightdive Studios, all of which contain major enhancements.
  5. They also saved the famous Fallout franchise, after Interplay was nearly going into bankruptcy, and as a result, Fallout became one of Bethesda's flagship franchises, along with The Elder Scrolls.
  6. They're heavily supportive of mods and fan games. In fact, they added the possibility of modding in their games, such as Skyrim and Fallout 4, which contain dozens of mods. They also congratulated the creators of the upcoming mod of Skyrim called The Elder Scrolls Renewal: Skywind, a full-fledged remake of Morrowind on Skyrim.
  7. Unlike other companies, which usually respond negatively to their notoriety, Bethesda is at least self-aware, and even made fun of themselves a few times, such as when they hilariously released Skyrim for Alexa, as a response to people lamenting of them re-releasing constantly Skyrim.
  8. They finally changed their engine, from Creation Engine, to Creation Engine 2, which is much more powerful, and more capable of realistic graphics.
  9. In 2022, they confirmed that their newer games, like Redfall, despite being awful, Hi-Fi Rush, and Starfield would not have micro-transactions, which is important, since previous Bethesda games used to have micro-transactions.
  10. They successfully redeemed themselves after the disastrous release of Fallout 76 in 2023 with the release of Starfield.
  11. They improved Fallout 76 after realizing how much of a buggy mess the game was, which became a decent game despite the egregious monetization and Fallout 1st.
  12. In 2022, they shut down their infamous launcher, and re-released most of their games on Steam, with no DRM.

Bad Qualities

  1. They suffered from a massive downfall in 2018 when Fallout 76 was released, which destroyed their reputation. Thankfully, they redeemed themselves with the releases of Starfield, despite the fact that this game is disappointing, and Hi-Fi Rush.
  2. Their games, while good, for the most part, are known for having massive amounts of bugs and glitches, which became an instant meme, although most of them are silly and funny to look at.
  3. Their infamous creation club, an unnecessary feature that is micro-transactions that are essentially paid mods, when they should be free in the first place.
  4. Before Starfield, they heavily relied on outdated engines, the Gamebryo, which was actually created by Mad Dog Studios, and the Creation engine, the latter deriving from the former, which was created in 1997, which resulted in their newer games being riddled with bugs and glitches, which was one of the main factors for Fallout 76's launch, as Bethesda tried to cram the multiplayer mode in the engine, which resulted in the disastrous launch.
  5. While most of their Wolfenstein games are available on digital stores, they forgot about the 2009 reboot of Wolfenstein, because the sales are poor, and Bethesda thinks they did a, "crap job", with the game, despite the reboot game being actually good.


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