Four's a Crowd (Sidekick)

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Four's a Crowd
Four's A Crowd.png
Why not help the citizens, instead, kids?
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: Overall: 49
Season: 25a
Air Date: Canada: February 12, 2011
US: July 18, 2011
Writer: Shawn Kalb
Director: Joey So
Previous episode: The Spark is Gone
Next episode: Super Frenemies

Four's a Crowd is the first half of episode 25 and the 49th episode overall of Sidekick.


Everybody in Splittsboro is gone, because of the nuclear wiener Incident, and they are transported into the ultimate dimension, the four kids having nothing to do outside of playing and fighting. So can they recruit everyone in this city?

Why It Banishes Into the Dimension

  1. This is basically nothing but a filler episode where Eric, Trevor, Kitty, and Vana hang out in Splittsboro for fun instead of helping them fix the ultimate dimension.
  2. When looking at the title card, the scene shakes; which is kind of disturbing. Additionally, it does not have title card music, which is sad.
  3. Maxum Man attempted to help Golly Gee Kid after the former used the ultimate dimension device, yet the former just told everyone about the device, and make side comments instead.
  4. Minor Plot Hole: Even though there is a plot where everyone, except the four mentioned above, evacuated due to the nuclear wiener incident, it is never explained how they were sent to the dimension.
  5. There is another plot hole, how do the kids buy cool items without buying them?
  6. Trevor did three gross-out moments in this episode:
    • After he ate the nuclear hotdog, he went to the toilet and poop; thus, hearing two defecating sounds.
    • He also ate some burgers from Swell Burger, just to make him sick even more; as a result, he vomited in the fountain, with Eric Needles swimming in the fountain covered in vomit.
    • Eric Needles poked Trevor's body, causing his gut to appear; with him and the pig eating his organ.
  7. Kitty and Vana are upset about the boys using tanks in public, just to carve their faces in school, since they will face trouble, by the citizens.
  8. After the kids have their ideas in preparing to fight, they even manage to destroy Splittsboro using their powers, with Vana screaming so loud, resulting in an explosion.
  9. Bad Twist Ending: Once Kitty built the makeshift dimension device, everyone sent back and cheers, but it was stopped, when Pamplemoose freaks out about Splittsboro getting destroyed, resulting in them getting mad at the kids, and they were sent to the dimension for 2 weeks, as a punishment. Since they were trapped in the dimension, they end up fighting.
  10. Bad Moral: It is okay to mess around in the city, even though it is dangerous to do so.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The kids before engaging in a fight, using their arsenals, and Kitty fixing the makeshift dimension device, are the only scenes that are good.
  2. Everyone, except the kids and Maxum Man, are likable in this episode.


  • This is the first episode to have an animated title card, with the title card shaking from the explosion.
  • Before the kids engage in a fight, they went to different locations to prepare:
    • Eric went to the Laser Hall of Fairness to get blue wings, yellow flippers, and green gloves.
    • Trevor went to XOX's secret lair to dress up as XOX.
    • Vana went to the electronic shop to steal cameras.
    • Kitty went to the weapons shop to steal heavy-duty weapons.
  • This and Super Frenemies have the producers' nicknames given instead.


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