Super Frenemies (Sidekick)

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Super Frenemies
Super Frenemies.png
Trevor, we're not best friends anymore! In fact, we're not even friends! - Eric to Trevor
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 50 (25b)
Air Date: February 12, 2011
Writer: Doug Hadders
Adam Rotstein
Director: Joey So
Previous episode: Four's a Crowd
Next episode: Maxum Brain, Interrupted

Super Frenemies is the second half of the twenty-fifth episode of Sidekick, and the fiftieth episode overall.


After Trevor causes trouble to Eric, he starts breaking up with Trevor and starts going separate.

Why It's a Frenemy (In a Bad Way)

  1. This is an Eric torture episode.
  2. In the opening scene, Trevor unsurprisingly presses the button, causing the Maxum Mansion to explode. However, it does not have a further explanation on how he presses it. This resulted in Maxum Man punishing Eric by using his face to hammer the nails.
  3. Trevor even steals Pamplemoose's chocolate without asking permission because he is bored. This causes Pamplemoose to punish Eric and Trevor by sending them into the Demon Dimension for a year without excuses.
  4. He even makes Vana upset at Eric because he kicks him on the back and knocks her. This results in getting herself dirty because of Trevor.
  5. Vana dumping Eric with garbage is disgusting and mean-spirited to watch. She even asks him to get a new dress.
  6. The Demon Dimension is a cruel place to stay, since people can sweat and burn from the heated temperatures. Also, staying here for 2 years is dangerous.
    • The boy staying in the dimension is also tortured, because the Minotaur wants him to drink lava.
  7. Plot holes:
    • As mentioned before, Trevor presses the button to explode the Maxum Mansion, but he never has any explanation.
    • Using a face to hammer the nails is dangerous, yet Eric survives this situation.
    • How does Trevor poop him out of Maxum Mutt's butt?
    • How does he invent E-2000, an Eric-like robot?
  8. There are mean-spirited moments in this episode:
    • Speaking of E-2000, Pamplemoose gives Eric and Trevor another year in the Demon Dimension, which is mean-spirited and cruel to poor Eric.
    • Kitty kicking E-2000 and causing the latter to malfunction, turning into random destruction mode, and attacking the students is mean-spirited.
    • Kitty and Vana fighting over Eric is also mean-spirited.
  9. Half-Bad Ending: Eric and Trevor reconcile, but they stay in the Demon Dimension due to before in this episode. Kitty and Vana are still fighting in this dimension.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eric is likable in this episode.
  2. There are emotional scenes where Eric does not become friends with Trevor because of the trouble he causes:
    • Eric calls Trevor out for causing trouble in the Maxum Mansion, Sidekick Academy, and Vana and states that they are not friends anymore.
    • Eric misses Trevor because of breaking up.
  3. The fighting scene with Eric and Trevor is also good considering that they need to settle things from having problematic situations.
  4. Half-Decent Ending: The boys make up after a fight, despite staying in the demon dimension. At least Trevor gets comeuppance for his terrible actions he caused.


  • Like its sister episode, the producers, writers, and people who work on the story and storyboards have nicknames in the opening scene.


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