Graduation Daze (Sidekick)

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Graduation Daze
Graduation Daze.png
At least this episode shows that you should graduate in school, so that you can go to a university, or get a job.
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Overall: 102
Season: 24 (12b)
Air Date: September 14, 2013
Writer: Miklos Perlus
Previous episode: Those Who Can't Teach

Graduation Daze is the second half of episode 12 or the 24th episode of Season 3, as well as the 104th episode overall of Sidekick. It is also the series finale of the said show.


The students at Sidekick Academy start their last day of school; however, Pamplemoose creates a plan to graduate by making the most grueling exam.

Why It Does Not Graduate

  1. Perhaps the most infamous part of the episode is the ending where Eric Needles accidentally uses his heat vision, which is supposed to be X-ray vision, to burn students' diplomas, resulting in them going to Sidekick Academy to educate.
  2. After Eric shouts, "no more school!", while tearing pages from the book, Pamplemoose hits him with the door, creating a disturbing face.
  3. There are gross-out moments in this episode:
    • When Eric says, "they never showered.", while Pamplemoose says something terrible to him, he looks filthy, and it is disgusting.
    • After Eric drank bacon oil juice, he has lots of pimples, thus causing his face to explode, with pus scattering over the room.
    • Eric's nose hair is also seen in one scene, while he is walking outside of laser headquarters.
  4. Super University is a questionable university name.
  5. Vana Glama gets mad over a trophy, when Pamplemoose gives Eric a Maxum Man super scholarship trophy for getting a scholarship, thus she bites Maxum Man's head, because she never gets one.
  6. Drinking freshly-squeezed bacon juice can be considered oily, and as a result, Eric's heart nearly stopped.
  7. In the flashback scene, Eric's mother used the box containing Eric instead of him, causing it to create plot holes: when a baby is trapped outside of the house, no one will ever take care of him or her, because he or she will die soon.
  8. Eric burping chili dogs is a filler scene.
  9. Eric would have thought twice, when he lifted the red car, as he should have sent it flying before he bowed; and this resulted in getting crushed, and Trevor laughed at him.
  10. Eric's Maxum suit can lead to inconsistencies: When he uses X-ray vision, he uses "heat vision"; and when he uses heat vision, he uses "X-ray vision", resulting in injuries and misfortunes.
  11. Eric is also stupid enough to think that the moon is the "meteor", which is evident, when he uses his drill power to destroy it. Without the moon, there will be no more nighttime, as a result.
  12. Master XOX's good alter ego, Not Evil Guy, is bland and generic despite his other good persona, Oppoxox, being a much better one, contradicting that episode as a result.
  13. Bad Ending: After Eric uses heat vision over x-ray vision, due to WIDNG #9, Pamplemoose announces to everyone that they will stay in Sidekick Academy forever, and it results in a controversy, with Trevor, Vana, and Kitty beating Eric up for his stupidity.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The opening scene, the Super University Scene, the lazer headquarters scene, and the Graduation scene (excluding the ending) are the only scenes that are good.
  2. Trevor hitting an Eric-shaped piñata, and burping a chili dog scene, despite being a filler, are hilarious scenes.
    • Also, Possum Man farting, after Pamplemose summons Robo Dragon can be hilarious.
  3. Trevor, Kitty Ko, Madam Needles, Maxum Brain, and Pamplemoose are the only characters, who are likable.


  • This episode sparked a controversy, where the Sidekick students cannot graduate, due to Eric using heat vision, to burn the diplomas by accident. However, fans made an alternate good ending as a rumor.


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