Those Who Can't Teach (Sidekick)

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Those Who Can't Teach (Sidekick)
Those Who Can't Teach.png
Vana should have not taught at all in Sidekick Academy.
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Overall: 101
Season: 23 (12a)
Air Date: September 14, 2013
Writer: David Dias
Director: Kerry Sargent
Previous episode: Superbest in Show
Next episode: Graduation Daze

Those Who Can't Teach is the first half of episode 12 or the 23rd episode of Season 3 and the 101st episode overall of Sidekick.


Professor Pamplemoose gets fired by the superintendent, and returns to Normalton, his suburban house life.

Why It Can't Teach

  1. Vana is at her absolute worst in this episode. She takes over as the professor in Sidekick Academy, and teaches Eric and Trevor to torture. She also uses a spiky ball to hit Eric, during the scene where the superintendent tells him to bring Pamplemoose's job back.
  2. This is an Eric torture episode.
  3. In the opening scene, Eric and Trevor team up to not attend quizzes, like Kitty and Vana, so they attempt to fight, until Eric uses the anti-gravity alarm to float them, and Pamplemoose in the air, instead.
  4. Trevor blames Pamplemoose, because of the fingerprint of his actions, even though Eric is the one opening the alarm.
  5. Like Iron Sidechef, Trevor uses his chopsticks to stick his brain out of his nose, which is disgusting.
  6. Plot Holes:
    • The Sidekick Academy implemented alarms, like the octopus alarm, bowel alarm, typhoon alarm, the body odor alarm, and the anti-gravity alarm, yet they do not appear in real-life.
    • If Vana threw spiky balls at Eric, he would have gotten hurt instead of having no effect.
    • How does Trevor wear nothing but a tube when Pamplemoose uses a hose to spray on him and Vana?
  7. Eric and Trevor's first impression of going to Normalton is very bad since they fear seeing nice objects.
  8. Pamplemoose shouting, "GET OFF MY LAWN!", after Eric and Trevor trespass his home, is very mean-spirited.
  9. While there is a climax scene where Pamplemoose and Vana fight to bring back glory as a professor, Eric gets tortured, regardless, in this scene.
  10. Half-Bad Ending: Since the superintendent reinstates Pamplemoose, the former has an idea. He lets the kids become servants, by transferring his house back to Splittsboro.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eric, Kitty, and Trevor are likable characters in this episode.
    • When working in Normalton, Pamplemoose is likable until he fights with Vana.
  2. The scene where two people in Normalton give a cookie and a poodle licks Pamplemoose is good.
  3. At least Vana gets her comeuppance from Pamplemoose, after he returns to his job, at the end of this episode.


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