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These rules cover what is allowed and what is not on Qualitipedia, including what is expected for pages and what we don't allow.

Message the staff or leave your question on the talk page if anything is unclear. It's better to ask than go ahead without knowing.


  1. No harassment, bullying or promoting violence
  2. Naturally, no vandalism or spam: your activities must build up the wiki in some way
  3. No hate speech or content which denigrates particular groups, ethnics, and so on
  4. No opinion bashing: respectfully disagree or provide counterpoints, blogs have leeway to express opinions against general reception or your own opinion
  5. Listen to staff instruction. If you think it isn't reasonable, make a complaint here instead of edit warring, talking back or ignoring instruction.
  6. Inappropriate language is forbidden. The abuse filter will warn twice, and block the third time.
  7. You must be at least 13 years old in order to contribute or use this platform, per the Terms of Use.


Qualitipedia is a wiki that covers games, TV shows, movies and related media. We also permit articles on companies that produce these things. Anything outside of this (youtube, other wikis, users, people, software etc) is not in scope.

  1. Pages must be written from scratch and cannot copy straight from Wikipedia or another existing wiki.
    • Pages from dead wikis (ie, old Qualitipedia) are allowed with conditions: they must be cleaned up (no interwiki links, changed to suit this wiki's formatting), they must be related to the topics this wiki covers, and they must have attribution to their original wiki (ie, "originally written on Crappy Games Wiki" prominent on top).
    • Pages must not be pasted from living wikis, ie, the youtube wikis or otherwise presented on the internet. This does not include archives, ie, archive.org saved pages.
    • Old wiki pages should be imported if possible! Ask a member of staff to import with all edits and revisions assigned. Autopatrolled users may use Special:Import to do this.
  2. When creating a page that is either well-received or poorly-received, always put one of these categories: Bad media or good media. If the media is mixed, strike a balance and present both sides.
  3. While criticizing political influence is allowed, there are exceptions:
    • The words "SJW" and "Anti-SJW" are severely prohibited due to them being some of the main factors why the Original Qualitipedia shut down. Use the term "politics" instead of "SJWs"
    • Do not criticize political stuff from a biased perspective, such as calling something left-wing because you're right-wing, because the wiki tries to maintain a neutral perspective on political stuff.
    • It should be only criticized when it does affect the quality of a certain show or goes against the show's nature of being neutral (for example, it makes sense for Funimation to be criticized for adding their anti-GamerGate agenda in their Prison School dub because not only the movement is American, while the anime is Japanese (making it out of place),as well the fact that not everyone has same political opinions, but it's also because the anime was never about stuff like this).
  4. Pages of bad media that promote awful and illegal things like pedophilia, rape, terrorism and suicide are prohibited from having redeeming qualities, since these topics are irredeemable. As for suicide, it can be only tolerated on having redeeming qualities if said media wanted to tell a story that has suicide but unintentionally promoted it (like 13 Reasons Why).


  1. Blogs are allowed to contradict media reception and even respond to existing pages with a minor point of view.
  2. At this time, please do not add categories to blogs. They will have special blog categories to use in the future. Leave the automatically generated ones as they are. You can customize the generated one for your user blogs.

Userpages and drafts

  1. Pages must begin in your user sandbox if they are not complete. They can be moved when all major sections including a synopsis, reception and detailed points are made. The page must have appropriate, existing categories. There can be no section marked "TBA", blank or similar on live pages: simply remove them until they are needed. Finally, there must be some effort to include sources and relevant links for claims that are made.

Featured pages

For a page to be featured, it must have:

  • At least 5 detailed, non-nitpick pointers that can be clearly verified.
  • High quality images.
  • No MediaWiki issues.
  • No grammar errors.
  • Videos must be displayed correctly.
  • Pages must be decently written and cover a popular, recognized or otherwise interesting topic.

Should it be featured? Make a request at the QP:SN and let a staff member make the page featured.

Forbidden pages

In general

  1. Pages about real people, including celebrities and YouTubers: They caused drama in the old Qualitipedia, so we should avoid making these pages.
  2. Pages about good or bad characters: Pointless pages, since Incredible Characters Wiki and Loathsome Characters Wiki still exist on Miraheze.
  3. Pages about stuff outside of videogames, shows, movies and books: Against Content Policy. Websites are allowed, as long they follow the type of content this wiki focuses, such as YouTube and DKOldies. If it's stuff like Twitter then it's forbidden.
  4. Pokémon Sword and Shield: Has a long history of drama on Crappy Games Wiki but it's also not good enough to be written from a positive persepective.
  5. The Loud House Movie: Too divisive for its own topic and also has a long history of drama on Awful Movies Wiki and Greatest Movies Wiki.
  6. Game Freak: Too divisive for its own topic.
  7. Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years: Too divisive for its own topic.
  8. Uncle Grandpa: Too divisise for its own topic.
  9. Gacha Life Movies/Mini Movies and Series (unless they're incredibly very high quality like The Music Freaks): Are not officially considered movies and webseries, and they can clog up the wiki.

Negative Perspective/Media

  1. Requiem for a Loud (fanfiction of The Loud House): The reception of this fanfic was very positive.
  2. Magical Girl Site (manga): Fine reception on MyAnimeList and Goodreads.
  3. Magical Girl Site (anime): Even though, it has a 5.9/10 on IMDb, it received mixed-to-positive reviews, especially considering the episodes range from 6.8 to 7.5, as pointed out by King Dice, a former admin of old Qualitipedia.
  4. Halo Infinite (campaign): While the game is being criticized for its multiplayer counterpart, the campaign is well-received. A page criticizing the multiplayer is allowed though.
  5. Minecraft: Story Mode: Even though it received mixed reviews on Metacritic, it later gained cult following and was also considered underrated.
  6. All the Five Nights at Freddy's games (except FNaF World): They're widely considered games that revolutionized indie horror games and even though some games like FNaF 3 and 4 had mixed reviews on Metacritic, they're still considered great games thanks to them expanding the lore of the franchise.
  7. The 2003-2005 era of Bom Dia & Cia: Despite the terrible hosts of that era: Jéssica Esteves and Kauê Santin, it did air amazing cartoons.

Positive Perspective/Media

  1. Poppy's Playtime: Has a negative reception, EnchantedMob (the owners of MOB Games) harassed a small animator, and the game plagiarized said animator's game. The game also used to make use of NFTs.
  2. 13 Reasons Why (season 1): Even though it has a positive reception on Rotten Tomatoes, it was THE season that gained controversies for glorifying suicide.
  3. The Patrick Star Show: Even though it was allowed on Best Shows & Episodes Wiki due to a poll, it garnered negative reviews, especially on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.
  4. Big Mouth: Even though it has positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, it became more divisive as the show progressed and also became Netflix's biggest cash cow.
  5. NBA 2K24: Has received very poorly, critics shouldn't be trusted because they're notorious for being bribed by companies.

Staff rules

If you want to be a staff member, consider the following:

  • Don't spam constantly the admins to become one yourself, because you will not get a response (at best) and get blocked temporarily (at worst).
  • Good behaviour is one of the main things an user should have.
  • Prove yourself you're worthy of becoming an admin.
  • Users who became moderators or admins in other wikis will be allowed to be one if they're interested, but if they did controversial stuff for their opinions then they're blacklisted (like Szczypak2005).

Guidelines for staff are a work in progress.


For minor issues a warning will always be made first. It should have "warning" or "warned" somewhere in the title or text. If you have been warned multiple times you will be blocked, ranging from a week to a month.

For moderate issues such as very poor conduct or a longer history of causing issues, blocks ranging in months may be given. This is a chance to step away and improve. There can be early appeals but they must convince the staff of improvement or that the block was wrong in the first place.

For severe issues such as spam, vandalism, pornography and extreme disruptive behavior, very long blocks may be given ranging from 6 months to permanent. Alt accounts are permanently blocked. Appeals in these cases are not considered until after six months unless there is new information indicating the block was made in error. Indefinite blocks should not be reconsidered unless there is a strong record of positive behavior outside of NQP ie, on another Qualitipedia wiki, which does not repeat the issues causing the indefinite block in the first place.

Minor blocks and warnings may be appealed at the QP:SN. You may appeal on a member's behalf if the consequence was a long block. You must have their permission and a good case why the block was unreasonable.