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Note: This page is currently on work.

Hey guys. This is a new version of the Source Reliability-O-Meter from the old Qualitipedia. This rates the reliability of many websites as sources. You can ask if a source is reliable. Note: these lists are sorted in alphabetical order.



  1. The 8-Bit Guy
  2. The Act Man
  3. AngryJoeShow
  4. BigfryTV
  5. Brittney Reacts
  6. Caddicarus
  7. Chris Stuckmann
  8. Cinemassacre
  9. Computer Gaming World (outside of Scorpia)
  10. Cynical Reviews
  11. DLJadow (previously called Darklordjadow1)
  12. Double Toasted
  13. DX (previously called DXFan619)
  14. Edge Magazine
  15. GiantBomb.com
  16. Gamereactor
  17. GamingBolt
  18. gameranx
  19. Gaming Historian
  20. GmanLives
  21. JarekTheGamingDragon
  22. Just Stop
  23. Kim Justice
  24. r/KotakuInAction
  25. LS Mark
  26. Metacritic
  27. Modern Vintage Gamer
  28. Nintendo Life
  29. penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL
  30. ProJared
  31. PushSquare
  32. RaisorBlade
  33. Scott The Woz
  34. Schaffrillas Productions
  35. SomeOrdinaryGamers
  36. Wikipedia (despite only using critics scores for the most part)
  37. Worth A Buy
  38. YongYea
  39. SOFTDRINKTV (formerly SoftDrinkSports)
  40. Zero Punctuation & Fully Ramblomatic (former show was cancelled due to the Escapist's greed and Yahtzee decided to revive it under his first reviews' name, the latter)


  1. BartekGM
  2. CD-Action
  3. Jeuxvideo.com
  4. Kinamania
  5. LevelUp.com
  6. Joueur Du Grenier
  7. NRGeek


  1. ElectricDragon505 (AniMat) (2009-2015) (Although his content during this time is mostly accepted; his reviews for certain films produced by Sony Pictures Animation have been seen as unpopular for criticizing those films having a cartoony look; despite him liking cartoons to begin with)
  2. GameFAQs
  3. GameSpew
  4. GameXplain
  5. Jim Sterling (pre-2021)
  6. Nostalgia Critic (the least unreliable web series by Channel Awesome, even the 2012 revival)
  7. NBC News (a bit left-wing; though is mostly acceptable)
  8. TheMysteriousMrEnter (post-2021) (while he can make mistakes at times; he has drastically improved as a reviewer after the criticism he received from his Nick-O-Rama series)



These websites and users are questionable as sources for many reasons (like having a controversial past, biased reviews, or errors). They may be admitted to a certain extent, depending on how the reception of a thing they did.

  1. Eurogamer (While it does contain plenty of good articles; there is some occasional clickbait and bias)
  2. Game Informer (Same as Eurogamer)
  3. HenryBean (an internet critic on DeviantArt who reviews television shows on scorecards, but can occasionally use buzzwords in his language and can act mean to some users)
  4. Nathaniel Bandy (Most of his "TRIGGERED" videos are over-exaggerated)
  5. PC Gamer (Same as Eurogamer and Game Informer)
  6. IMDb (movies and shows are frequently subject to review bombing for nitpicks, even more so than Metacritic. It's suggested that it must be used only when it's the only source available to show a reception of a movie or show.)
  7. Rotten Tomatoes (constantly subject to vote brigading; usually with audience scores; but the same can apply to critics; although Wikipedia as mentioned before; prefers using critic scores since the website sees critics as reliable)
  8. Scorpia (Was very harsh when reviewing games she disliked)
  9. Screen Rant / GameRant (occasional clickbait)
  10. Super Origami Kingdom (Their rants like the the Family Guy rant from Super DED6 Galaxy/DogsEatingDogs6 feel very low-quality and another DogsEatingDogs6 video called "Top 10 Scariest Villains That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel" mostly consists of honorable mentions.)
  11. The Critical Drinker (while he does provide valid points to his reviews; he has a somewhat right-wing bias and may occasionally go political)
  12. WatchMojo (occasional personal bias and top videos are based on user's votes)
  13. Musical Hell (currently unclear just where this source stands)


  1. Any journalist that has written a Gamers are Dead article (far-left bias)
  2. Any harassment/cyberbullying wiki/site. (This was back when the negative user reception wikis existed, but these are very infamous for doxxing people's personal information and many of them have toxic communities.)
  3. Breitbart (extremely right-wing bias)
  4. BuzzFeed (excessive clickbait and extreme left-wing bias)
  5. Channel Awesome (except for Nostalgia Critic) (their "reviews" are far too focused on gags, filler, and unfunny comedy)
  6. Charriii5's Everything Wrong With videos (full of nitpicks/unimportant questions, unrelated pop-culture references, pointing things out on the screen, hypocrisy (such as sinning games for making puns, yet making them himself), sinning characterization/unrealism, sinning things multiple times, not understanding the source material for licensed games, not understanding lore/how the games work, making sins that are obviously wrong/with very little evidence to back them up, not explaining sins/sinning without context)
  7. Google user ratings (unprofessional and even if there are bad/mediocre ratings, that game/show/film can still be well received with MLB The Show 23 being a good example)
  8. Common Sense Media (written from parents' perspectives and extreme left-wing bias)
  9. Daily Wire (politically conservative driven, as well as having many stories that are unverified and/or false.)
  10. Digital Chumps (very nitpicky)
  11. DreamcastGuy (frequent biased reviews with inaccurate final verdict; adds clickbait titles and thumbnails)
  12. ElectricDragon505 (AniMat) (2016-present) (has far-left bias for often making overhate comments on Trump or Vic Mignogna; and his Crazy Cartoon Cast also became political-driven; he also doesn’t handle views he disagrees with and acts less like a critic when reviewing films distributed by Disney; overpraising them acting more as a fan; he even went as far as to defended Cuties director Maïmouna Doucouré for "diversity reasons"; despite Cuties being universally panned for supporting pedophilia)
  13. GameSpot (opinion driven)
  14. Az/HeelvsBabyface (politically conservative driven)
  15. Ryan Kinel/Geeks + Gamers (politically conservative driven)
  16. IGN (opinion driven)
  17. Jim Sterling (2021-present) (politically driven)
  18. Matthew Davis Media (a person who takes his hatred of certain cartoons to the extreme and also a cheap Channel Awesome Wannabe)
  19. Nerdrotic (politically bias)
  20. Kotaku (politically driven)
  21. TheMysteriousMrEnter (pre-2021) (frequently reviewed stuff in an unorganized way at the time, doesn't properly watch a show when reviewing it as proved with his Nick-O-Rama series, and when he reviews an episode of a show, he can bash/harass the writers (albeit not frequently) rather than giving critique to the actual content, and even went as far as sending death threats to some writers. He's also very harsh when criticizing cartoons, harsher than Scorpia with video games.)
  22. StarGiantProductions (has very biased opinions, poor editing skills, and is difficult to work with, with harassing and stalking many of her workers)
  23. Trollsbandtogether Fan2001 (An Animat wannabe who acts very similar to Matthew Davis Media; is obsessed with the Trolls franchise and can't handle criticism; he even praised Cuties; which was already universally panned for supporting pedophilia)
  24. PETA (Claims to be against Animal Cruelty yet they are cruel to animals)
  25. Polygon (politically driven)
  26. Quantum TV (frequently biased and often criticizes stuff he doesn't understand and often treats his opinions like they're facts. The way he criticizes stuff is also laughable)
  27. TheQuartering (right-wing bias)
  28. The Mary Sue (opinionated)
  29. Rock, Paper, Shotgun (left-wing bias)
  30. Synthetic Man (biased reviews with extreme right-wing views)
  31. Youtuber Radical Rick (just a drama news channel that falsely accused most other YouTubers of e-begging and being greedy)
  32. YellowFlash (politically biased)
  33. Harman Smith (Nintendo fanboy who bashes pretty much anything that isn't Nintendo)


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