The Wacky World of Tex Avery

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The Wacky World of Tex Avery
The Wacky World of Tex Avery.jpg
This show may have Tex Avery's name, but it sure doesn't know Tex Avery.
Genre: Animation
Off-color humor
Toilet humor
Running Time: 22 minutes (7 minutes for each segment)
Country: United States
Release Date: September 3 – December 26, 1997
Network(s): M6/Gulli (France)
First-run syndication+41 (United States)
Created by: Robby London
Distributed by: The Program Exchange
Buena Vista International Television
Starring: Billy West
Kathleen Barr
Ian James Corlett
Cree Summer
Maurice LaMarche
Scott McNeil
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 65 (195 segments)

The Wacky World of Tex Avery (French: Le Monde fou de Tex Avery) is a 1997 French-American animated television series created by Robby London, and produced by DIC Entertainment and their French subsidiary Les Studios Tex, in which this studio was named after this show. It was named after the well-known Warner Bros./MGM animator, Tex Avery, and the creator describes the show as "an homage to the brilliant, hilarious and groundbreaking animator Tex Avery and the wonderful squash-and-stretch cartoons of his era".


The show is an anthology series that stars numerous characters such as Tex Avery (distinct from his namesake, the real-life animator of the same name), Einstone, and Pompeii Pete. There are several segments in this show.

The show's main segment is the self-titled Tex Avery. It features the titular cowboy, his rival Sagebrush Sid, and Texan girlfriend Miss Chastity Knott in various escapades and scenarios.

The second segment, Einstone, centers on the titular caveman genius, who attempts to teach his fellow cavemen to be more civilized through the use of his inventions.

The third segment, Pompeii Pete, follows a small, bumming Centurion who finds himself in modern day after being buried alive for thousands of years after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Pete usually goes from job to job, often getting on the nerves of a business man named Dan, whose role varies as well.

Genghis and Khannie, the fourth segment, is named after the Mongolian ruler, Genghis Khan. Genghis is a lion warlord that's attempting to conquer empires and countries in the name of his emperor, while Khannie is a small, innocent looking panda that foils Genghis at every turn.

The fifth segment, Freddy the Fly, has the titular fly square off against the ridiculously uber rich Amanda Banshee.

The penultimate segment, Power Pooch, stars a dog that can turn into a superhero by licking (or swallowing) one shoe. Along for the ride is a blue cat named Little Buddy that acts as Power Pooch's sidekick.

The seventh and final segment, Maurice and Mooch, is a Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner parallel. Mooch is a wolf that is constantly searching for a meal, while Maurice is a young chicken that Mooch constantly tries and fails to eat.

Why It's Too Wacky (and NOT in a Good Way)

  1. Despite the series being intended to pay homage to Tex Avery and his cartoon creations, it is nothing more than an insult rather than a homage to Tex Avery's work, due to its various issues as listed below.
  2. Poor grasp of the source material: Aside from having the classic Tex Avery gags, the show has nothing to do with Tex Avery and, for legal reasons, none of his trademark characters like Bugs Bunny and Droopy Dog are included in this show. There's a character who's a cowboy named after Avery, and that's pretty much it.
    • The show uses all the gags, jokes, and every element of the Tex Avery cartoons they were well-known for, all without actually understanding the context of each gags' used and why Tex Avery's Looney Tunes and MGM cartoons and their wild comedic style as a whole worked so well.
      • A glaring example of such is that the series' titular character, Tex Avery, is always shown to be constantly lusting and doing wild takes exaggeratedly on his love interest Chastity Knott in nearly every episode just because the Wolf from Tex Avery's MGM cartoon "Red Hot Riding Hood" always does that to Red in each one of his appearances with her, with the writers failing to realize that the Wolf is a lecherous villain in the cartoons he appears in with Red (and a zoophile considering that the Wolf is an animal and Red is a Human), hence making the Tex Avery character to come off as nothing but a lecherous girl-crazy pervert towards Chastity Knott and an unlikable protagonist whom viewers are forced to root for in his cartoons.
    • Even more insultingly, the real Tex Avery himself is very poorly represented via his same-named caricature in this show. In real life, Tex Avery, in contrast to the wild and wacky nature of his cartoons, is a rather quiet and reserved man who never actively sought out the spotlight in real life, with his cartoon creation Droopy being the closest character who is the most similar to Tex Avery's real-life persona. Here in this show, Tex Avery is instead represented as a wild, wacky, hyperactive, and obnoxious Bugs Bunny/Screwy Squirrel-esque Western hero type-comic relief character who comes off as more annoying and obnoxious than funny, which is a huge insult to the real-life Tex Avery and the type of person he was back when he was alive.
  3. Quantity-Over-Quality: DiC didn't run this show properly, as all 195 segments of this show are produced in the littlest of time possible and are aired for four months of its original broadcast from September-December 1997, hence making the production of each episode to be extremely rushed and poorly executed as the result.
  4. The title sequence shows the characters repetitively stomping and bouncing on the ground in an extremely hyperactive manner.
    • In addition, as Saberspark pointed out in his Top 10 Worst Cartoon Intros video, random stuff appears beneath the characters' feet as they jump around, and this scene repeats itself once before the stuff beneath their feet turn into Pompeii Pete, which doesn't make any sense in the slightest. Plus, this makes it look like Pompeii was dragged away twice.
  5. This show uses too many stock cartoon sound effects (mostly from the Hanna-Barbera library) and even uses them at inappropriate times.
  6. Billy West (Doug, Stimpy, Fry and Popeye) and Scott McNeil (Wolverine, Piccolo, Mr. White, Voltar, Rattrap, Dinobot and various Dragon Ball Z Ocean Dub characters) while both are talented voice actors, they do poor jobs voicing Tex Avery, Freddy the Fly, and Amanda. Notably, McNeil sounds very annoying and unconvincing as a woman.
  7. The character designs, while very appealing and reminiscent of a Looney Tunes cartoon, are rather ugly looking, especially with Tex Avery, who has an unsettling smile on his face (see the picture above), Freddy the Fly, Einstone, and the cavemen.
  8. The segments, in general, are pretty bad, forgettable, and unoriginal. They mainly copy other classic cartoons from the Golden Age and don't try many new things to keep them from being too formulaic:
    • Tex Avery is a rip-off of Looney Tunes' Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam cartoons.
    • Pompeii Pete, while not a direct rip-off, borrows elements from The Ren & Stimpy Show.
    • Einstone uses the concept of cavemen making modern inventions from The Flintstones.
    • Genghis and Khannie is a rip-off of Tom & Jerry in terms of character design but without any chase scenes.
    • Freddy the Fly is a rip-off of Screwy Squirrel.
    • Maurice and Mooch is a rip-off of the Looney Tunes' Tweety and Sylvester cartoons, with some elements from Baby Huey.
    • Power Pooch is a rip-off of the Earthworm Jim animated series, with some elements from Superman: The Animated Series.
  9. There are numerous instances of racism, which is something you should never have in a kids' show. For instance:
    • There are plenty of racial and annoying stereotypes:
      • Tex Avery (the main character) is just a cliché stereotypical Texan/Old West character.
      • Pompeii Pete is a Roman/Italian stereotype.
      • Einstone is a German stereotype based obviously on Albert Einstein.
      • Maurice is a Swedish stereotype.
      • Other offensive stereotypes on this show include Asians, Canadians, Mexicans, British, Samoans, Jews, Irish, and even Native Americans as well.
    • In "The Not-So-Great Train Robbery", Tex hires a stereotypical Indian tracker (as in, not Native American, as a pun) to help him get back to his train.
    • The episode "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall" begins with a montage of Genghis attacking other countries. In the first clip, Genghis's army kills a stereotypical Persian man and his cow, after which a sign reading "Rug-Sale: Cheap!" drops down. In the second, Genghis throws a bomb at Mumbai (called Bombai in this episode), and a nearby sign changes to "Bombed Out" after the explosion.
  10. The animation, while sometimes decent, is sub-par and rather cheap looking, with some unfinished backgrounds and frames missing.
    • There are numerous animation errors:
      • In the opening, the top of Pompeii Pete's helmet disappears for three frames.
      • In "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall", the animation frames of Khannie playing with her puppets appear to be chopped off from the top.
      • In "Martial Blitz", part of the man the bride is to marry landing after being kicked by Amanda disappears for a frame.
      • In "TBA", the top of Dr. Hydrant's head misaligns for one frame during the scene where he talks to Boney.
    • Some of the animation doesn't sync up with the backgrounds properly.
    • The show would occasionally use some strange transitions or special effects that look out of place for the show's animation style:
      • In "Water You Gonna Do?", the second-to-last scene "disintegrates" for no explained reason.
      • In "The Wrath of Khannie", the text "3 sequels ago in a galaxy not too far away" zooms away from the viewer to recreate the prologue text of a Star Wars film, but it looks as if it is slowly being sucked up to the top of the screen.
  11. The jokes and humor are both very poor and terrible, as they mostly consist of toilet humor and gross-out humor. Most of the jokes also fall flat or feel awkward due to the stiff and wonky animation. Examples include:
    • Maurice making armpit farts and blowing his nose in the intro
    • An ape vomiting
    • Almost every joke revolving around Freddy the Fly
    • Mooch peeing into a potted plant
    • A caveman shoving a pole up a dinosaur's butt
    • The classic Avery gags are in the show, but they're butchered beyond all belief:
      • In a scene from "Mine, Mine, Mine!", Sid accidentally runs out of the film projector like in the Droopy cartoon "Northwest Hounded Police", but the gag automatically falls flat since the show was originally watched on TV sets, which didn't use film reels or projectors.
      • In the "The Not-So-Great Train Robbery", there is also a scene where Tex Avery and Sid take turns pulling out bigger guns than each other, but they read out the name of the gun they pull each time, which slows the pacing and ruins the humor entirely.
      • The "_____, isn't it?" gag signs reappear, but they're not used properly:
        • In "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall", there's one scene where the camera pans across the Great Wall and stops at a sign that reads "Great Wall, Huh?" two seconds later. To make this version of the gag work, the camera should be constantly panning at a slow pace even when passing by the sign and have said sign come in after about five or seven seconds as demonstrated in two of Tex Avery's cartoons, "The Early Bird Dood It!" and "The Shooting of Dan McGoo".
        • In "Silence of the Lames", there's another version of this gag where an extremely long limousine arrives at the entrance of the library and only stops when the door comes into view. In that episode, a hand holds a sign reading "Pretty Long Car, Isn't It!" while the car is still driving. Since the sign is supposed to serve as a punchline, this ends up ruining the gag by displaying the sign/punchline too early. Again, there's a much better version of this gag seen in the Tex Avery cartoon "The Shooting of Dan McGoo" where the phrase "Long, Isn't It?" appears on the wolf's limousine once it stops.
  12. There is a ton of content that is way too inappropriate, disturbing and nonsensical for a kids' show:
    • In "The Dis-orderly", Dan the Man fakes a cut and squeezes a ketchup bottle to simulate that he's bleeding, and made it worse by squeezing it very hard all over the other patients.
      • In the same episode, Pompeii himself slices a pizza using a buzzsaw, but the gag was a setup as if he was slicing Dan the Man instead.
    • In "Breakfast in Bedlam", Maurice cracks an egg open, which isn't that bad, but the previous scene implied he pulled it from his mother, which is technically cannibalism.
    • There are also various instances of gratuitous over-the-top violence, unsettling imagery, and disturbing facial expressions including:
      • Tex Avery and Sagebrush Sid flipping their lips in tune to the show's theme song, complete with saliva being shown
      • Cavemen and apes drowning in tar in "A Bird in the Brain Is Worth Two in the Bush" and "The Ugh-Lympic Games"
      • Genghis being shot by a big cannon with his mouth being all that is left in "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall"
      • Genghis bulging out his eyes in "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall"
      • Genghis having his tail get lit on fire by Khannie in "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall" and then exploding
      • Freddy kissing the bride and making her fall over in "Martial Blitz"
      • Tex Avery setting fire in a bear's stomach in "Bottleneck Bear"
      • Einstone getting eaten alive by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and landing in its stomach in "Saur Loser"
      • Power Pooch swallowing an entire shoe whenever he needs his powers
      • Dan shooting a telephone with a gun in "Quiet Please"
      • Pompeii Pete killing an owl and mouse with a cannon (which is animal abuse) in "Quiet Please"
      • Amanda having a fly's head in "The Tell-Tale Fly" and "Bored of the Flies"
      • Tex Avery putting a tapeworm inside Sagebrush Sid's mouth in "Fat and Fatter"
      • Tex Avery landing in a pile of manure in "Virtual Tex"
      • Tex Avery graphically scratching his nails on a chalkboard in "Not a Sporting Chance"
      • Dan swallowing a hot rod motor engine in "Mechanically Declined"
      • Genghis getting burned to the bone by Khannie's dragon in "A No-Etiquette Barbarian in King Arthur's Court"
      • Tex Avery stripping off all of his clothes to the point where a censor bar covers his private parts in "Sagebrush Sindy"
      • Tex Avery squeezing a bear's bottom in "Sagebrush Sindy"
      • Sagebrush Sid tearing off Tex Avery's mouth in "Fat and Fatter" and "The Tex-orcist"
      • Mooch eating a TV set in "My Dinner With Mooch"
      • Baby Tex and Sid punching and exploding each other while still inside their respective mothers' wombs in "Tex Babies".
      • Mooch getting his face burnt on a grill in "Teacher's Pest"
      • Natives using Amanda's money as toilet paper in "Bored of the Flies"
      • Einstone getting his head stuck to a mammoth's butt and the mammoth going to the restroom in "Frankeinstone"
      • Sagebrush Sid getting his head split in half by his ax in "Up a Tree Without a Paddle"
      • Dan's skin shattering and exposing his flesh in "Just Plane Trouble"
      • Einstone's mother having all of her blood drained in "Neanderthal Mom"
      • Amanda getting covered in manure in "Martial Blitz"
      • Genghis eating a talking banana in "Donkey Conqueror"
      • Maurice cracking Mooch's tooth with a hammer in "The Toothless Fairy"
      • Tex Avery eating a buzzard until it's nothing but bones in "Water You Gonna Do?"
      • Tex's arms being torn off by Sid only to attach to the latter's face and attack him in "The Tex-orcist"
      • Mooch crashing into a truck filled with tacks and having tacks stuck on his behind then spitting out the tacks when getting forced into a train tunnel in "Toy Store Story"
      • Two toucans taking off their beaks to kiss each other in "To Ape or Not to Ape"
      • Mooch getting his nose bitten by snakes in "Chicken Scouts"
      • Genghis getting decapitated in "Courting Disaster"
      • An ape vomiting in "The Ugh-Lympic Games"
      • Genghis eating bugs in "You Take the High Road and I'll Take Cairo"
      • Einstone ejecting a needle into a caveman's butt in "Is There a Doctor in the Cave?"
      • Mooch peeing into a potted plant in "Backseat Bedlam"
      • Genghis getting his lower half-eaten by piranhas in "A Pain in the Rain Forest"
      • A cat getting frozen and turning into ice cubes in "Double-O Scussi"
      • Amanda unscrewing a butler's head and dropping it in "Cake Me a Bake"
      • A caveman throwing a scalpel at Einstone's bottom in "Neanderthal Mom"
      • Power Pooch peeing on Dr. Hydrant (albeit off-screen) in "Flea! Run Away!"
      • Power Pooch almost getting neutered in "Doggie Pounded"
      • And lastly, Power Pooch's laser vision hitting a woman and causing her bra and panties to be exposed in "Wrapped Up in His Work"
  13. False advertising: The intro sequence and promo images show Tex riding a horse, but he rides a goat in the show itself instead.
  14. This show was obviously made to cash in on the trend of Golden Age-style shows such as Animaniacs and The Ren & Stimpy Show, which have little to no involvement with Tex Avery or his cartoons, and were more of a homage to him. In general, this show is a worse-drawn Ren and Stimpy and worse-written Animaniacs -- completely lacking the fun, care, and charm those shows had.
  15. A lot of the characters are unfunny, unlikable, and obnoxious.
    • The worst offenders are Amanda Banshee, who is very lazy and short-tempered, Freddy the Fly, who is abusive and extremely sadistic towards Amanda, and Khannie, who is incredibly mean-spirited and sadistic towards Genghis.
  16. The soundtrack is obnoxious and insufferable, especially the theme song.
    • The theme song is incredibly annoying, obnoxious, and lazy. It even disrespects Jacques Offenbach, as it consists of the chorus of his song from Orpheus In The Underworld Can-Can (a.k.a. "Infernal Galop") with the line "Welcome to the Wacky World of Tex Avery" being repeated over and over again in tune to the music as its lyrics of the theme.
    • There's also barely (if ever) any background music playing in most of the episodes, hence failing to enhance the intended wacky-nutty tone and mood of the show, and rendering the cartoons' atmospheres to be very bland and dull.
    • Speaking of the background music, it almost sounds like it was composed as a MIDI music file, and it would often be played in different pitches and speeds.
  17. A lot of the characters and segments are pretty unoriginal and rip off other already existing cartoons or TV shows.
    • Tex Avery is a ripoff of Red Hot Ryder from the 1944 Looney Tunes cartoon "Buckaroo Bugs" (which was, ironically, directed by Bob Clampett) and copies a lot from Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes).
    • Sagebrush Sid is a lazy clone of the wolf from Tex Avery's Droopy cartoons and usually serves as a stand-in for Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes).
    • Miss Chastity Knott's design heavily resembles Red's design, also from the Droopy cartoons.
    • Pompeii and Genghis look far too similar to Stimpy (The Ren & Stimpy Show).
      • Pompeii himself looks like the Indian from the Screwy Squirrel cartoon "Big Heel-Watha" and is rumored to be based on Shorty from the original Popeye the Sailor cartoons.
    • Dan's design has a strong resemblance to Dick Dastardly's design from Wacky Races.
    • The Einstone segments (or more precisely, the name) are an obvious ripoff of The Flintstones.
      • The face of Einstone himself was likely based on Little Miss Muffet from the 1940 Looney Tunes cartoon "A Gander at Mother Goose".
    • Genghis and Khannie are both plagiarized copycats of Tom and Jerry.
    • Freddy the Fly is likely a poor man's version of the gremlin from the Looney Tunes cartoon "Falling Hare".
    • Amanda Banshee looks like a stolen character drawn by Don Martin from an issue of the MAD magazine.
    • Maurice's design is a ripoff of both Tweety (Looney Tunes) and Baby Huey's designs.
    • Mooch is a copy of Sylvester J. Pussycat (Looney Tunes).
    • Maurice's father bears a few similarities to Foghorn Leghorn. (Looney Tunes)
    • Power Pooch is an obvious ripoff of Underdog and Superman (design-wise) and seems like a potential knockoff of Earthworm Jim (personality-wise, without any of the charm and good humor).
    • Boney and Dr. Hydrant are lazy clones of Pinky and The Brain from Animaniacs, and they even share a few similarities in terms of character design and personality.
    • In the Tex Avery segment "Bottleneck Bear", one of the background characters that briefly appear in two scenes is a grey rabbit whose character design is a plagiarism of Bugs Bunny's (Looney Tunes) early-1940s design.
    • At the beginning of the Maurice and Mooch segment "True or False Alarm", there is a brief appearance of a hunter whose character design is a rip-off of Elmer Fudd's (Looney Tunes) design. There are also a wolf-like animal and a cat holding a bird, who resemble Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester, and Tweety respectively.
  18. Ton of spelling errors and typos on the background objects:
    • In "Bottleneck Bear", "Grizzly Bear" is misspelled as "Gbizzly" in one of the signs on a mountain.
    • This happens twice in "Flychiatry"; On the psychiatrist's calendar, "Judgement Day" is misspelled as "Judement Day" and "November" is misspelled as "Novenber".
    • "Tallywho?" has a sentence with a misspelling: "Our guns are loaded and so are we" is misspelled as "Ours guns are loaded and so are we" on a sign.
    • In "The Wrath of Khannie", the sign on Uranus is misspelled as "Upanus" in one shot.
    • This can be understandable, as the show's animation was outsourced to Hong Ying Animation in China.
  19. Most of the animals (especially in the Einstone segments) are usually poorly drawn and have huge probosci's human-like noses, especially with the dinosaurs and saber-toothed cats.
  20. A few of the plots are even copied from other shows; for instance, "Carnivores Anonymous" has Mooch attend a club to give up his addiction to chicken, being a copy of the Looney Tunes cartoon "Birds Anonymous" (even sharing a similar name).
  21. It's filled to the brim with many bad episodes that range from mediocre to terrible, such as:
    • "Rodeo, Rodeo, Where For Art Thou Rodeo?" (Which started the series on a horrible note)
    • "The Dis-Orderly"
    • "A Bird in the Brain is Worth Two in the Bush"
    • "The Not-So-Great Train Robbery"
    • "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall"
    • "Marital Blitz"
    • "Cabin Fever"
    • "Cruisin' For a Bruisin'"
    • "Breakfast in Bedlam"
    • "Bottleneck Bear"
    • "Sitter Jitters"
    • "Flychiatry"
    • "Driving Mr. Dan"
    • "Who Kilt the Conqueror"
    • "Saur Loser"
    • "Mine, Mine, Mine'
    • "Stupe De Jour"
    • "Teacher's Pest"
    • "Silence of the Lames"
    • "Aloha Oy"
    • "Black and Blue Belt"
    • "Cat Scratch Fervor"
    • "Say Goodnight Freddy"
    • "Quiet Please"
    • "Tell Tale Fly"
    • "True or False Alarm"
    • "SSSpeed"
  22. Like with Angelica Pickles from Rugrats, Khannie's teeth always being shown whenever she moves her mouth contrasts heavily with the character's adorable appearance. This can also become uncanny to watch over time.
  23. The Arabic dub of the show had a lot of scenes cut or censored to comply with the stringent censorship rules that most Arabian countries have. Even then, it still does a poor job at censorship to beyond-laughable results, like repeating scenes, freeze-framing them at the wrong times, and not even editing the audio to compensate:
    • "Rodeo, Rodeo, Where For Art Thou Rodeo?" is the biggest example of this. Every scene with Miss Chastity was removed because her skimpy clothing was deemed inappropriate, and the entirety of the Pig Wrestling scene was cut because pork wasn't considered lawful, leading the plot to be changed from Tex and Sid trying to win her affections by trying to be the best rodeo clowns to just Tex and Sid trying to prove which one can ride a bull the longest. This also leaves the scene of Tex wearing the clown nose he got from Chastity unexplained.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The characters in the show are at least original in some respects, even though most of them are obnoxious.
  2. Very good voice acting, except Billy West as Tex Avery and Freddy the Fly and Scott McNeil as Amanda Banshee.
    • The narrator (Maurice LaMarche) can be decent at times.
  3. The Italian theme song sung by Cristina D'Avena was decent.
  4. Despite being sub-par, the animation is decent as said above and looks nice for 1997 standards, similar to the Looney Tunes cartoons of the 1940s and '50s. In fact, the animation improved a bit in the final 6 episodes.
    • The animation in the title sequence as well as the intros to each segment looks better than usual, but that's not saying much.
  5. Most of the character designs (despite looking ugly) are very similar to the Looney Tunes cartoons.
    • Khannie, Maurice, and Little Buddy all have cute designs.
  6. Some of the characters are tolerable, likable and decent such as Miss Chasity Knott, Genghis, Einstone, Maurice, Mooch, Pompeii Pete (sometimes) and Little Buddy.
  7. Some quotes are funny at times such as Sagebrush Sid's "What are you looking at?" and Power Pooch's "Can you say, justice?"
  8. Many funny moments every now and then.
  9. A few of the episodes are good and admittedly funny such as "Tex Meets the Execs".
  10. The Genghis and Khannie segments had a small cult following and became a fan favorite by some people, such as a portion of the furry community.
    • The Pompeii Pete and Maurice and Mooch segments also seem to be well-liked by some people as well.
  11. The show does have a few nods to Tex Avery's work now and then, the most notable being in "Cat Scratch Fervor" where Power Pooch and Bad Cat keep gnawing on the shoe to grow bigger like how the cat and mouse from Tex Avery's "King Size Canary" kept drinking the growth formula to grow bigger.
  12. The French dub of the show uses fewer sound effects in the early episodes.
  13. The Italian dub of the show uses good and funny dialogue despite the sound effects.
  14. Tex ACTUALLY rides a horse like in the advertising material, sadly it was just in the final episodes.


  • This was DIC's first cartoon to be fully made using digital ink and paint. However, this wasn't the first time where they did this technique. The first time they did this animation technique was in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! with the episode "Count Koopula".
  • Tex Avery's daughter Nancy Avery desperately needed the money to pay for her kids' college, so she approved this show.
  • Out of all the 65 episodes produced, only 52 of them (at least in English) have surfaced. The other 13 have yet to resurface.
    • The first 40 episodes were released on DVD by Mill Creek Entertainment, and the first 10 were uploaded to the WildBrain-owned Jazzper YouTube channel (then called DHX Encore).
    • Episodes 45-52 were once available for free on YouTube, but as of 2021 they have disappeared. Currently, all 52 episodes are on Tubi TV.
  • On later English prints of the series, only the voice actors from the French dub are credited.
  • On January 23, 1996, one year before The Wacky World of Tex Avery entered production, Cartoon Network started airing The Tex Avery Show, an anthology program entirely dedicated to honoring Tex Avery and his cartoon creations, consisting of all the Looney Tunes and MGM cartoons which Tex Avery had directed throughout the 1930s-1950s (by that time, the 1996 Time Warner-Turner Entertainment merger had allowed Warner Bros. to own all of the Tex Avery-directed cartoons, save for only four cartoons he directed during his brief stint at Walter Lantz Productions).


The show was universally panned by critics and watchers alike and is widely considered to be the worst cartoon DIC Entertainment has ever made, with many criticizing it to be a huge disgrace to the name Tex Avery and an insulting representation of famed animation director Tex Avery and his cartoon creations.

It also has a 4.8/10 rating on IMDb. RebelTaxi placed this show at #3 in the list of Top 10 Worst Reboots. TheMysteriousMrEnter placed this show at #1 in the list of Top 10 Worst 90s cartoons. Saberspark puts the theme song at #1 in the Top 10 Worst Cartoon Intros. SCMediaWorks criticized the show in his Rise and Fall of DIC Entertainment video and calls it the worst cartoon the company has ever made because it tried to capitalize on Tex Avery's legacy and also being an obvious knock-off of The Ren & Stimpy Show. He nicknamed the series "The Braindead Useless Piece of Fuckery".

Benthelooney placed this show at #9 on his Top 10 Classic Cartoons I Hate list.

David Perlmutter in his book Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Shows described the show as an "insult" to the titular cartoonist, writing that "[it] lacked the masterful way Avery himself employed and often transcended the limits of his material."[1]


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