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This is a list of admins who are allowed to be (so far) or have been prohibited from being promoted.

Blacklisted/Prohibited from being promoted.

  • Szczypak2005/Szczypak64: Extremely harsh to retired Qualitipedia users and supporters of the RfC to shut down QP (once calling them parasites), being egotistical, as proven in Tiresome Wikis Wiki, where he added the point of his wiki being better than the original, as well being desperate to salvage his dwindling reputation, by removing any mention of his mistakes, and instead edits pages like the others are the ones that did his mistakes. Because of that, he's been permanently blacklisted.
  • EijiDoesThings: Controversial contributor who caused a lot of flack back when the Reception Wikis were active.
  • Brazilian User: Banned Raidarr for supposedly "insulting him", even though he was being blunt, and also gave fair criticism, and also abused his power.
  • ChessGuy66: Constantly whines about CJWorldGame32125 not promoting him, and goes into arguments with said bureaucrat, to the point of requesting Original Authority to demote him and block him.

Allowed to be admins under some guidance

  • Robin1020th: Doesn't seem responsible enough to be an admin, but did some good actions, so all he needs is a guidance from a more professional admin.