Bri-Da (Family Guy)

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Bri-Da (Family Guy)
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Brian and Quagmire Feud + Brian in relationship = This episode.
Series: Family Guy
Part of Season: 18
Episode Number: 2
Air Date: October 6, 2019
Writer: Tom Devanney
Director: Steve Robertson
Previous episode: Yacht Rocky
Next episode: Absolutely Babulous

Bri-Da is the 2nd episode of the 18th season of Family Guy.


When Brian finds Ida (formerly Dan) Quagmire again in a hotel bar after their previous one-night stand, they end up in a more serious relationship, much to Quagmire's dismay. At the same time, Peter and his friends start filming themselves while drunk with body cameras.

Why It’s Bri-Done

  1. This episode continues the forced relationship between Brian and Ida Quagmire, which shows that the writers didn’t listen to the criticism from the "Quagmire's Dad" episode.
  2. Misleading Title/Plot: The episode title and synopsis teases that Ida Quagmire is going to get married in that episode but instead she just rekindles her relationship with Brian.
  3. Quagmire is at his absolute worst in this episode (alongside "Meg and Quagmire") as he is a complete jerk to Brian just because he hates Brian and can’t stand the fact that Brian is dating Ida. Even though Brian is actually nice with him, Quagmire never appreciates Brian’s kindness and gets angry with him at some scenes.
    • Not only does he ruin Brian’s relationship with Ida by forcing Ida to break up with Brian with an ultimatum but he also rubs it in Brian’s face by gloating.
  4. Quagmire is never punished for his actions.
  5. Just like "Quagmire's Dad", the episode continues to make lame and insensitive jokes about transgender people.
  6. The beginning of the episode has a beginner plot involving Peter and his friends trying out vests with body cams and that takes up a huge chunk of screen time that makes the main plot feel extremely rushed. The main plot does not actually kick in until two thirds of the way in for this episode.
  7. It is yet another Brian and Quagmire Feud episode as it continues the feud with Brian and Quagmire when it was already annoying and cliched.
  8. It is also another episode that uses the recycled and cliched "Brian dates a woman and then have the relationship which gets broken at the end" plot.
  9. The episode is very unfunny and filled to the brim with lame jokes that make no sense.
  10. Continuity Error: Near the end of the episode, Quagmire claims that Brian is a self published author, which isn’t true because the episode Brian Writes a Bestseller established that Brian had his second book "Wish It, Want It, Do It" published by Penguin Group.
  11. Terrible Ending: Quagmire uses the “It’s him or me” ultimatum on Ida to force her to break up with Brian. She does so and Quagmire gloats that he wins and rubs it in Brian’s face while Peter interrupts the moment by whining. Quagmire and Ida then watch a movie together and Quagmire gets away with ruining a committed relationship Brian had. The next scene then goes to Quagmire and Ida watching a movie together and making annoying laughs.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Brian and Ida are still very tolerable characters, and Brian isn’t flanderized like he usually is.
  2. Speaking of Brian and Ida, it at least gives more depth to their relationship rather than just being a joke.
  3. Lois makes some funny remarks about Brian’s parenting skills.


The episode has a 5.7/10 rating on IMDb.



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