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Pixel Pinkie
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From the same Australian network that somehow got the rights to air The Eggs and most infamously Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos comes this mess of a girls' toon.
Genre: Fantasy
Running Time: 12 Minutes
Country: Australia
United Kingdom
Release Date: August 29, 2009 - September 15, 2012
Network(s): Nine Network (Australia)
ABC Me (Australia)
YTV (Canada)
MNet (South Africa)
TV7 (Bulgaria)
SBC (Seychelles)
Created by: Alicia Rackett
Starring: Jane Binning
Anica Boulanger-Mashberg
Magdalena Grubski
Jemma Gates
Sara Cooper
Nick Storr
Jamie Croft
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52

Pixel Pinkie is an Australian children's animated television series produced and created by Blue Rocket Productions in association with the Nine Network and principally funded by The Film Finance Corporation Australia. It aired from 29 August 2009 to 15 September 2012. The show was critically panned.


Pixel Pinkie is about two girls, Nina and Anni. During the first episode, Nina moves into a new town where she meets Anni and gets a mobile cellphone with a digital genie named Pixel Pinkie in it which can make her wishes come true, but they both have to keep it a secret. Each episode sees Nina wishing for something from Pixel Pinkie, and when they offend her when her wish goes wrong, both Nina and Anni have to solve their problem alone.

Why It's Not Our Teenie Weenie Pixel Genie

Warning: Do not attempt to put in anything about GoAnimate/Vyond, as it is common for people to compare this show’s animation to GoAnimate/Vyond.

  1. Cheap and incredibly stilted animation with a low framerate.
  2. It's somewhat of a rip-off of The Fairly OddParents as it has the same concept about a kid who receives an ordinary item that summons/transforms into a magical being who grants wishes usually to deal with the protagonist's problems, only to get out of hand and the person wishes things to go back to normal.
  3. The art style is terrible and ugly. The backgrounds, particularly, look unfinished, and the designs of the characters appear generic and uncanny.
  4. Horrible voice acting. Pixel Pinkie sounds like Strawberry Shortcake or Minnie Mouse with a bad Australian accent and Nina and Anni sound like grown women when they're only kids. Many Australian cartoons suffer the same problem when it comes to voicing a young girl with a grown woman's voice.
    • What makes the voice acting even lazier is that some of the male characters including the shopkeeper from the first episode are voiced by the same woman with the exact same tone of voice as some female characters in the show.
  5. Plot hole: How did Nina get that phone for her birthday in the main plot, but in the very first episode "Meeting Pixel Pinkie", she buys it because other kids in school have one?
  6. In one episode, Nina's new dress design copied Suzi's outfit design. This explains that the crew behind this show is very lazy, not bothering to draw a new design for Nina.
    • If not lazy, the character designs look too similar to other characters from different cartoons. For example, one of Suzi’s friends, Nicki, looks an awful lot like Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. Just look at her design.
  7. Very unlikable characters, such as Suzi, who's the clichéd mean popular girl.
  8. Its creators can't take criticism as they have gotten into several flame wars with fans of Mr. Enter, whom they claimed was in no position to judge because he was American and false-flagged his review several times under sockpuppet accounts.
  9. Bad ending/Cliffhanger: At the end of "The Final Countdown", the series finale, Nina and Anni are simply transported back to Nina's room after Pinkie was saying goodbye. What happened? Did Nina learn to accept Pinkie's departure and move on? It just cuts to the credits after Nina and Anni are transported back to Nina's room, injured.
    • On the subject of that, it wasn't a good way to end the show.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Catchy soundtrack, including the theme song.
  2. Pixel Pinkie's design looks cute, and she's possibly the only likable character.
    • Speaking of likable characters, some characters can be likable, like Nina and Anni.
  3. Some episodes are well structured.
  4. The intro itself has better animation with fluid and smooth movements compared to the episodes themselves.


Pixel Pinkie currently holds a 1.4/10 on IMDb, tied with Fleabag Monkeyface, High Guardian Spice and Fairview, making it one of the lowest-rated cartoons on the site.

It also holds a 25% on Google Users.

Some people say that Pixel Pinkie is a rip-off of The Fairly OddParents because it has a similar plot and for taking the idea from some episodes.



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