The Fairly OddParents (seasons 9 & 10)

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The Fairly OddParents (seasons 9 & 10)
Season 9 FOP.jpg
Season 10 FOP.jpg
Looks like Nickelodeon got their wish to ruin The Fairly OddParents by adding a "fairly odd" amount of pointless new characters and almost kill the franchise.
Genre: Fantasy
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: March 23, 2013 – March 28, 2015 (Season 9)
January 15, 2016 – July 26, 2017 (Season 10)
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Butch Hartman
Distributed by: Paramount Media Networks
Starring: Tara Strong
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Carlos Alazraqui
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Maddie Taylor (Season 9)
Kari Wahlgren (Season 10)
Jeff Bennett
Cheri Oteri
Mick Wingert
Eric Bauza
Episodes: 43 (Season 9)
37 (Season 10)
Next show: The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder

The ninth season of The Fairly OddParents began on March 23, 2013, with the episode, "Fairly OddPet" and ended on March 28, 2015, with the episodes, "Fairly Old Parent", and, "The Fairy Beginning", which aired back-to-back. The season introduced a new widescreen HD opening sequence that included Poof and is the first season to be produced in widescreen HD. It also introduced Sparky, Timmy's new fairy dog. However, Sparky was completely removed from the show for the following season, due to poor reception from both fans, and the people at Nickelodeon.

The tenth season premiered on January 15, 2016, with the episode, "The Big Fairy Share Scare", and ended on July 26, 2017, with the episode, "The Kale Patch Caper". Seven months later, series creator Butch Hartman left Nickelodeon, thus ceasing production of the series altogether. The season introduced Chloe Carmichael, Timmy's new neighbor, who had garnered an even worse reception than Sparky.

The show in general used to be a smash hit, but it later became criticized for several reasons aside from just Sparky and Chloe alone, and it has gone down to some of the worst examples of seasonal rot and mediocre character changes in these seasons.

Why These Seasons Aren't Magical and Broke Da Rules

In General

  1. Executive meddling: Nickelodeon forced Hartman to add pointless new characters, Sparky and Chloe, to the main cast for the sake of boosting ratings.
  2. Hartman also seems to lack talent or interest in the series, even though this can be excused by the fact that the series had been prolonged for too long and ran its course several times prior. As a result, these seasons don't stay true to the source material and lack many of the magical charm and cleverness of the first five seasons, and to a lesser extent, the sixth season, and even the seventh and eighth seasons. It also doesn't help that the writing team in these seasons were new to the animation industry and, therefore, have never worked on any cartoon before The Fairly OddParents especially for poor Bob Colleary (who actually wrote better shows before FOP), except Ray DeLaurentis and Will Schifrin, who had worked on other bad projects, like the infamous Bubsy pilot, Pet Alien, Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island, and Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!, before he had worked on the show as producer, story editor, and writer from its seventh season onward.
  3. Quantity over quality: Like with The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, Alvin and the Chipmunks (2015), Johnny Test (2005), Teen Titans Go!, Cyberchase, Fireman Sam, Bunk'd and Ridiculousness, it lasted for way too long with a total of 10 seasons, 172 episodes (294 segments), and a lifespan of 16 years, to the point where the show would jump the shark because of this, in fact the show was going to end with season 5, along with The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, but due to high ratings, Nickelodeon brought the show back for three more seasons and when it got canceled in season 8, Nickelodeon revived it again for two more seasons until it finally got cancelled in 2017. Five years after it ended, however, they made a short-lived 2022 live-action/animation hybrid sitcom under the name of The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder, and later another CGI-animated FOP reboot in May 20, 2024 under the title of The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish.
  4. The writing downgraded from being amazingly creative to being completely atrocious, catastrophic, nonsensical and mostly lazy, which totally broke the show's premise of an average kid who no one understands and, most importantly, its entire concept of, "Da Rules", which has now been reduced from a cornerstone that gave the characters limited access to magic into a walking plot device for the sake of a specific episode to further extend the series. A notable example is how the fairies in the show are now often seen out in public without disguising themselves as if this was always a casual thing. Regardless, they also stay objects and animals, even though they stay as humans, in some episodes, like, Anchor's Away, Blue Angel, Nuts & Dangerous, and The Hungry Games, most of the time, which makes it even more jarring. If anything, considering them being exposed is no longer an issue, it will most likely make you question why they still need to change forms.
  5. A handful episodes from these seasons also tries to be modern and hip, most notably smartphones, and pointless pop culture references.
  6. The characterization has become incredibly lackluster, in comparison to the first eight seasons:
    • Most of the secondary characters, Chester, A.J., Sanjay, Elmer, Trixie, Tootie, Veronica, Francis, Crimson Chin, Crash Nebula, the Anti-Fairies, most notably Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda), the Pixies, most notably Head Pixie and Mr. Sanderson, Chip Skylark, Britney Britney, Tad, Chad, Mama Cosmo, Mayor Doug Dimmadome, etc., are either completely absent or in the background with little to no speaking lines. Butch Hartman admitted that he and the writers no longer had any interest in these characters, favoring Mr. Turner, Mr. Crocker, and occasionally Foop instead.
    • Poof and Vicky are barely even relevant anymore, despite the former being photoshopped into the intro, and the latter still appearing in said intro:
      • Poof is either absent, or has cameos only in almost every episode in the second half of season 9, starting with the episode, "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie" onward, while in season 10, he is absent in all, but one episode. The reason is so that season 9 can focus more on Sparky, and season 10 can focus more on Chloe. There are also several episodes, "The Past and the Furious", "Man's Worst Friend", "The Big Fairy Share Scare", "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.", "Blue Angel", "Clark Laser", and, "Crockin' The House", where Foop appears without his counterpart, Poof.
      • Vicky is in only four episodes: "Fairly OddPet", "Dumbbell Curve", "Scary GodCouple", "Stage Fright", "The Big Fairy Share Scare", "Birthday Battle", "Dimmsdale's Got Talent?", and "Certifiable Super Sitter", of each season. In combination, those are eight episodes in total, and only three of them, "Scary GodCouple", "Stage Fright", and "The Big Fairy Share Scare", have her in a major role.
    • Catman returned, but he was retooled and no longer voiced by Adam West, due to his old age and later death, thus, ruining the joke. West was 84 when season 9 premiered. He was replaced by Jeff Bennett starting from "Cat-Astrophe".
      • On that note, Catman got six episodes: "Cat-Astrophe", "Gone Flushin'", "Whittle Me This", "Nuts & Dangerous", "Cat 'n Mouse", and, "Knitwits", with major roles within these two seasons, while another superhero, the Crimson Chin, got zero episodes focused on him, and got no physical appearances outside of merchandise in, "Fairly OddPet", and "The Fair Bears", since, "Chindred Spirits" from season 6. Even if they couldn't afford Jay Leno, Daran Norris could've still voiced the Crimson Chin, since he voiced the character in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, and in the episode, "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary", from season 2 when Jay Leno was unavailable.
    • Remy Buxaplenty does return in one episode, that being, "Country Clubbed", but his entire character has been completely retooled.
    • Almost all of the remaining characters have been flanderized beyond recognition and lack their original personalities:
      • Timmy himself has gone from a mischievous, yet goodhearted kid, who just wanted his life to be better, into a selfish and bratty jerk who only cares about getting what he wants.
      • Cosmo and Wanda went from a lovable fairy god couple, with the former being simple-minded, yet charming, and the latter being the brains and voice-of-reason, into a fairy god couple of idiotic husband and nagging wife-type characters, who share an equal amount of stupidity, and carelessness, and are constantly rendered useless, and unable to help Timmy, due to them frequently losing their wands for what can only be described as a plot contrivance, even though Wanda becomes more tolerable than Cosmo.
      • Mr. Turner went from a bumbling, yet goodhearted father, into a literal manchild who rarely acts his age, and causes destruction everywhere he goes.
      • Denzel Crocker went from a crazed teacher wishing to prove to the world that fairies exist into a carbon copy of both Cosmo and Mr. Turner combined which already started in Season 7.
        • Mr. Turner and Mr. Crocker are also unbelievably overused in almost all of the episodes, even in ones not directly focused on them, since Hartman stated that they were his favorite characters, leading many fans to grow sick of them, with the worst offenders being Vicky's centered episodes, "Scary GodCouple", "Stage Fright", etc.
      • Jorgen Von Strangle went from a strict and intimating authority figure of Fairy World, who was either an enemy or an ally to Timmy and his fairies, into a plot device whenever the writers mainly needed him to break continuity regarding Da Rules.
      • Foop started as a typical, yet entertaining villain wanting to destroy Timmy and his fairies in his season 7 debut, "Anti-Poof". But as time went on, he has also seen some levels of inconsistency within his characterization here and there, in which he has become less of a villain and more of a pointless moronic comic relief in the same way as Mr. Crocker, despite having not too many appearances unlike Mr. Turner and Crocker.
        • He can also be seen as a spotlight stealer for his parents, Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda, because following his aforementioned debuted episode, Foop continues the bad trend of always appearing without Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda. Likewise, there have been many good opportunities to use Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda, especially in two specials, "Scary GodCouple", and, "Man's Worst Friend". In those specials, we get the Anti-Fairy Council and the Grim Reaper. Anti-Sparky wasn't too great either.
      • Dark Lazer went from a typical, yet entertaining villain wanting to destroy Timmy, his fairies, and the town of Dimmsdale, into an incompetent and idiotic villain in one episode, "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.", in season 10, followed by a typical heel-face turn villain in his remaining two appearances afterward, "Crockin' The House", and, "Clark Laser".
  7. These seasons are filled to the brim with bad episodes, see the list below.
  8. These seasons feel more like a slight reboot rather than a continuation to the previous seasons due to almost no references to the previous ones, half of the characters missing and some that are there are rewritten, etc.
  9. The voice acting, while still good, can be obnoxious and unsettling to hear at times, especially for some episodes, like Birthday Battle, particularly from Cosmo and Chloe themselves.
    • Cosmo's voice is at its worst in these seasons, likely due to Hartman forcing Cosmo's voice actor, Daran Norris, to pitch up his voice higher than in seasons 3-8, up to the point where he sounds flamboyant, and as if he's on helium. While this is already a problem in seasons 5-8, here it is grating and terrible.
    • Chloe is not much better, due to her voice actress, Kari Wahlgren, who voiced Baby Scrat in Ice Age: Scrat Tales, Ashe in Final Fantasy XII, Shelke in Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, and Raine Sage in Tales of Symphonia, yelling the majority of her lines.
  10. These seasons are absolutely riddled with repetitive jokes and running gags and they will get old pretty quickly, mostly ones surrounding Cosmo, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Crocker.
  11. These seasons overall killed the original series that was once iconic and memorable and ended horribly after sixteen years before Hartman officially left Nickelodeon several months after the show ended until 5 years again that he returned.

Season 9

  1. Season 9 introduced the pointless new character, Sparky, who nobody wanted or asked for. He was so hated, that the next season completely removed him without any explanation. Any episode that had a spotlight on him were just generic and wacky, "man's best friend", plots, which many did not find interesting, especially considering these types of plots have already been done before in other cartoons, but with better execution.
  2. Season 9 introduced many new, usually one-time characters, who were created for the sake of a cheap story. Many of these roles could have easily been taken by already established characters, ones that were severely underused in this season. The most notable examples are, "Finding Emo", "Lame Ducks", "Love at First Bark", and, "Desperate Without Housewives".
    • Not to mention, a few new random background characters have also been added in Dimmsdale Elementary School. They, too, serve nothing other than to provide scenery despite few characters actually came from earlier seasons. The same trend happens throughout season 10. Any of Timmy's friends and classmates could have easily held that position and there wouldn't have been a single difference.
  3. Much of this season lacks any originality, as about 50% of the episodes lazily reused plots of episodes from the previous seasons, mostly to shoehorn in Sparky, as well as Timmy's dad and/or Mr. Crocker. For a complete list:
    • "Fairly OddPet", is a version of, "Fairly Odd Baby", from season 6, except this time, it replaces the concept of babies with dogs.
    • "I Dream of Cosmo", is, "Genie Meanie Minie Mo", from season 4, but instead of Timmy and Norm the genie, the main focus is Mr. Turner and Cosmo.
    • "App Trap", while decent, is a slightly tampered, "Information Stupor Highway", from season 2.
    • "Dumbbell Curve", is a version of, "Pipe Down", from season 3, except it replaces the concept of silence with idiocy.
    • "Force of Nature", is, "Talkin' Trash", from season 5, and portrays Timmy in an even more selfish light than said episode.
    • "Anchors Away" rehashes "Mother Nature" from season 3, except that Mr. Turner is the one who is the weatherman instead of Mrs. Turner.
    • "Finding Emo", is, "Emotion Commotion" from season 4. It also introduced a flawless personality-lacking replacement of Trixie Tang, named, "Missy", who served as a generic and bland love interest plot device for Timmy. However, she was a one-time character, and never appeared again. Speaking of Trixie, both she and Tootie have no physical appearances whatsoever in this season, though Trixie is mentioned by A.J. in, "App Trap".
    • "The Bored Identity", despite being a decent episode, is, "Action Packed" from season 2, but with Timmy's dad being the main focus, and his son as a supporting role.
    • "Turner Back Time", completely retcons, "Which Witch Is Which?", from season 3.
    • "A Boy and His Dog-Boy", rehashes, "A Dog's Day Afternoon", from season 2, except without the mind/body-switching concept.
    • "Crock Blocked", is, "Timvisible", from season 2, except that Mr. Crocker is the one who turned invisible, and not Timmy.
    • "Tons of Timmys" rehashes the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, "Too Many Timmys".
    • "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie", completely retcons, "The Origins of Denzel Crocker", from season 3 for the sake of shoehorning Sparky onto Crocker's backstory, portrays all of the characters, including Crocker himself, as complete morons, and it has a nonsensical story.
    • "Desperate Without Housewives", rehashes, "Love Struck!", from season 3, and that episode itself is no better.
    • "Jerk of All Trades", while not taking elements of an episode from the previous seasons, rehashes, "SpongeBob, You're Fired!" from season 9 of SpongeBob SquarePants. It does not help that the aforementioned SpongeBob SquarePants episode aired several months prior, and that episode itself is no better.
    • "Turning Into Turner" rehashes. "Presto Change-O". from season 5, except without the mind/body-switching concept.
    • "The Wand That Got Away", is a clone of another Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, this time being, “Where’s the Wand?”.
    • "Man's Worst Friend", is a version of, "Anti-Poof", from season 7, due to the easily predictable eventual introduction of Sparky's anti-counterpart, Anti-Sparky.
  4. The opening sequence/intro, and the title cards, while decent, have some problems:
    • Poof being added is redundant, since most of the intro scenes feel the same with some minor changes. They could've used that intro when season 6 debuted, change the format picture to SD and remove Sparky at the end of the intro.
    • As state above, Poof and Vicky are never edited out despite their reduced appearances.
    • Sparky doesn't appear in the intro, other than being one of Vicky's head gags.
    • On the topic of the head gags, almost all of Vicky's headgears in the intro for this season lazily reused most of the ones from season 1, those being the toilet, fire hydrant, walrus, octopus, and parrot head gags. There are also other problems:
      • The toilet head gag, in particular, is repeated nine times in a row.
      • The only new head gag is Sparky, albeit two different versions (the first version has Vicky's head being turned into Sparky's head, while the other has her being fully turned into him). Nevertheless, both of Sparky's head gags in combination are repeated nine times in a row like the aforementioned toilet headgear.
    • While most of the title cards in this season are pretty well drawn, some of them are too simple ("The Bored Identity", "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie", "The Wand That Got Away"), and downright weird ("Scary GodCouple" and "Fairly Old Parent").
  5. Da Rules were constantly broken in this season, such as Sparky trying to date Peaches despite her being an earth dog in "Love at First Bark" and Jorgen forcing Poof to become the godparent of Mr. Crocker's mother despite her being too old to have a fairy godparent in "Fairly Old Parent".
  6. Three episodes in this season have beyond moronic plotlines because they were made to shoehorned in Mr. Turner and/or Mr. Crocker:
    • "I Dream of Cosmo", aside from being a downgraded version of "Genie Meanie Minie Mo", serves no purpose other than to build jokes out of Cosmo and Mr. Turner.
    • "Desperate Without Housewives", aside from being a pointless rehash of an already bad episode, "Love Struck!", is nothing more than to force in jokes out of Cosmo, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Crocker as they hang out together in the Turner household alongside Timmy himself.
    • "Fairly Old Parent" is not only another example of Da Rules reduced to a plot device for the story's sake, as stated above in S9#5, but also to give Mr. Crocker's mother the spotlight as needed, while also forcing in stereotypical old people jokes.
  7. In the episodes focusing exclusively on the Squirrely Scouts ("Dinklescouts" and "Dimmsdale Tales"), Chester, A.J., Sanjay, and Elmer have almost no lines, yet a random kid, Percy (who appeared in "Who's Your Daddy?" from Season 4) gets almost all of the lines. The same thing happens throughout Season 10 ("Girly Squirrely", "Space Cadad" and "Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears"), except only that time around, the four boys have been swapped out altogether for four random kids (Ricky, Kevin, Stuart and Chloe).
  8. Poof starts to speak in "School of Crock" and later followed by "Fairly Odd Fairy Tales". However, that plotline barely had any time to play out, since he continued to be inexplicably absent even after that.
    • Speaking of which, "Fairly Old Parent" was released before "School of Crock", but the latter was produced before it, so it can confuse people who watch the show in airing order, as to why Poof isn't speaking again.
  9. All of the episodes always started on Timmy's House (even though there's some episodes that didn't started on Timmy's House like "Fairly OddPet", "Scary GodCouple", "Dimmsdale Tales")

Season 10

  1. This season has the same problems as Season 9, except that it replaces Sparky with another pointless new character, Chloe. It flopped so miserably, that Nickelodeon had to move the show to Nicktoons midway through the season's run and the network did nothing else with the show afterward, despite that not necessarily being a bad thing.
  2. There are lots of moments where most of the characters yell out their lines.
  3. Most of the season crosses into the cliché Mary Sue trope territory, as Chloe displays a different persona for whatever profession the episode in question requires, essentially depicting her as being the best that she can be, to the point that she often ends up stealing the spotlight away from Timmy. There are also many lazy attempts to keep Cosmo and Wanda from the main plot so that they're unable to help Timmy whenever he is in danger and to give Chloe all of the spotlight as needed because the writers wanted it that way. "Girly Squirrely", "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.", "Animal Crockers", "Booby Trapped", "Dimmsdale Daze", and "Certifiable Super Sitter" are the worst offenders of this.
    • Her parents, Clark and Connie, are also no better due to their shared daughter's negative qualities. Additionally, they only exist just to parodying famous Australian conservationists, Steve and Terri Irwin.
  4. The season's new theme song is horrible and only sung by two people instead of a full chorus. All of the other music in this season is mediocre at best. Worse, the intro is lazily edited, using clips of a few episodes within this season, as well as five clips from Season 9's intro; a couple of clips from said intro are used in the wrong context. Vicky's "Yeah, right." line is even mistimed, as she says it too early.
  5. This season has the worst jokes in the entire series, and some of them try way too hard to be modern and hip by using popular internet trends, which ends up failing. These include:
    • The characters frequently taking selfies and using smartphones and internet slang like "cray-cray", "emoji", and "LOL".
    • Cosmo and Wanda doing the Duck Lips meme in "The Big Fairy Share Scare".
    • The iWand subplot in "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S."
    • Chloe's parents making "Vines" in "Dimmsdale Daze".
    • Poof imitating various people from real life, such as Donald Trump, in "Certified Super Sitter".
  6. During production, the series was hit by massive budget cuts, forcing Billionfold Studios and Frederator Studios to switch from traditional animation from Yeson Entertainment in Korea (the same studio that animated Bob’s Burgers from season 2 onwards and Ed, Edd n Eddy) to flash animation from Elliott Animation in Canada (yes, they’re the ones who animated the Total Drama series and Grojband, which all had better animation than this). That said, the flash animation itself (in the final thirteen episodes) looks horribly out of date and it is a complete downgrade of the series, with constant frame rate drops. As a result, the character designs look rigid, stilted, and ugly. Not helping is that this type of animation would later be used for Hartman's next and final series for Nickelodeon, Bunsen is a Beast, and that show itself is no better.
    • Speaking of which, the crossover special, "Beast of Friends", wasn't good either and is a combination of everything wrong with both shows.
    • There would also be a few poorly animated scenes in some episodes before the switch to flash animation. Some examples are when Cosmo and Wanda first appear in "Fairy Con" and when the Squirrely Scouts get tied up in a ball of rope and fall into a river in "Girly Squirrely".
    • Not to mention, the season originally had 13 half-hour episodes, but Nickelodeon forced the staff to make seven more half-hour episodes with budget cuts. This is an inverse of what happened with the third season of Danny Phantom, where they cut that show's budget as well and reduced the number of episodes. However, despite its flaws, the third season of Danny Phantom still had its own fanbase and the writing was still consistent.
  7. While slightly not much then Season 9, There are several more episodes in this season that come off as rehashes, mostly to shoehorn in Chloe as well as Mr. Turner and/or Mr. Crocker:
    • "Whittle Me This" is "Cat-Astrophe" from the previous season and that episode itself is no better.
    • "Birthday Battle" rehashes "Birthday Bashed!" from Season 6, as both episodes revolve around Timmy supposedly turning 11, except with a different plot.
    • "One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest" is a version of "Tiny Timmy" from Season 1, except that the main characters go inside Crocker's body instead of Vicky's, and for a different reason.
    • "Married to the Mom" is a direct carbon copy of "The Odd Couple" from Season 4, except this time, Vicky is replaced with Crocker, and the song "Vicky's in Love" for Vicky from that episode is reprised for Crocker in this episode, only with the song replacing Vicky's name with Crocker's.
    • "Which is Wish" is "Manic Mom-Day" from Season 7, and that episode itself is no better.
    • "Fairy Con" is a downgraded version of "Cosmo Con" from Season 3.
    • "Dimmsdale Daze" is a rehashed combination of "The Big Problem" from Season 1 and "Love at First Height" from Season 5. The only difference is that this time, Chloe is the one who wishes to be an adult instead of Timmy.
    • "Summer Bummer" reuses the sleep-wishing plot of "Dream Goat!" from Season 1. Additionally, it has a doll named Gender-Neutral Jessie, whose entire existence is a mockery of gender-neutral people.
    • "Dadlantis" is "Something's Fishy" from Season 5.
    • "Chloe Rules!" (despite not taking any elements off from the previous seasons) is a lazy rehash combination of "Hall Monitor" from the first season of SpongeBob SquarePants and "Hall Monster" from the first season of Jimmy Neutron.
  8. The episode "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.", the sequel to the episode "When Losers Attack" from Season 8, was terrible, and an insult to the aforementioned original episode.
  9. The episode "Chip Off the Old Crock!" introduced another pointless new character, Kevin Crocker, Mr. Crocker's nephew, who is just a miniature version of Mr. Crocker himself with a higher-pitched voice.
  10. This season has lots of gross close-up, mostly notable: "Bobby Trapped", "Dadlantis", etc.
  11. This season, especially in its second half, has many episodes that don't have any sort of coherent storytelling. "Certifiable Super Sitter" is the worst offender of all and perhaps the worst of the entire series, as it showed how much the staff (including Hartman) no longer cared about the show.
  12. The final episode in production order, "Fancy Schmancy", ended the series on a negative manner. The last one to be aired, "The Kale Patch Caper", is no better.
  13. Overall, this season is the worst out of the two because of the flandarization of the characters being even more noticeable, terrible flash animation in the second half and Poof being absent for the entirety of the season (except for "Certifiable Super Sitter"). It's also an unnecessary revival since season 9 finale "The Fairy Beginning" was a great ending for the series.

Magical Qualities

  1. Despite some problems and lacking Dave Thomas's cartoony style, the new widescreen HD opening sequence/intro for Season 9 is decent.
    • Likewise, both the art visuals and the animation (albeit, in Season 9 and the first half of Season 10) are well done and gotten even better than before.
      • The title cards, despite having some problems, are also pretty well drawn (including the ones for the flash-animated episodes despite not being as good as the hand-drawn ones), especially for Dumbbell Curve, The Terrible Twosome, The Fairy Beginning, Tons of Timmys, Man's Worst Friend, Birthday Battle, One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest, Space-Cadad, Hare Raiser, Certifiable Super Sitter, Chloe Rules! and Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears).
  2. The voice acting is still good (except for Cosmo and Chloe, as said earlier), and if there is no yelling or screaming.
    • Despite Adam West no longer voicing Catman (because of his latter mentioned death), Jeff Bennett does a great job voicing him.
  3. There are still a handful of good or decent episodes, especially wones that Butch Hartman storyboarded as well as episodes that Ken Bruce directed such as:
  4. Several of the jokes and one-liners are still worth a chuckle, such as:
    • "Aah! It's the ultimate nightmare scenario. Turner's multiplying!" ("The Big Fairy Share Scare")
    • "Poof, you're home, and you've been framed!" "Wanda, we gotta get a baby lawyer!" ("Certifiable Super Sitter")
    • "OMG! All the other girls are going to be so jealous of my fancy bonnet!" ("One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest")
    • "Chocolate jewelry? Uh! Booby traps!? I have the powers of a space witch!" (same episode)
    • "Mom! Hummanuh broke the house!" ("Married to the Mom")
      • Chloe's voice and the flash-animated episodes in Season 10 can make for unintentional comedy too.
  5. Some of the references are still good, such as Dudley Puppy, the protagonist from T.U.F.F. Puppy, appearing as a balloon in "Dimmsdale's Got Talent?".
  6. There were still a few heartwarming moments, such as in "Fairly Old Parent", "The Fairy Beginning", "Mayor May Not", and "Nuts & Dangerous".
  7. Despite their characterizations not being executed well, characters such as Dolores-Day Crocker, Remy Buxaplenty, Catman, Dark Laser, Tooth Fairy, Sammy Sweetsparkle, and Shallowgrave all return to HD for the first time.
    • Poof (despite being underused), Mrs. Turner (despite being underused, just like Poof), Chet Ubetcha, Dinkleberg and Mr. Buckles are still likable characters as they were not flanderized at all and they all kept their original personalities.
      • While being flanderized, Wanda is more tolerable than Cosmo as she has her original personalities on many episodes.
    • Sparky, while generally intolerable, didn't steal the spotlight from Timmy. There are also a few episodes where he is either a minor character or completely absent.
    • Chloe, while also generally intolerable, became less of a Mary Sue as season 10 went on, which was a slight improvement for her characterization.
  8. Vicky's head gags in the intro for season 10 at least were all different, all of which are original as well, unlike season 9.
  9. While still bad, these seasons can still be considered better than the live-action sitcom reboot.
    • Despite the number of bad episodes, less original stories (especially in the first half) and continuity errors, season 9 is the most tolerable out of two as the animation looks a lot cleaner.
      • Despite being worse than Season 9, Season 10 did have more original stories, especially for the flash-animated episodes.
  10. Guy Moon's soundtrack is still great.
  11. The franchise did eventually get back on track with the release of The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish as the new animation and art style are amazingly well done, "Da Rules" actually being followed and remembered, the writing and humor have significantly improved over these seasons and the live action reboot, and the music composed by Ron Jones is very superior to Guy Moon's score.

Notable Bad/Average Episodes From These Seasons

Season 9 (2013-2015)

  1. "Fairly OddPet" (Sparky's debut, which started the downfall of the series and started season 9 on a terrible note)
  2. "Dinklescouts"
  3. "I Dream of Cosmo"
  4. "Turner and Pooch"
  5. "Dumbbell Curve"
  6. "Force of Nature"
  7. "Scary GodCouple"
  8. "Anchors Away"
  9. "Finding Emo"
  10. "Dust Busters"
  11. "Country Clubbed"
  12. "Dog Gone"
  13. "Turner Back Time" (which ended season 9a with negative reviews in terms of production order)
  14. "Hero Hound"
  15. "A Boy and His Dog-Boy"
  16. "Crock Blocked"
  17. "Weirdos on a Train"
  18. "Tons of Timmys" (which ended Tuck Tucker's career in the sad note)
  19. "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie"
  20. "Cat-Astrophe"
  21. "Lame Ducks"
  22. "Love at First Bark"
  23. "Desperate Without Housewives"
  24. "Jerk of All Trades"
  25. "Snack Attack"
  26. "Turning Into Turner"
  27. "The Wand That Got Away"
  28. "Fairly Old Parent"
  29. "Man's Worst Friend" (which ended season 9 terribly in terms of production order. It is also the last episode to feature Sparky)

Season 10 (2016-2017)

  1. "The Big Fairy Share Scare" (Chloe's debut, a horrible way to begin season 10)
  2. "Whittle Me This
  3. "Girly Squirrely"
  4. "The Fair Bears"
  5. "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S."
  6. "A Sash and a Rash"
  7. "Fish Out of Water"
  8. "Animal Crockers"
  9. "One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest"
  10. "Clark Laser"
  11. "Booby Trapped"
  12. "Married to the Mom"
  13. "Which is Witch"
  14. "Fairy Con"
  15. "Dimmsdale Daze"
  16. "Chip Off the Old Crock!" (the last episode to be traditionally animated)
  17. "Space-Cadad" (the first episode to be animated in flash)
  18. "Summer Bummer"
  19. "Hare Raiser"
  20. "The Kale Patch Caper"
  21. "Dadlantis"
  22. "Chloe Rules"
  23. "Tardy Sauce"
  24. "Certifiable Super Sitter" (arguably the worst of the flash-animated episodes)
  25. "Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears"
  26. "Fancy Schmancy" (the series finale)


While the first five seasons were well received and the sixth through eighth seasons had mixed to positive reception, the last two seasons received mainly negative reviews, with certain episodes panned by many critics and fans alike. Criticism was primarily directed at the new characters (Sparky and Chloe, respectively) that the executives at Nickelodeon forced the show’s staff to add. Other criticisms included the already established characters being dumbed down to their stereotypes or demoted to extras, lack of original writing, rehashing older plots, and continuity being abandoned.

As a result, many fans and critics stopped watching the show entirely as Season 9 went on. Some stopped watching when Season 10 premiered. Others stayed on until the show's cancellation but have criticized it for its decline at the time.


  • Some of the voice actors return in Season 10, such as Carlos Alazraqui, Laraine Newman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Delisle-Griffin, Rob Paulsen and Jim Ward. guest appearances in Season 9 and 10, such as Dannah Phirman-Feinglass (The Mighty B!), Paul Rugg (Animaniacs), Jim J. Bullock, Mark Moseley (Mulan II), Maddie Taylor (T.U.F.F. Puppy) and Greg Cipes (Teen Titans).
  • Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda later appeared in the 2017 short, "The Fairly odd Phantom" and "Beast of Friends" from Bunsen is a Beast.
  • Bob Colleary, Ellen Byron, and Lissa Kapstrom officially worked on as they all written for live action sitcoms before and after FOP.
  • Mick Wingert (a voice actor of Chloe's father, Clark Carmichael) also voiced Klug (as well as his alternate form, Possessed Klug) and Suketoudara from Puyo Puyo games started at the first Puyo Puyo Tetris.
  • Tuck Tucker (director of Fairly OddPet, Creative Consultant of The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy and Storyboarder Director of SpongeBob SquarePants), sadly passed away on December 22nd 2020.
  • Alec Schwimmer, one of the writers from Season 9, returns in the new CGI-animated FOP reboot somewhere in Spring 2024 under the title of The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish.
  • Both seasons 9 and 10 had several long gaps between episodes. Additionally, most of season 9 was burned off in an extreme bomb format throughout 2014, with less than two million viewers per episode.



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