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Qualitipedia Staff are trusted to make changes improving the wiki, settle disputes, and keep things running. Staff are expected to set an example with acceptable grammar, decent editing and good behavior. They should be able to solve problems or look into solutions if they don't know, though staff should of course ask questions if they have any. They should be able to take criticism and be treated like anyone else unless they are enforcing rules or doing something on behalf of the wiki.

For other non-staff rights such as autopatrolled, please see Qualitipedia:User Rights.

Current staff




Discord Mods


Bureaucrats are the leaders of the wiki, handling advanced technical issues and managing other staff. When needed they work with Telepedia Staff directly. They work together closely and are generally equal in power, though they may have different skills and specialties. For example, CJ is the founder of the wiki and the first bureaucrat. Raidarr is an experienced wiki admin and does much of the technical and background work.

Though they often discuss changes with other staff, they are able to make any change as needed.


Administrators run the wiki day to day and have nearly every permission available, used to deal with technical issues and to make sensitive changes. They supervise and can appoint (or remove) moderators. Note that bureaucrats are also admins, just with extra tools and responsibility.

Admins are trusted to make uncontroversial changes themselves, but any larger change such as a major rule must be discussed with fellow admins, preferably including a bureaucrat. Any reports about their behavior should be made at the Staff noticeboard.

This is a role with higher expectations than moderator: admins must be proactive, be it solving issues or making admin-level improvements from time to time, on top of what is asked from moderators.


Moderators assist in keeping the wiki clean including: dealing with spam/vandalism, keeping wiki content in line with the rules, and dealing with minor drama (though anything more serious should be brought to admin attention). They are able to deal with many minor issues such as requests for deletion, featuring pages (in line with the rules), importing pages and dealing with edit conflicts. This is fairly low stakes - if a moderator does something moderator related from time to time and otherwise is a model user, they're fine.

Any issues about how a moderator handles things should be brought up to admins through the staff noticeboard. Please try to work it out before calling an admin though.

Moderators are promoted as needed from promising users or experienced outsiders who've volunteered to help. Being autopatrolled first is not required, but helpful for those interested.


This wiki is hosted by Telepedia. As such Telepedia Staff are higher than local staff, however they do not step in unless needed. They handle technical issues along with Bureaucrats, and may offer advice and other support. They should not be contacted unless absolutely needed, such as when bureaucrats are not available. Currently the main TP staff member to know is Original Authority.

Becoming staff

To be QP staff you must set a good example, have decent grammar, be willing to learn and to read (if this page is intimidating there's a problem), and ideally have some ideas for how the wiki can grow. Note that edit count and writing pages is not enough on its own. You can help show your competence through things like: using the delete template to flag things that should be deleted, helping improve poor content, adding sources and related media to articles, participating in discussions and being a problem solver.

If you think you fit, you can make a request at the Staff noticeboard. If you were offered the role you need only confirm you've read this and accept.

Staff are promoted based on how well they follow these expectations, the need for higher staff, and proving they understand the tools and rules enough to go the next level.

Removal from staff

Removal may happen for inactivity, abuses of power or not meeting the responsibility of their role. Higher roles expect higher maturity. Age is not a factor as long as you can keep up. Inexperience is okay and everyone makes mistakes. Learning from them is critical.

Staff also have the power to remove their own roles if they are no longer comfortable.

Staff guidelines and resources

Work in progress, see this sandbox for short sections how to do specific things.

See the MediaWiki Administrator's Handbook on how to use staff tools. Many of these apply even for moderators.

Simply ask a fellow or higher staff member if you need support or a second opinion. It is always better to ask than push on a decision where you're not sure.

It is not complete yet but when it is, staff are strongly encouraged to join the QP discord server for better communication.