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Les Sisters (TV show)
Go and read the comic, instead of watching this horror in which it is adapted.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 12 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: August 28, 2017 - present
Network(s): Gulli
Created by: Christophe Cazenove
William Maury
Distributed by: Bamboo Production
Samka Productions
Starring: Anaïs Delva
Kelly Marot
Nathalie Homs
Emmanuel Garijo
Willy Rovelli
Maryne Bertieaux
Hervé Rey
Michaël Aragones
Thomas Sagolsn
Dorothée Pousséo
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 104

Les Sisters (English: The Sisters) is a French animated series created by Christophe Cazenove and William Maury, based on their comic strip, Les Sisters, published by Bamboo Édition. In France, it was initially broadcast on August 28, 2017, on M6 in M6 ​​Kid block, and since 2018 on Télétoon+ and Gulli.


In this animated series, Wendy and her little sister, Marine, love each other as much as they hate each other. Between Wendy's teenage crisis and Marine's innocent nonsense, there is perpetual drama in the house.

Pourquoi ce n'est pas Fraternel (Why It’s Unsisterly)

  1. Weak grasp of the source material: similar to Les Legendaires, Trolls de Troy, Titeuf (Season 4), Les P'tits Diables, and Boule et Bill (2016), it is unfaithful to the comics in which it is adapted because it begins to abuse the Flanderization of the characters making them unrecognizable.
    • Marine has been portrayed as an idiot who acts stupidly like Leni Loud since season 5 of The Loud House]] plus she has an awful voice.
    • Wendy has become an unfriendly and overbearing Mary Sue.
    • Even worse similar to the cartoon Les Légendaires, another horrible comic book adaptation comic book creator Christophe Cazenove, was literally on the development team which goes to show that the show is all about the money.
  2. The series was taking place a year after the comic, except that because of the flanderizations it looks like it took place a year before.
  3. Moreover, they decided to show the face of the parents, but then in the comics, they do not show it at all.
  4. Generic and poor flash animation with many reused scenes.
  5. Some characters reused like:
    • A bodyguard saw in various episodes
    • A saleswoman saw in various episodes
  6. The characters are generic, clichés, and unlovable.
    • Marine being generic and annoying "idiot" often stupid things, and getting away with it makes her a Karma Houdini plus; she brings shame to her family because of her foolish behavior.
    • Wendy is a generic and unlovable "Mary-Sue" who always believes herself to be superior to others because she is a teenager when in real life, like her sister, she is stupid and brings shame to her family and is also a Karma Houdini.
    • The girls' father is the generic cliché of the comic book designer father, something very often seen in French comic book adaptations, and he's a generic "Butt-Monkey".
    • The mother of the girls is practically nothing remarkable she is generic that you can remove her, and it will not change anything.
    • Wendy's boyfriend Maxence is also a "Butt-Monkey" often abused by girls.
  7. The logo itself, even if it is faithful to the comics, is generic and screams the "girl show" on all floors.
  8. Terrible and boring French voice with often high pitched vocals and poor lip synchronization even from actors like Kelly Marot or Anais Delva who both did a terrible job voicing Marine and Wendy.
  9. Hypocrisy and misleading image: In the picture, you can focus on Marine and Wendy loving each other, but in several episodes, they argue as if they hated each other.
  10. The main characters have a "Sister" language adapted from comics, but in this series, they abuse it and severely execute it so much that it becomes annoying such as the following:
    • Adonnaissants instead of Adolessants (teenagers)
    • Sister instead of Soeur (sister)
    • Nintime instead of Intime (diary)
  11. The several episodes are based on a gag from the book but lack execution, and that's normal because you can't make a one-page gag in a 12-minute episode.
  12. The jackets representing the episodes are often reused.
  13. The episodes often tend to become anything.
  14. Many times the rhythm of the episodes is too fast to such a point that the plot becomes incomprehensible. If you change the TV channel and fall in the middle of the episode you will not understand anything.
  15. The episodes are generic and use clichés that can be visible in other episodes of various cartoons.
  16. This series can be mean with the main characters.
  17. Several bad episodes like (Information: These episodes will be written in French because they currently don't have an English version):
    • La vie secrète des adonnaissants
    • Doudou la chance
    • Ma Sister est un zombie
    • Interdit aux moins de 12 ans
    • Infirmières à domicile
    • Alerte Georgette
    • La plus pire des deux (which is a poor way to end Season 1)
    • SOS journal de nintime
    • Jamais sans mes poux
    • Adopte une Sister.com
  18. Silmar for Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks where Angelo Rules they pretend to reuse character designs.
    • For example, Sammie and Emma, Wendy's two best friends of the same characters, but with different skin colors, haircuts, and clothes.
  19. It tends to use a bit of toilet/gross-out humor with, for example, a scene where a Marine made a camembert-based skin cream.
    • Not just does it disgust, but it can also harm the skin.
  20. A horrible intro is a forgettable theme song where the main characters are just singing "la-la-la" and humming.
  21. At the end of each episode, there is an additional filler scene where Marine or Wendy explains a situation in their family.
    • Even if the idea is not bad, it is very poorly executed because it reuses scenes and is extremely blatant dubbed.
  22. The show is also responsible for the fall of French channels like Gulli, M6 Kid, and Teletoon+.
  23. Quantity over Quality: The show is still in production as it currently has no sign of ending despite its flaws.

Qualités de rachat (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. It can be funny sometimes.
  2. The concept of showing the faces of the parents can be good because they at least have a personality.
  3. Some of the good episodes here and there.
  4. Overall, it has a good French dub if you remove some bad actors' voices.
  5. The show may be considered to be better than another horrible series released in the same year.
  6. Some fans of the book may enjoy it.


The show received a mostly mixed reception from critics but negative from fans of the book, surprisingly it holds a 7.8/10 on IMDb but on Senscritique, a French site similar to IMDb its rating is 4.6/10.


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