Les Légendaires (TV Show)

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Les Légendaires
Of all the horrible French adaptations of comics, this one is anything but legendary (no pun intended).
Genre: Adventure

Fantasy Animation

Running Time: 25 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: April 30, 2017-July 15, 2018
Network(s): TF1

Canal J Disney Channel (Russia)

Created by: Tim Haines

Adrian Hodges

Distributed by: Technicolor Animation Productions
Starring: Julien Crampon

Adeline Chetail Henry-David Cohen Anaïs Delva Antoine Gouy

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

"We murdered a myth. This series is not forgivable, it breaks piece by piece all the magic of my favorite comics. It was surely to make the series all public and to make everything accessible to young audiences who have not known Les Légendaires, but being too young to know and having massacred the very soul of comics, this young generation being already attracted by GTA and Call Of Duty will not be challenged by this series because it is broadcast a medium that they no longer rub shoulders with and which is no longer within their reach. If this series had not been in 3D but in 2D to be in harmony with the world of comics, if the tone of the series was harder and more faithful to comics, if there had been a real writing work, and if the target audience was not so closed to a disinterested audience of the original comic, then we could have had the series we needed. By making this series, Patrick Sobral spits on the first fans to amass more fans, and buries one of the best saga that I have ever watched in my youth. Now I won't be able to re-read the stack of Les Légendaires comics next to my desk without telling myself that the author made a children's series out of it in order to make more money, and that an author manages to say that from the mouth of one of his fans and perhaps several others, it raises more a simple lack of work, it raises a severe lack of respect."

Youdidi on SensCritique

"There is nothing to save in this cartoon everything is missed: the characters, the animations, the fights, the voices or the stories. The writers must have thought that people would prefer the beginning like in many saga or series that we love especially for its beginning but not with The Legendaries. The beginning of the series is hated by its creator Patrick Sobral who does not like this too childish tone that the series took so if the guys decided to do that it is proof that the universe is not understood and they didn't research what pleased the fans.
So suddenly with this choice we find ourselves, of course, with a (MUCH TOO) childish tone of stories that are useless and without pressure or soul and fights that are just to sh*t, and according to the director of this series ALL the albums have been read to soak up the atmosphere of the legendaries. Clearly they had to stop at volume 4 because when you see the massacre that Anathos does in volume 10 it is proof that this series is not for children!!!! And even the period they explore is violent although childish since a plague decimates the elven people in volume 3. We also have the right to fights that are badly choreographed, and SLOW II nothing happens, and I sense that the guys won't even have enough balls to kill a character or even hurt a character and when they have "killed bad guys" they don't even show it to us!!!! Be at least respectful and make at least 1 episodes for the REAL fans who understood Les Légendaires !!!!!!!!!!

Prich75_on SensCritique

Les Légendaires (English: The Legendaries) is a French animated series, produced by Technicolor Animation Productions for TF1 and directed by Prakash Topsy. It was created by Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges. The series was broadcast for the first time in France on April 30, 2017, on TF1 in the TFOU slot.

Complot (Plot)

The Legendaries, official heroes of the kingdom of Alysia, are courageous, intrepid, and indomitable, but they have become children again, 12 years old more precisely... A real curse! Our heroes, once admired by all, had to be quickly forgotten. And today, discredited by their own, they are determined to break the spell and repair their mistake by finding the Stone of Crescia, the only stone capable of reversing the effect of the Stone of Jovenia so that everyone becomes... an adult! On their way, The Legendaries will have to valiantly counter the vile designs of Darkhell and his daughter Ténébris, and put them out of harm's way; because it could well be that the wizard wants to become the master of darkness again, even high as three apples! This is not without taking into account the ambition of the annoying Skroa Le Ruse, this ruthless bird-man demon, who intends to take advantage of the situation, to dominate the world too.

Pourquoi Ce N’est Pas Légendaire (Why It's Not Legendary)

  1. Completely atrocious understanding of the source material: Similar to other bad shows like Trolls de Troy, season 4 of Titeuf , Lanfeust Quest, Les Sisters, Les p'tits diables, Tara Duncan and its 2021 reboot, Le monde selon Kev, and the 2016 reboot of Boule & Bill the cartoon disrespects comics even worse than other atrocities adapted from books.
    • Worse yet similar to Les Sisters, another horrible cartoon adapted from a comic book, creator Patrick Sobral was literally on the development team which shows the series is all about money.
  2. Dreadful animation: Unlike hand-drawn comics, they decided to animate the characters in 3D while the backgrounds are in 2D, which gives a horrible result.
  3. The sets are badly done, some are well detailed but others like Darkhell castle seem to have been made in a hurry.
  4. Much like Teen Titans Go!, Bob the Builder (2015), Fireman Sam since season 6, Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service, Monster High (2016), The Powerpuff Girls (2016), Inspector Gadget (2015), Les Minikeums (2017), Boule & Bill (2016), Caillou's New Adventures, Noddy, Toyland Detective, and Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! & All Engines Go!, the show tries way too much to modernize the characters and because of that they look nothing like their comic book counterparts.
  5. Really bad musical theme. It's bland and often too loud that you can't hear what the characters are saying.
  6. The intro is just bad, generic, and unexciting.
  7. The French dubbing is just terrible even from actors like Adeline Chetail.
  8. Similar to The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Evolution, and the 2014 Saint Seiya Movie the show tries way too hard to wrap up an entire arc in a series and it results in tons of inconsistencies and abandoned storylines.
  9. Similar to Iron Man: The Animated Series (season 1), the writing is abysmal and horrible.
  10. Really bad humor that's yet another example of a "it's made for kids" cartoon.
  11. Horrifying fight scenes to watch that feel like the writers are trying not to shock the audience in ridiculous ways.
  12. Completely stupid scenes like in an episode where Danael decides to cut a branch to knock out a Dragonite when he has his sword, and he could kill it.
  13. Characters are poorly designed and have been flanderized to mere cliches.
    • Jadina has become a temperamental princess while in the comics she becomes the leader of arc 2
    • Gryf meanwhile has become the Joker on duty!
    • When Shimmy, became the strongest of the team that always gets them out of bad situations.
  14. Unsatisfying ending.
  15. Overall, it's a horrible cartoon that gave comics a bad image in addition to giving Patrick Sobral a bad reputation and also a horrible French cartoon like other infamous French cartoons.

Qualités Légendaires (Legendary Qualities)

  1. At least the cartoon is non-canon in the comics universe.
  2. The cartoon makes an excellent "so bad it's good" vibe.

Réception (Reception)

Although it did surprisingly well on IMDb with a 6.1/10, the cartoon Les Légendaires has received a mixed to extremely negative reaction from comic book fans who consider it an insult to the books, it at a 3.9/10 on Senscritique and is often considered one of the worst French adaptation of comics.

Commentaires (Comments)

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