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Dhar Mann
“We may be telling stories, but as so you’ll see, we are not changing lives.” - Dhar’s management
Genre: "Life lessons"
"Coming of age"
Running Time: 10-20 minutes (varies by webisode)
Country: United States[1][2][3]
Release Date: May 31, 2018 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Dhar Mann Studios
Starring: Dhar Mann
Ayden Mekus
Devon Weetly
Katherine Norland
Kali Jane
Sofia Chicorelli Serna
Kaido Lee Roberts
Carlos Chavez
Brendan Schroeder
Mair Mulroney
Shaun Dixon
Shaunte Massard
Carl Judie (formerly)
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 618

Dhar Mann is a web series created by Dhar Mann Studios which is a company by the Indian-born American entrepreneur and film producer of the same name.[1][2][3]

Why What Happens in the Dark Never Comes to Light

  1. The main problem with the videos and their nature is the fact that while they intend to teach good lessons and morals (but due to their low production values) they end up being poorly executed and a prime example of the atrocious "It's made for kids" (with the channel claiming that the videos are "family-friendly") excuse. This was especially since they jumped the shark in February 2022. Whilst some older videos have better production value or somewhat better writing, they soon enough realized that they don't need any care to get millions of views. But due to how moronic the videos are, they not only deprive kids of actually good content but set a bad example for people. Luckily, they're not as low-budget as their atrocious copycats, but still. Inspiring life lessons do not excuse Dhar Mann for his bad writing and low-quality content.
  2. Dhar Mann himself was exposed for many bad things such as silently firing cast members for bad reasons, removing a Carl Judie mural that was made in memory of him, underpaying actors, and breaking many laws while making videos.[4]
  3. Like amateur Vyond videos, the videos reuse the same plots over and over again just with different actors and locations. The protagonist warns the antagonist against doing something wrong, the antagonist ignores the protagonist's warning and does it otherwise, the antagonist gets caught, and the protagonist repeats the moral to the antagonist that they stated earlier. Also despite Dhar claiming he has over 150 writers, many of the plots are just recycled from previous videos and are just rewritten with ChatGPT. There are similar examples to this:
    1. An older sibling does something bad, the younger sibling warns them of the consequences of their actions and the older sibling gets caught and punished. Sometimes it's the other way around.
    2. The cheater gets exposed.
    3. A Karen is rude to someone but then learns their tragic backstory and apologizes to them.
    4. The prankster goes too far with their pranks and the victim gets revenge on them.
    5. A nerd is bullied at school and then the bully gets their comeuppance (Sometimes, it is the other way around).
    6. A drug abuser gets beaten and learns a lesson.
    7. The kid finds out they are adopted but learns about their family on the way.
    8. A Karen is racist to someone of color or religion and gets arrested.
    • Also, like in Peppa Pig episodes, things seem to happen by coincidence. For example: if a character says "I didn't get caught", immediately after, they end up getting arrested.
    • And some videos have children getting presents, but said present goes to another person (especially one of the child's brothers/sisters).
  4. The camerawork is pretty terrible in some of the videos since they most likely do not use professional cameras and don’t edit the moments correctly:
    • The videos only use a single or double camera setup, plus there are a few errors in some scenes. For example, when a character speaks in the next scene it feels out of sync.[5]It would've been better if they used a multiple-camera setup.
    • An example of bad camera directions would be in "Kid STEALS Mom's Card For ROBLOX" when the two kids are running after the car after they got scammed. The camera is very shaky due to the fact it was recorded on a normal camera instead of a tripod (in which tripods are best used for moving scenes, so it prevents this).
  5. The acting can generally range from being mediocre to laughably awful:
    • Some of the actors are wooden and barely show any emotion while others take their roles too seriously and overact. Even Ayden Mekus (who portrayed many characters in many videos and still is a decent YouTuber) did a bad job of his acting.
      • Also, the videos tend to re-use the same actors and call them different names instead of using brand new actors. This actually shows in the videos since many of the characters look exactly the same (Except for some actors, such as Katherine Norland, who actually does change her looks in the videos).
        • Despite Dhar's claim of having over 1,000 actors in his videos, many of his current actors are reused in the videos instead of having new actors in each videos.
      • Many of the actors in the videos are professional actors who have received praise and awards for their wonderful acting, but due to the poorly done scripts they were given in Dhar's videos, their acting ends up terrible because of it (which just screams a huge amount of wasted talent).
        • During late September 2023, in his channel banner one of the things planned for October shows "King Bach Is Spiderman" meaning Dhar is planning to have King Bach featured in one of his videos, meaning King Bach's talent will be wasted. King Bach is mostly famous for being in Adult Comedy films, so it's most likely possible that Dhar is going to butcher him to be kid friendly.
      • At the end of "Kid BREAKS IN School For ANSWERS, He Instantly Regrets It", when Joey lets out a "Big "NO!"" at the end of the video, you can clearly see he's smiling!
      • In "INNOCENT GIRL Sent TO PRISON" when Younger Aaliyah is seen screaming, the scream sounds very quiet and awkward and she is clearly smiling during the moment.
      • Thanks to the incident in February 2023, many of his current actors will end up being reused constantly.
      • This can be justified though since some of the actors have never acted before because they're just children, and due to how badly Dhar Mann pays them.
  6. There is also laughable, idiotic, weird, and nonsensical dialogue that lacks any realism. One example is in "Guy Tries To CHEAT On DRIVING TEST," when the 2 characters speak.[6]
  7. The videos have boring and slow pacing that barely moves the plot along properly. Other times it seems as if the videos go too fast and they do not let the viewer grasp the attention with an actual good speed.
  8. Some videos have Dhar Mann narrating some of the scenarios. His narration is annoying, ear-grating, and unnecessary since it points out the obvious. Later videos have either reduced it or removed it entirely, replacing it with background music.
  9. The side channels are very poor as well:
    • The compilation videos are only old videos re-uploaded to get more money. It's the same with the "top videos" channel. The compilation videos funnily enough unintentionally addressed how rehashed and similar the videos are with the titles. This channel is the most active, with the rest being mostly abandoned. However, the Top Videos channel was later fully abandoned and all of the content from the channel itself was removed during the beginning of 2023.
    • The behind-the-scenes videos are just boring overall while also not showing how the video is made. All they focus on is the actors messing around, talking and the scenes being recorded. Even SML's behind-the-scenes videos actually show how the video is made. The channel was later rebranded to a rejected episode channel called Dhar Mann Bonus in which uploads videos on the weekends.
      • In the description it says "Stories by Dhar Mann writers, not Dhar Mann." which means Dhar is likely even treating his writers terribly.
    • The extended cut videos are just some videos with extra scenes which barely impact them, considering it's the same plot. Unsurprisingly, it was soon abandoned a year later. However as it turns out, he later paywalled the future videos under his Dhar Mann app subscription service for $7.99 monthly
    • The reaction videos are just trying to catch on the Dhar Mann reaction fanbase, and you can tell the reactions are somewhat exaggerated, fakes and blatantly scripted. Also, most of the videos they are reacting to, are just Dhar Mann's own videos instead of other videos. What's worse is that the actors react to the videos they're featured in, instead of other Dhar Mann videos without them in it. Even reaction channels such as BBT Network/BBT Reacts react to other videos besides their own and they allow their fans to request a video for them to react to. The channel was later abandoned on October 2022.
    • The Dhar and Jay Show channel is just a terrible podcast channel that features popular YouTubers, it is filled with clickbait like the main channel. They also feature unpopular celebrities on there and dead TikTokers. It failed unlike the previous channels as they don't gain the usual views like his main channel would. The channel was later abandoned as of December 2023.
    • Ella and Myla's World is just a generic kids animation channel featuring Dhar's two children Ella and Myla, that was recently launched in 2023 and later advertised on "HOMELESS MAN Richer Than BILLIONAIRE". Due to the channel not having a good viewership, the channel will likely fail just like the Dhar and Jay Show channel. In which it flopped worse than the Dhar and Jay Show channel, as it only gets around 2K views a day and it currently is stuck at around 10K subscribers. The channel was later abandoned as of August 2023.
      • Not only that, animation like this takes a bunch of time and money to make and considering Dhar was exposed a few months ago for not paying his actors fairly, his animators were likely treated the same and were paid so little for their hard work (Unlike Dhar, Shippiddge paid his animators for their work on Starter Squad that being around $1,500 a month for most of the animators). He's also literally exploiting his kids here.
      • Ironically the channel's content is way more family-friendly than Dhar's own videos.
    • Dhar Mann IRL, despite the name is actually a channel starring Jay and Mikey, in which focuses less on life lessons and more on comedy skits that rip-off other YouTubers' videos, the thumbnails for the videos on the channel are completely poorly edited and suffer from them being frankensteined. This channel was only made to make more money, and was heavily advertised in the second season of Mischief Mikey. The channel was a complete failure and was later abandoned a month after creation and Mischief Mikey's second season was canceled after 3 episodes.
  10. Very poor writing and "jokes" in the videos. The jokes just drag on, have no depth, or just feel flat-out wrong in the context. It feels more like a Disney Sitcom rather than an inspiring life-changing video as it has the same jokes as clueless adults and stupid friendships. The reason why those sitcoms worked (except 2009-2012 which had similar problems to this reason) was that they manage to grasp the coming-of-age concept like Dhar Mann perfectly, but since Dhar Mann also tries to make the videos teach lessons, they feel very out of place.
    • Most of the videos nowadays feature way more jokes rather than teaching the viewers life lessons.
  11. Some of the videos' plots are nothing but rip-offs of plots from popular movies, shows, or even YouTubers:
    • "NERD SHAMES Girl's BAD GRAMMAR", while not a complete rip-off, steals elements from Legally Blonde.[7]
    • "Dad DRESSES AS NANNY to SEE HIS KIDS" is literally just a lower budget carbon copy of Mrs. Doubtfire. The description even claims that the video was "inspired by" Mrs. Doubtfire, but there is a difference between inspiration and copying.[8]
    • "RIVAL GANGS Face Off IN SCHOOL" is a rip-off of The Karate Kid and steals some elements from Cobra Kai. Like the Mrs. Doubtfire video, it claims to be "inspired by" The Karate Kid, but instead of it being in the description, it is in the video.[9]
      • The video even mentions Mr. Miyagi, a major character in The Karate Kid, showing that the movie does exist in that universe.
    • "EVIL MAID Mistreats the Owner" is a rip-off of Parasite, but the thing is that the movie that he inspired from is literally rated R.
    • "Kid DITCHES SCHOOL to THROW PARTY" is a rip-off of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
      • In the video, two brothers have the last name Mueller, which rhymes with Ferris Bueller's.
    • "Adult Must GO BACK To 5TH GRADE ft. Adam W" is a semi rip-off of Billy Madison.
    • "Kid Is Left HOME ALONE On CHRISTMAS" is an obvious rip-off of Home Alone due to the title and plot, albeit with different traps.
    • "GRINCH STEALS Christmas Presents" is an obvious rip-off of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, albeit with some changes.
    • "NERD FIGHTS Mean Girl IN UPSIDE DOWN" is an obvious rip-off of Stranger Things with the thumbnail having a similar font to it down to the supernatural plot.
    • "SPIDER-MAN FIGHTS Bullies Inside SCHOOL" is an obvious rip-off of Spider Man, down to the characters' names being clearly the same and the plot of Spider Man trying to stop the Green Goblin.
    • "Girl WON'T SHOW FACE In SCHOOL" rips-off the plot from the film Ugly Duckling.
    • "POOR Boy Has TAP WATER For SCHOOL LUNCH" rips-off the plot from the Indian film Stanley Ka Dabba.
    • "PSYCHO KID Ruins Family THANKSGIVING" rips-off the Psycho Kid series by McJuggerNuggets.
      • It wouldn't be until the creator of the series McJuggerNuggets found out about the copy, and made a video addressing it to get Dhar to properly credit him. While Dhar finally did credit him, he also linked the video on the end screen, which contains swear words which "family-friendly" creators shouldn't be linking to their kid audience.
    • "DAD BREAKS All PROMISES To DAUGHTER" rip-offs the plot from the film "Where Hope Grows"
    • Due to this, the channel would later have a playlist dedicated to showing multiple videos with stolen plots.[10]
    • Even his YouTube Shorts share the same issues, as some of them ripoff shorts from other popular creators. Thankfully some of them didn't do well and are left without views.
      • When Dhar Mann Can’t Say So You See… is a ripoff to MrBeast's short called "100 Years of Youtube Videos" as it shares the same music, the 100 years subtitle, and the person being tied to a chair and screaming at the end.
  12. Some of the videos have mediocre editing and many noticeable errors as well plot holes:
    • In "Kid Steals Mom's Card for Roblox," at the beginning of the video, where shows a badly edited Roblox Avatar Editor desktop/mobile hybrid in which it is a blank page of the desktop version with a video of the Roblox Avatar Editor from the mobile version.
    • For the gameplay footage used for a video called "Student Cheats On Final Exam" in the Friday Night Funkin' game, Mikey is just swiping all over the place instead of swiping to match the movements in the game. The screen is also not zoomed in properly. There aren’t any mobile controls either.
      • Also, on the topic of Friday Night Funkin', the game wasn't even on mobile devices at the time of the video's publishing unless you count the mobile knockoffs.
    • In "Streamer Is Caught Cheating, What Happens Is Shocking", when Mikey dies in Minecraft, it shows a "try again" screen. This doesn’t actually appear in Minecraft.
    • In some of the scenes, you can clearly see where the green screen is.
      • In "Student Cheats on Final Exam" again, when Mikey is playing on the computer during the Zoom call, you can see his arms fuzzily put in. Another example is in "Girl Beats Brother at Roblox" where there is not only poor editing of the character's fingers on the tablet and also the fingers not being lined up so they’re on the controls, but you can tell it was cropped in badly as there are no shadows and it looks kind of poor quality.
      • For the 2 phone calls of "Husband's PRANK ON WIFE Goes Too Far", you can see a green line and poor editing on the phones. In fact, for one of them, you can see a green fade on the hand, indicating the person is holding a phone with a green screen.
    • Also, in "Student Cheats On Final Exam" during the scene where Mr. Wilson says that can hear Mikey, Mikey is still clearly muted.
    • In "Movie Star SLAPS HOST At AWARD SHOW", when the movie star says, "Keep my wife's name out your mouth, Corey!", you can clearly hear that the words "your" and "mouth" are edited poorly. The cause of this was originally another word in there ("f***ing" which was likely edited out) instead of recording the line in 1 take.
    • In "YouTubers USE KID With DOWN SYNDROME For VIEWS", there is a lot of inconsistent and poor editing.
      • In the beginning shot, the YouTube video has many issues. The channel is not edited in properly, and the dislikes are shown (even though dislikes can only be seen with an add-on).
      • When the camera is recording, the red dot does not blink even once.
      • In this scene, the woman has no coat, yet after the camera switches to the next shot she suddenly has a coat on. It could be possible Dhar Mann took multiple shots when it suddenly got cold in the house.
    • In "Mom SHUTS DOWN Kids' ELECTRONICS", there are multiple errors.
      • At the beginning of the video, he is playing a Roblox game that cannot be built. He says he is building a world, yet he clearly isn't on Roblox Studio.
      • Similarly in the next scene, one of the kids said they're making a Minecraft map, yet the computer monitor shows him playing Skywars. If he was building a Minecraft map, it wouldn't be in survival mode.
      • During the scene where his mom takes away his computer, first his screen is frozen (Instead of being idle in the game, not moving his character) a few seconds later the screen is moving again.
      • When one of the characters is on Discord, the login screen is from the desktop version. As you know, Discord on mobile runs in portrait mode and has a very different layout.
      • When one of the characters is watching a video about a guy doing insurance fraud, the screen is not edited properly as you can clearly see some of the iPad screen (that is turned off) that is still intact.
      • When the kids are playing Minecraft, first they are building a house in creative mode on a flat world. A few seconds later, they are suddenly in survival mode in a cave placing wooden trap doors in a mob farm. What’s not helping is that they described it totally wrong!
        • Not to mention despite using an Xbox to play Minecraft on the television, the icons that appear telling you which button does what on the controller do not appear, meaning the footage is stolen from someone playing Java (and not even Bedrock). Dhar Mann likely didn't have the research to check the gameplay of certain versions of the game.
      • In the scene where the Discord server announces a winner. The channel list says "MINECRAFT", while the channel literally says #rules. Also, it isn't even edited correctly. The text isn’t in the same font (being in Arial instead of Whitney), and the icon that the moderator has literally is the same as theirs.
    • The thumbnail for the video "Kid LIES TO DAD For PLAYSTATION 5" clearly shows an off-brand PlayStation 4 controller instead of a PlayStation 5 controller.
      • Also in the said video, at the end of the video. The kid is playing the PlayStation 5 on a CRT TV despite the fact that most CRT TVs do not have any HDMI input, also both the system and the TV are not plugged into the wall. As there is no power outlet where the TV should be plugged in at. The only possible way to run a PS5 on that kind of TV is to use an AV to HDMI converter.
    • In a scene for the video "KID FAKES As Smart FOR A GIRL" when the girl and the science teacher do science, there are multiple errors.
      • When the girl gets a stain on her jeans, a few seconds later the stain is not on her jeans anymore.
      • In the next moment where she tries to clean it off with a rag, the scene shows her first putting in the substance, a few seconds later there are more stains on her jeans.
    • In "Greedy Boss CHEATS His Customers, What Happens Is Shocking", one of the restaurants called Gene's Sandwiches actually shows Boar's Head decorations instead of decorations for the actual restaurant itself. This shows that even the videos are too idle to make up their own decorations from a restaurant rather than reusing decorations from an already existing restaurant such as... Well, Boar's Head.
    • In "Big Bro Has To Say YES FOR 48 HOURS" there are some notable errors.
      • When Mikey and Jayden die in Minecraft, there is a black box over the game text to where the player has died, while the text in-game is transparent (or with a transparent box like the chatboxes) without the box over it. In the trailers, it had it unedited however with the "wtroyw" username instead.
      • When Mikey shows Jayden a camera screenshot of the test answer key, the screen is clearly from an Android phone rather than an actual iPhone.
      • Additionally the Minecraft gameplay footage for some reason added the old Minecraft hurt sound, yet you can no longer hear it in newer versions.
    • Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER has some editing errors.
      • When Jay gets a call from his friend about the kidnapper, when the kidnapper catches him. Jay is seen taking off his airpods, in the next transition they appear back on his ears and his lipsync is off.
    • In "GIRL SHAMED For HER HAIR Inside School" when Jasmine shows her dad the YouTube email of being paid, there are multiple errors.
      • The YouTube email is poorly written and is filled with grammatical errors, in which YouTube is misspelled as "Youtube".
      • Additionally, the iPhone is seen using Android. Considering it is not possible to run Gmail on the iPhone without using the browser.
      • Additionally YouTube does not pay that much money to their creators, and they actually pay them in cents. $18,000 a month just for YouTube alone is way too much, it's impossible to get that much money from YouTube unless you are a big creator. (And even big creators don't even receive that much)
      • And also, YouTube does not pay their creators via PayPal or digitally. Instead they pay their creators by paying them via checks in the mail.
    • GIRL SHAMED For Playing ROBLOX GAMES has multiple errors.
      • During the time of the video's release, Roblox had already changed the Roblox death sound to the new one on July 2022, however Dhar decided to add the old death sound into the video rather than the new one.
      • Like with "Mom SHUTS DOWN Kids' ELECTRONICS", when the characters are not playing Roblox their computer screens are frozen rather than being idle in-game, and then once they are back to playing the game the screen is seen moving again.
      • Additionally, the protagonist states that she is developing a Roblox game. Yet she clearly isn't on Roblox Studio.
      • Also, the school should have blocked Roblox from being accessed on school grounds.
      • KreekCraft says thanks for 8 million subscribers on his livestream, however in reality he actually has around 7.54M subscribers.
      • When the protagonist is seen working on improving her Roblox game, the laptop she is using is a old Toshiba laptop from the Vista-era and modern Roblox wouldn't run well on it.
      • On Roblox, games cannot popular that instantly even if they are being promoted by KreekCraft. Also you cannot use Roblox's Dev-EX feature without having Premium membership and a certain amount of robux, additionally the game looks like it doesn't even have micro-transactions or game passes, so how is she able to earn money off of it? You cannot earn robux off of place visits, as Tix was the only way you could receive profit from people joining your game until it was removed around 2016.
    • "TEEN CHEATS To Win TESLA In GIVEAWAY" has multiple plot-holes.
      • How did Mikey manage to know his mother's credit card number while at the copy shop? There ain't no way that the computer at the copy shop has saved credit card data.
      • Also why is there only two entrants in the raffle? Mikey and Noah, when it should have been other names in there.
    • "TEEN CHEATS On Test For An IPHONE 15" has one error that is clearly seen in the beginning, which shows Dhar does not check his footage or props beforehand so mistakes do not happen.
      • That said error being for the test paper, in which while it says "Chemistry Test" on top of the paper, the bottom text says it was a Math test instead. Which clearly shows that Dhar recycles his props instead of creating entirely new props.
  13. Many of the videos suffer from a lack of epileptic warnings, for example in "KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT" during the montage some of the scenes flash way too fast and it messes with the viewer's eyes.
    • This also goes for "WAITER WON'T SERVE Poor Looking Man", where the end of the video includes the waiter screaming in full volume (earrape), and there is absolutely no volume warning whatsoever.
      • Thankfully, some YouTubers like Theme Park Crazy for example, do put epilepsy warnings before the video begins.
  14. As for the game footage, most of the game footage that Dhar Mann uses likely is stolen from other content creators. Some major examples include the following.
    • In "Student CHEATS On Final Exam", the Roblox gameplay clearly shows the Old UI from 2018, in which Dhar Mann could have instead gotten game footage from the game itself with the new Roblox UI.
    • In "STREAMER Is CAUGHT CHEATING, What Happens Is Shocking", the stolen footage is at its worst. Whilst Mikey claims his name is "MinecraftMikey", in this screenshot, you can clearly see it was most likely stolen footage from someone named "wtroyw".
      • Also, in the parts where Mikey plays the game in front of an audience, the gameplay has a speedrun timer on it. This footage was stolen from a YouTuber named Astralio.
    • The gameplay footage from "KID CAUGHT Cheating In LIVE AUDIENCE" is likely stolen from other creators, as the game wouldn't run properly on low-end hardware that being the kid's laptop that he was using in which is a old Toshiba Satellite P105-S6177. Which that laptop remind you has very low specs being 2GB Ram and a weak processor, while Warzone requires 8-16GB Ram, and a good processor to run properly without lag and framerate issues.
    • Also, the original creators were not credited in the description proving more that Dhar Mann is a content thief.
  15. Just like YouTube Kids Cartoons, the channel claims that the videos are "family-friendly" but some of them have mature themes like death, child abuse, alcohol, drugs, etc.
    • On top of that, some of the videos mention social media, which young children will most likely know how to use. So, for some videos, they show games that are not appropriate for children such as Call of Duty for example.
      • A video called "KID CAUGHT Cheating In LIVE AUDIENCE" shows the kid playing Call Of Duty: Warzone in which is a M rated game which has blood and weapons in it.
    • In "Influencer MISTREATS Her PUPPY", they show 2 shots of uncensored dog feces on the carpet and another one of the influencers picking up it with a napkin covered in fecal liquid. Even if Dhar Mann intended to show how hard dealing with a dog can be, did he have to show such a repulsive shot? To make matters worse, YouTube does not allow uncensored bodily waste/fluids.
      • Speaking of feces, the video "SPOILED GIRL Forced To WORK ON FARM", features one shot of the girl stepping in horse feces, and even tripping over, causing the feces to smear on her head. The old thumbnail also includes horse feces. (All of which was uncensored)
      • "Teen HITS CAR and DRIVES OFF" is particularly the worst, because it features multiple shots of a bird pooping on fries, the main character's jacket, and shoes. It also features a shot of him stepping in uncensored dog poop, and even soils himself at the end of the video due to having an upset stomach, and even features water dripping out of his pants.
    • One video even features a male boss sexually harassing a female employee.. Many other videos have portrayed this subject as well, such as a tennis coach harassing a female player
      • On the topic of harassment, in the video "FAKE TRAINER Gives GRANNY HEART ATTACK", the video says that men hitting on women at the gym is bad, but an old lady sexually harassing Adam is said to be the opposite.
    • In "College Guy Gets FRAMED For Cheating", David says he was pissed when his friend, Tara, kissed him on the cheek and showed the picture to everyone, including his heart-broken girlfriend, Amy, who thought David was cheating on her. While not that bad of a word itself, "pissed" is still considered inappropriate when it comes to "family-friendly" content.
    • One video called "Teen Starts SELLING DRUGS To School" has a thumbnail which contains a disturbingly beaten up and bloodied face in which can be seen when Nate runs to the store after getting beaten up and being robbed by a couple of people. For a huge insult to injury, at 14:24, you can hear one of the guys say what sounds like "F*** thisǃ" or "F***, let's goǃ", and it isn't appropriate. Even if it wasn't the actual f-word (it was most likely "Come on, guys!" but poorly rushed), why didn't Dhar Mann re-watch the scene to make sure nothing could be misinterpreted? Check videos for a breakdown of this scene.
      • The same also goes for the video "From Drug Addict To Billion Dollar Empire: The Shocking Life Story Of Grant Cardone," which also shows a beaten-up face.
    • The video "Teacher GETS REVENGE On STUDENTS" had its thumbnail changed to where the teacher gets 'stabbed with a knife, and Dhar Mann was added to the thumbnail with a completely shocked expression. It obviously shows that it isn't appropriate.
      • What’s not helping was that the thumbnail was complete clickbait. The teacher doesn't even get stabbed in the video. However, it's even much more disturbing otherwise as shown by the followingː
        • The first few minutes involve a disturbing scene (which albeit was a prank) where someone gets a fork in their tongue.
        • Then later in the video, the pranksters pull a knife as a prank on all of the students. Scaring a bunch of students with death is not funny. In fact, the teacher got a revenge prank by faking she had a heart attack. And her way of faking it seems more like cardiac arrest since she completely stopped moving.
        • It's then shown that a girl falsely got hit by a car with blood all over her.
    • The video "TikToker RISKS LIFE For VIEWS" is one of the perfect examples of not only inappropriate content, but Dhar Mann trying to hide it with being "somewhat hip". In the video, multiple crash formulas happen, including the crate challenge, and a nag at the tide pod challenge which was only notable in 2018.
    • In one of the last scenes of ""Kids PICK ON 11-Year-Old GENIUS KID", it shows one of the guys seemingly flipping the bird (middle finger).
    • This video even somewhat parodied the infamous Will Smith and Chris Rock slapping incident. And that video handled the subject of violence being wrong horribly. In that video, Wesley, the Jayden Smith counterpart, slaps a bully after he repeatedly makes fun of him for his dad and calls him "Wesley the Wimp". But only Wesley gets punished, and the bully doesn't, even though he was witnessed bullying Wesley right before Wesley slapped him. They try to excuse this by saying that the bully was going through a rough time, but that's no excuse to give them even a little bit of karma (maybe the slap could count as that, but that's way too violent for what he did). There was another video of the incident that was more like the incident too and was also mentioned before in the article.
    • In one scene from "Girl Swipes WRONG GUY on TINDER, What Happens Is Shocking", there is a scene of a guy with a blunt wound to the head with blood dripping out.
    • In a scene from "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW", Mikey randomly groans in pain as he got kicked, but it doesn't show what he got kicked in. Whilst it is KINDA implied it was his leg, his reaction makes it seem more like in groin. See it for yourself.
    • One of the most disturbing videos could be "Girl Backstabs Her Best Friend", where it literally features someone (allegedly) dying.
      • In that video, a woman goes to her "friend" and her "friend" persuades her to keep drinking. Then she has to leave, but the "friend" persuades her to have one more drink which she drugged. Then before she reaches the door, she collapses on the floor whilst her husband is calling, but her "friend" mutes the phone, and the video ends with him being worried and her being dead. This is extremely far and grim even for Dhar Mann standards. So why did he go and make a video like that anyway? What would have been executed better was if she went to the hospital and survived learning her lesson, and also with the "friend" being sent to jail.
    • One of the kids' backpacks in "Boys Try POISONING A TEACHER" is the Jeffy Backpack from SML (SuperMarioLogan) Merch in which SuperMarioLogan's content is not for kids as it contains swearing and adult content. Dhar Mann could have chosen a different backpack that is kid-friendly.
    • "INNOCENT GIRL Sent TO PRISON" contains domestic abuse, with violence.
    • "STEP BROTHERS Get SUSPENDED For FIGHTING" contains two students fighting with blood all over them, and it's literally shown in the first few seconds of the video.
      • This also goes for several other videos, including "GENIUS KID Fights MEAN KID Inside SCHOOL", and "Mom Finds Out Her TEENAGER Is INSIDE GANG".
    • During Late-2022, Dhar Mann started to make inappropriate thumbnails for his videos. In which further exposes the fact that his videos are not "kid-friendly" as they seem.
      • A video called "EVIL MAID Mistreats The Owner", literally has an inappropriate thumbnail showing a maid covered in blood with a knife. And also the video is inspired from an R-rated film.
      • Another video called "Kid TRIES TO KILL MOM For iPhone 14" also has an inappropriate thumbnail showing a kid covered in blood with a iPhone that has some blood on it, in which is clearly disturbing.
      • Another video called "Mean Girl BACKSTABS Her FRIEND" has an inappropriate thumbnail, showing a girl trying to stab someone in the back with a knife.
      • Another video called "Kid Completes 100 DARES In 24 HOURS" shows the main character, who is a boy, wearing a pink polka-dot bikini. He is aged 16-17, meaning the he is a MINOR.
    • One of his videos called "Car GETS STOLEN With BABY INSIDE (PG-13)" has the PG-13 label, yet it is uploaded on a "Family-Friendly" channel. In fact most of his content without the label still have inappropriate content in them. In fact the change for PG-13 content on his channel wasn't announced at all, and the change was literally made a month after the protests.
      • These videos also have the label as well "CRAZY EX Kidnaps NEW GIRLFRIEND (PG-13)", "Teenager Is ASHAMED Of DISABLED DAD (PG-13)", "DAD WALKS OUT On His BABY'S GENDER REVEAL (PG-13)"
      • Not only that even his first series called "Antwan Against All Odds" has the label.
    • Some of his YouTube Shorts tend to use audio that is from Mature Shows and Inappropriate YouTubers.
      • One of the shorts called "EP: 3 Mischief Mikey Out Now! Mikey makes a plane land to skip a test 😱 #DharMann" uses audio from a SuperMarioLogan episode called "Jeffy's Speeding Ticket!", which is from a inappropriate YouTuber and Mikey is portrayed as Jeffy, a very controversial character. Dhar could have easily recorded clips of them doing their own lines that could have at least matched the subtitles, because the short was terribly done and the lip-sync is very off.[11]
    • What's even jarring is that most of his videos are not marked for children (and many of them can be watched in restricted mode) since it has a strict policy nowadays on which videos are allowed based on their content.
  16. False advertising / Misleading titles: Some of the videos don't have the antagonist learn their lesson at the end or even regret it at all despite the title often stating so. For example, in "A Student CHEATS On His Exam, He Instantly Regrets It", Mikey interrupts Jayden's line, "If you cheat, you'll never get ahead, blah, blah, blah," and even when the teacher has to call out Mikey for cheating (even though he appears sad), he still doesn't learn.
    • What makes it worse is that he continues to do even more distasteful things until "Kid SNEAKS Candy Into the MOVIES" where he has finally gained character development. But other than that, it only shows the antagonist most often never really learning their lesson or "regretting" it.
    • Another one is "Attorney Tries to SCAM Businessman, Instantly Regrets It" where the attorney and plaintiff try to scam the businessman, so they'll not be exposed of their lies. But when the truth came out, the attorney and plaintiff blame each other for scamming a businessman. This shows how unsympathetic they are at this.
    • Dhar Mann’s CHRISTMAS FEATURE FILM! is not a feature film as the title claims to be.
    • As of 2022, his videos that contain the line "[They] Instantly Regret(s) It" are false!
  17. Continuity Errors are also common in the videos. For example, in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER" Mikey's mom says that Mikey's PS5 is getting taken away, despite the fact it is actually Jayden's PS5 that he got in "Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM".
    • The same also goes towards certain items, sometimes the brand name and logo is not shown on screen or is covered up to avoid copyright issues, while some videos show the item's brand name.
  18. Adding on to #13, some of the titles and thumbnails are misleading and contradict the actual plot of the video. Sometimes the thumbnails and titles contradict each other.
    • In "Kid With Tourette's MADE FUN OF", the title makes it sound like Tom, a kid with Tourette's Syndrome is being bullied. But actually, it doesn’t focus that much on Tom at all and it’s actually about Mikey faking that he has Tourette’s so he can get more subscribers on TikTok. In fact, Tom only appears 3 times in the video.
    • "RUDE CASHIER Won't Sell to KID!" is probably one of the worst examples. At first, it seems like it’s going to be a normal Dhar Mann video, but instead, it’s nothing but an advertisement for Dhar Mann's merchandise that comes out of nowhere in the middle of the video without any buildup. Plus, the whole “rude cashier” plot is quickly forgotten about once they start talking about Dhar Mann’s merchandise.
    • Many of his thumbnails show one of his actors with a completely shocked expression for no reason, which isn’t even shown in the video other than to probably show that "what happens next is shocking".
    • "MrFeast Fights With MrBeast" shows MrBeast in the thumbnail, but he doesn't appear in the actual video. In fact, he appears at the very end of the video during a #TeamSeas promotion.
    • One of his videos called "Kids Break in HAUNTED MANSION" does not feature a mansion. Instead, it features an abandoned house.
    • The title for "Kid FAKES Allergic Reaction" used to be "Kid FAKES Sick", even though the plot does not involve Mikey faking that he is sick.
    • In "Greedy Boss CHEATS His CUSTOMERS" the thumbnail would make you think the video focuses on the boss, but instead the video focuses on the employees.
    • The title for the video called "Kids PICK ON 11-Year-Old GENIUS KID" would make you think the older kids would get punished, but the 11-year-old genius kid gets punished instead, therefore making the older kids Karma Houdinis! And you know what happens to the genius kid? He has to repeat the whole year!
    • "Dhar Mann FAN GETS A BIG SURPRISE!" is just a behind-the-scenes video, but for some reason, it was uploaded on the main channel and titled to be like one of the videos on the main channel. It is likely possible that Dhar Mann posted the incorrect video.
    • The title for "Brother FIGHTS Sister, He Lives To Regret It" is very misleading considering in the video all that happened was the girl becoming a battler. Plus, how do you exactly "live to regret it" in that case?!
    • For a day the thumbnail of "Teen Starts SELLING DRUGS To School" was the exact same as "Kids PICK ON 11-Year-Old GENIUS KID", showing Dhar Mann put no effort into making sure his thumbnails were correct.[12]
      • He has also done this for "Kid Gets Trapped In Minecraft", whee the thumbnail is literally the same as "Streamer Pranked On Live Stream".
    • For a while, the title of "KID PULLS Fire Alarm to SKIP TEST" was "KID PULLS Firm Alarm to SKIP TEST".
    • The thumbnail for "YouTubers USE KID With DOWN SYNDROME For VIEWS" used to say "YouTubers USE Autistic Child" instead of a kid with down syndrome. This has been fixed, but on that topic, it doesn't specify what disability the kid has in the video, so it just says, "she's a special needs". In fact, it could be both autism and Down syndrome due to how she acts and looks in the video.
    • The thumbnail for "Kid GETS TRAPPED In MINECRAFT" shows Jay inside of a computer screen in a Minecraft world, despite the fact in the video it was all a dream that Jay was in. Also, he doesn't get trapped in Minecraft, as he ends up back in the real-life world anyway when he wakes up and the video focuses way more on the real-life segments rather than the Minecraft ones.
    • The title for "Kid TRIES TO KILL MOM For iPhone 14" suggests that the kid attempts to murder his mom, but the video actually shows him making a GoFundMe scam for his mom's funeral.
    • Another video that is misleading is "Kid GETS FIRST PlayStation 6", due to the fact that the PlayStation 6 doesn't even exist and wasn't even released or teased by Sony yet. Meaning Dhar Mann likely bought a bootleg console and gave it a fake PlayStation 6 box to make it seem genuine.
      • An another video called "KID STEALS First Ever PLAYSTATION 6" also applies to this, but the title is inaccurate as the previous video above had multiple PS6 boxes. And the boxes themselves felt lighter than actual game console boxes.
    • The same problem applies to "TEEN CHEATS On Test For An IPHONE 15" which yet again like "Kid GETS FIRST PlayStation 6", the iPhone 15 doesn't even exist and wasn't released or teased by Apple. Dhar claims that most of the stories are based off his life and situations, but some of the stuff isn't even true.
    • The video "Teacher kicks out Emo Student, What happens is shocking" is made to believe that the titular emo student would be kicked out, but instead she is bullied and falsely accused of drugs by her teacher and mean girl named Rose. Maybe it should have been called Mean girl picks on emo student or Emo student accused of drugs.
  19. Sometimes the thumbnails will actually spoil the ending of the video, making it pointless for the video to even exist.
    • One example is for the video "TEEN CHEATS To Win TESLA In GIVEAWAY" which the thumbnail is Mikey saying "NOOOOOOOOO!" which is seen in the ending of the video, which shows he failed to get away with it.
  20. As for the titles, they suffer from grammar errors.
    1. For example, one of his videos is called "KID FAKES As Smart FOR A GIRL", in which it should instead be "TEEN FAKES Being Smart FOR A GIRL".
    2. Another example, is one of his videos called "KID CAUGHT Cheating In LIVE AUDIENCE", in which it should instead be "KID Gets CAUGHT Cheating In Front Of A LIVE AUDIENCE"
  21. As for the thumbnails, Dhar Mann tends to switch out the thumbnails a few days after the video is made. For example, the video "Teen Starts SELLING DRUGS To School" originally had a bloody beaten-up face, now the thumbnail was changed to a guy holding some drugs to make it more kid friendly. This act also tricks parents into thinking the content is family-friendly when it is not. He also (though rarely) decides to edit the titles with only minor changes. And sometimes he will revert these changes, meaning he cannot decide.
    • During mid-2022, he started to Photoshop his thumbnails. And yes, they look pretty bad. Not to mention, they look unrealistic as well, looking like something from a movie poster.
    • The thumbnails used to have a text box on the left hand side, and the character's reaction on it, but then the thumbnails changed drastically to 2 characters appearing, and one word on the screen (for example, "SUSPENDED!" is used in "Principal SUSPENDS Smart STUDENT"), without a text box.
    • Not only that, even his own series about Mikey and Jay even has these thumbnail issues in which randomly changes to one that doesn't even fit the plot at all.
    • Also it's likely possible that the channel is using a bot to change the thumbnails, as multiple videos had their thumbnail changed in 1 day, which is impossible for a human to do unless they had multiple tabs open and took time to go into the video manager to change the thumbnail.
  22. For the stories based on true events, they are terribly written and have a poor grasp of the original story. A few examples:
    • In the video "Daughter WON'T LISTEN to PARENTS", instead of her parents telling her that her dream won't get her anywhere, her parents in real life were actually supportive of her dream. Also, she does not feel like giving up her dream after being eliminated in the final of America's Got Talent.
      • AGT is also very unrealistically represented, as no judge would say "NEXT!" to stop a performance. They would instead press their 4 buzzers. There is also no live audience. The auditions in particular seemed way too similar to the British version of The X Factor's auditions, in particular 2004-2008.
  23. The morals in his videos are removed including on Facebook making it difficult for viewers to understand the moral of the stories in the end.
    • Also, the morals of his videos used to be in the description of his YouTube videos, but since 2022, they have been removed.
  24. Some videos try way too hard to be hip with kids. For example, in "EVIL BABYSITTER Mistreats KID" when the babysitter is caught cheating and got broken up, the kid dabs and later does the "Take the L" dance.
    • Other videos overuse trends, like some of them featuring Karens, which have become overrated since 2020.
    • Many of the plots of the videos also involve social media platforms such as TikTok, or in some videos, games that are relevant during the time period.
  25. Overuse of stereotypes and clichés, which contribute to making the videos boring and hard to watch. One major example is in the Mikey videos, as they all portray Mikey as an unlikable jerk who never learns and Jayden as… well, the good kid Gary Stu. It's also ironic, considering Dhar Mann himself is against stereotyping and clichés in most videos especially in videos like "Mom FORCES GIRL To Play With Barbies, INSTANTLY REGRETS IT!", showing he's a hypocrite.
  26. A lot of the videos show major hypocrisy of Dhar, considering most of the antagonist's actions, in which Dhar did the same thing as them.
    • A example would be "GREEDY Boss FIRES Staff By Using AI" in which a boss fires his staff after he uses A.I to do things for him, which is hypocritical considering Dhar fired his actors during February 2023, and most of the scripts he is using is likely made using A.I due to the videos being rushed out to be posted every week.
  27. So far, there are 4 videos of the unfunny MrBeast rip-off in the Dhar Mann universe called MrFeast, and they're all bad. In the first one ("MrFeast KICKED Out of Store"), it is implied MrFeast is just a kindly MrBeast rip-off (which by the way, is why Dhar Mann is supporting impersonation? He already has tons of copycats himself), but in the next video ("MrFeast FIGHTS With MrBeast"), all of a sudden MrFeast is portrayed as a nasty copycat who wants to do his own "#Team____", destroying the point of the first video. That video was support for TeamSeas, by the way, and that's not a good way to support them. In the 3rd video, (MrFeast RUNS OUT OF MONEY), we find out that MrFeast apparently wanted to be better than MrBeast because "he stole the girl I was gonna ask out", only to find out that it was his cousin, and they're all happy. Yeah, that was not a good trilogy, and the MrFeast character and videos were only made so Dhar Mann could profit over the MrBeast craze. Unfortunately, a 4th one was recently released, meaning it’s not over. However because of Colin Carter's firing, the videos are now canceled for good.
  28. The videos tend to oversimplify serious things which is not a good way to put a point across. One example is in the video "Man ABANDONS Wife With Cancer, Instantly Regrets It", a doctor sends letters to people who have cancer, which is absolutely wrong as talking about cancer is a serious thing. Even just sending a letter saying, "You have cancer." isn’t a good idea.
  29. The logic and sense are almost non-existence, as it's barely relatable and feels more like a sitcom as mentioned earlier. Sometimes it just goes so far, the logic is impossible, and there are a large number of plot holes in some videos.
    • Most notably in such videos where the main character wants to be a gamer and posts videos to YouTube, then gets viral and noticed. While it is true that a video can become a viral sensation, every video that centers around that is illogical since getting viral is based on luck on the YouTube Algorithm not instantly.
    • In "STREAMER Is CAUGHT CHEATING", how did Mikey's friends get inside his house? Along with that, how did nobody notice Mikey playing the game even with his fingers not moving correctly or his audio not syncing up correctly?
    • In "Guy Pranks Roommate, GOES Too Far", somehow, they got a fake crashed car. How? It'd be really hard to fake this, as you'd either need to get an actual crashed car or... actually, that's really the only realistic option.
    • In "Kids PICK ON 11-Year-Old GENIUS KID", the 11-year-old kid is already in his junior year in high school, despite the fact that 11-year-old kids can only be in Middle School in the 6th grade. It could have been possible that he had been home-schooled and then they put him up to a higher grade, but it is very unlikely that it would be possible in real life.
    • In "NERD Throws PARTY Behind Parents' Back", when the nerd tries to get his car back, he is too late to pay for the repair. But when he gives the mechanic a 1st generation Charizard card, the mechanic suddenly reopens the car shop and fixes up the car for him. In which, no one would even reopen their shop after closing time for a trading card in real life.
    • In "Girls Get REVENGE On PRANKSTER", the prankster kid says he takes Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle. But the Terms of Service of all of these apps say that you must be 18 to have an account. And also considering he looks like a 11-12 year old kid, how did he manage to even open an account without bank information?
    • In "KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW", how did Mikey's mom not notice him in the car in this scene? She's obviously not deaf, and you'd think she'd remember where stuff was in the backseat, yet she doesn't.
    • In "Kid MAKES TEACHER Quit Job" the snake that Elliot shows is a blue snake, but the snake that he hid under the book is instead a different snake that is green.
    • In "KID FAKES As Smart FOR A GIRL" Adam's mom locks the car door, but when she finishes talking, she leaves the window open, meaning Adam could have easily unlocked the door by putting his hand through the window and unlocking it himself.
    • In "Kid GETS FIRST PlayStation 6" how did the mom get inside the school building without getting a visitor sticker, considering that many schools will not allow adults inside the building without permission unless they are teachers that work there?
    • In "Kid Becomes OVERNIGHT MILLIONAIRE" Trey finds a winning ticket on the ground, in which could have belonged to someone else and if he claimed the ticket he would have been in trouble for theft considering that gas stations and various stores have security cameras that record who first purchased the ticket, and also the required age for playing and claiming the lottery funds is over 18 so they would've declined the ticket that Trey won (Trey would have to give the ticket to his mom in order to claim the money in real life, considering he is underaged), also he has a bank account at the age of 10 while they need to be 13 for their parent to open one, Trey also buys a house while underaged when he would have easily gave the money to his mom so she could have bought it for them in their parents name so they can live there. This video alone makes no sense, and it is filled with various unrealistic situations.
  30. The scenarios and plots can get very unrealistic and/or mean-spirited. Some major examples includeː
    • in "Kid Fakes ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It", when Mikey fakes an allergic reaction to skip a test, instead of using an EpiPen and fixing the issue quickly, they bring him to a literal hospital, play out a whole situation, and even faking that they're going to give him a shot, committing malpractice. Mikey was also very clearly well, and despite this, they still think he has "level 5 anaphylactic shock". Then, afterward, they decided to give Mikey a fake shot while laughing as he screams and cries! And they continue joking despite the fact that they took a teacher, a few hospital staff, a bed, and even made a fake button just to teach Mikey a lesson, which is obviously child abuseǃ
    • Another example is for the videos where the kids cannot buy school lunch, instead of letting the kid have the lunch they instead refuse and give them a cheap alternative. In reality, there is a thing called the "National School Lunch Program", which helps provide reduced or free lunches to students who cannot afford them. Another full-on video just neglects to give a child lunch at all if they don't pay, which seems kind of dumb considering the previous statement.
    • In "YouTubers USE KID With DOWN SYNDROME For VIEWS" the mother doesn't even try to unlock the car door with her car key to put the PlayStation 5 in the car, she instead tries to put it inside the car with the window in which damages the box. She also falls over after putting the box in the car. She also doesn't even buckle herself in the car and drives without a seatbelt which can get you in trouble.
    • In "Teen HIDES HANGOVER From MOM," instead of simply scolding Paris for drinking and breaking a TV at a party after recovering from her hangover, her mom makes her do Zumba, eat a burger, and take a shot of Tequilla. These activities cause Paris to burn out.
    • In "MOM Finds Out Her KID GOT TATTOO," instead of cancelling Kendall's appointment or questioning her for using her sister's ID, the tattoo artist puts a fake tattoo on Kendall's arm and while she is asleep, her mom commits child abuse by deliberately putting Neosporin on Kendall's arm, causing her skin to irritate. Kendall's mom reveals that it was a set up between her and the tattoo artist.
    • In "Teen CAUGHT SNEAKING into A PARTY", the guy's friend calls him an "idiot" for disguising as the DJ. He also laughed at the TikTok of him getting exposed at the concert.
  31. Certain videos tend use the live-action format, even if it's supposed to be video game related for example in "Girl Trades REAL LIFE For VIRTUAL WORLD" heavily uses live-action even if it's supposed to be virtual. Dhar could have easily gathered footage from VR Chat, considering how that game focuses on the VR.
  32. Most videos feature unnecessary filler that is only used to pad out the videos, with slower dialogue, pointless moments, and parts of the video that don't even affect the rest of it. This especially came once they started uploading videos every day, as the videos used to mainly be 5-12 minutes long at max, most nowadays are 15-23 minutes long. They also reuse having unnecessary "Part 2"s to videos that don't need any.
    • The "Part 2"s later get put together and reuploaded just for the purpose of more views and money.
      • Dhar Mann also tends to make a different title for the reuploads, instead of using the original one (an example of this is "Guy USES TIKTOKER For Followers" getting reuploaded and changed to "Influencer Gets TAKEN ADVANTAGE Of") in order for viewers to think the reupload is a completely different video.
  33. Many of the characters in the videos are poorly written, especially the antagonists. The recurring characters are also very unlikable and cliché.
    • Mikey himself is probably the worst character, as he often cheats on tests, fakes a sick note, and even faked having Tourette's syndrome to get more followers than some kid at his school on TikTok.
      • Along with that, when it seems like he has finally learned his lesson in "Kid SNEAKS Candy Into The Movies", in his next appearance, "STREAMER Is CAUGHT CHEATING, What Happens Next Is Shocking", that character development is thrown out the window, and he goes back to his old ways.
    • Jayden, while not bad as Mikey, is still just a Gary Stu who is a stereotypical "perfect kid". Sound familiar? He is also undeveloped and largely forgettable. You could take him off the videos, make Mikey an only son and the videos would still be the same.
    • Several of the characters that Mair Mulroney plays are very unlikable. A lot of them are extremely rude, mean-spirited, and lack any sympathy for anyone around her, making her a typical Karen. Sometimes, her characters even steal, lie, and worse of all, abuse a child whilst babysitting. Even though she plays great villains, why must 75% of her characters be hurtful and demeaning while only about 25% of her characters are likable? At this rate, she can be considered to be the most infamous mean girl of Dhar Mann, and it doesn't help that most of her characters look the same. At least her characters are nowhere as bad as the next one on the list.
    • Most of Chas Laughlin's characters are extremely unlikable, even more than Mair's characters, as they're usually stereotypical, dishonest, lazy cheaters, and even criminals. Unlike Mair who somewhat still has a decent number of likable characters, Chas rarely ever plays characters that are considered to be tolerable. The reason for that is that several of his characters are complete idiots. His characters go as far as stealing from elderly people, scamming an innocent businessman, cheating on a road test and even faking death in his family just to get off from work! Even Mair's characters wouldn't go that far! Technically yes, Chas does a decent job with his characters (much like Mair), but still
    • Most of Jessica Ruth Bell's characters tend to play the villain role, such as bullying an emo student while framing her for drugs when she herself is a drug addict and sabotaging a student's grades just to be valedictorian.
    • Most of the other characters (specifically the one-off ones) are also very unlikable, undeveloped, mean-spirited, poorly written, underutilized, and/or clichéd. Some are largely forgettable. The most notorious one-off characters include Gene (from Greedy Boss CHEATS His Customers), Harvey (from Boss Sexually Harasses Assistant), Rose (from Teacher kicks out Emo Student) and Bella (Gold Digger Dumps Broke Boyfriend).
      • Many of the adults in the videos are shown to abuse children in various ways.
        • In "Kid MAKES TEACHER Quit Job", a substitute teacher, Mr. Smiley, tries to hurt Elliot for scaring him with a fake snake underneath a book. He later returns in "POOR Boy Has TAP WATER For SCHOOL LUNCH", where he is seen stealing from another student's bag.
        • Mikey's mom pulls Mikey's ear in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER" upon finding out about he and Jay did.
          • Jay's mom strangles her son (you can hear Jay choking due to this) which is child abuse and assault.
        • In "Evil Foster Care Mother Mistreats Kid", the foster mom is verbally abusive towards her foster daughter and keeps her on a strict budget. This clearly shows that she only cares about the money, not the child. And despite the foster daughter being brought back to her birth mom, the foster mom receives nearly zero comeuppance. (However, because the daughter leaves the foster mom for good, maybe the abusive mother will now have trouble paying rent and may end up being evicted!)
    • MrFeast is a rather inconsistent unlikable copycat jerk, as said earlier.
    • Mikey's mom is also very unlikable, as instead of normally disciplining her child and preventing him from getting worse, she only makes the situations more mean-spirited and atrocious. She is likely going to be flanderized to become more abusive to Mikey on the new Mikey and Jay series.
      • First of all, in her first ever appearance in "Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It", she claims that Mikey will never cheat again... and she broke her promise! And guess what? Mikey continues to cheat and even goes on to do worse things later on, although this may be due to him not learning his lesson. However, after multiple incidents, she should probably realize that she is the worst mom in every Dhar Mann video thus far.
      • In "Kid FAKES Being SICK To Skip Class, He Lives to Regret It" when Mikey "falls sick", she says they should probably go to the doctor, but Mikey refuses to do so... and she complies. Later on, when she finds out, instead of stopping Mikey, she fakes a Dhar Mann meeting just to get him out and embarrass him.
      • Her appearance in "Kid Fakes ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It", was probably her worst. As mentioned earlier, when she finds out that Mikey faked an allergic reaction, she ends up creating a whole scenario, bringing a lot of hospital staff, committing malpractice, and even laughs after giving a fake shot to Mikey as he screams and criesǃ
    • Jay's mom is somewhat worse. Much like Mikey's Mom, she is likely going to be flanderized to become more abusive to Jay on the new Mikey and Jay series.
      • As previously stated in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER", she took Jay home, after finding out what he and Mikey did, except she strangled her son by the neck.
        • In "KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT", she said that she would choose her older son over Jay. Didn't Dhar Mann teach us "not to choose favorites with children"?
      • In "Kid Becomes A GROWN UP for 24 HOURS" she sold all of Jay's stuff, just to teach him a lesson about being an adult.
    • As of 2022, Michael Vaccaro has only played the villains!
      • Unlike everyone from above who had been likable to an extent, Vaccaro's characters shockingly completely fail to be likable even to the slightest. They are all problematic in the videos. In several of his appearances, he has the habit of shaming all the good characters in the videos and looking down on them, like mistreating a homeless person, fat-shaming some plus-sized models, refusing to help people who are in need of help, and being a selfish businessman.
      • Plus, in nearly all his appearances he's always so overly dramatic to the point that when he shouts, your ears are practically bleeding!
        • On a side note, he usually speaks way too fast to the point where you can't follow very well what he's saying.
      • Because of all of these qualities mentioned above, this shows you how cruel his characters are, causing them to be considered some of the worst characters ever in every, single Dhar Mann video.
    • Some of the villains' redemptions are very half-baked.
  34. Some of the kids in the videos are way older than they're supposed to be.
    • One example is in "Mean Guy RUINS GIRL'S BIRTHDAY PARTY", where at the end, when the guy takes the mascot's head off, a girl who looks about 10 screams and runs away after finding out he's not a real unicorn. This is the same for "KIDS' GIFTS Stolen On CHRISTMAS" where a boy who looks 12 finds out an elf is not real and runs away crying.
    • Another example is with "Elf BACKSTABS SANTA CLAUS On CHRISTMAS", a teenage girl asks Santa for a Christmas tree, which no kid would ever ask for Christmas. Another girl also asks for "a meet and greet with Dhar Mann".
  35. While the videos intend to teach good morals, many videos can unintentionally teach bad morals.
    • In "Mom Throws Out Her Son's Xbox", the mom is treated as an antagonist just for rightfully telling her son to get a job as her son is a grown adult and needs to be responsible for getting a career. The video teaches people that playing games instead of getting a job is a good thing, while it actually isn't. And considering that it is very hard to get money from playing games unless you have a big fanbase that donates to your streams.
    • Another example is that multiple videos teach to take revenge against someone to teach them a lesson. In real life, fire vs. fire and vengeance often do not work, and sometimes it even makes the situation even worse. Not helping is that the victim who is taking revenge never gets comeuppance for taking huge revenge.
    • Many of them teach people to scam other people.
    • Most of the videos teach parents/teachers/students to teach the bully/antagonist a lesson by literally pranking them or doing very dangerous things such as faking a kidnapping.
      • One example is in "KID Says DOG ATE His HOMEWORK", where the mom and doctors at the vet set up their dog getting surgery, since Dakota lied about his dog eating his homework (which by the way, nobody uses that as an excuse anymore), and after he admitted he lied, the mom still tricked Dakota into thinking his dog was getting surgery.
    • One video called "Kid Completes 100 DARES In 24 HOURS" literally features a friend telling his friend to do dares, even if they could've hurt his career. One dare in particular featured eating the bully's sandwich, and while trying to escape the bully, he knocks out the janitor. Most of the dares in the video anyway would be stuff no one would do or would be able to do.
    • "Kids Cheat MRBEAST For $1 MILLION" has a scene where Derek accepts a call from an unknown number, which is an extremely bad idea considering that the number may be linked to a scam, a random stranger, etc.
    • Many of his videos teach parents to quit their jobs and be with their family members more often, which is a bad moral considering that parents need to work at their jobs in order to earn income for their family to live in a home, as they need to pay house bills. Dhar just thinks everything grows on trees, yet they do not. Ironically enough, that was one of Dhar Mann's previous morals.
    • Most of the videos such as "ROAD RAGE Driver GOES TOO FAR" have family members faking serious situations such as murder, kidnapping, burglary, etc to teach the antagonist a lesson in which actually makes them the true antagonist instead of the actual antagonist.
    • In Teen FIRED For TIKTOK OBSESSION, Sabrina uses TikTok while at work and she gets fired for messing up and being distracted while at work, she ends up spending money on junk found on TikTok and her dad is upset with her and tells her to get a job. But Dhar Mann treats the dad like an antagonist, and Dhar actually supports Sabrina's actions more than the father, and insultingly teaches people that they can stay home all day making TikToks and not getting a job.
    • In fact, multiple videos reuse the same morals taught, such as "Don't judge a book by its cover", "Be grateful for what you have", "If you cheat, you'll never get ahead", etc. The worst moral they overuse is probably "What happens in the dark will always come to light." Despite being iconic and a good lesson, Dhar Mann relies on videos with this moral too much. This moral started being overused so much to the point where memes of its overuse started in many of the comment sections.
  36. The subtitles in every video, while helpful for deaf people, are somewhat irrelevant since there are already subtitles for YouTube in Closed Captions, even if their auto-captions are poorly generated. They are also somewhat distracting for people who don't want captions.
    • Some videos tend to have grammar errors and spelling errors in the subtitles, a good example is in "Girls Get REVENGE On PRANKSTER" where the word "Balloon" is misspelled as "Ballon". This can be easily fixed with proof reading, but Dhar Mann for some reason leaves the error in like it's fine.
      • Another example can be seen in one of the YouTube Shorts called "Dhar Mann Studios Spelling Bee Challenge!" where the word "optimistic" is misspelled as "optomistic".
    • Another major issue is that they are white, so on screens with white background objects, the captions camouflage, making them hard to read. YouTube captions fix this easily or even outlining and/or giving the text a solid background with editing software.
    • Also, it is very inconsistent since some of his videos do not have subtitles at all, for example in a video called "Dhar Mann Christmas Special: A December to Remember" there are no subtitles in the game show segments. And his 2nd feature film doesn't have them as well.
      • Also in his video sponsors, as soon the sponsor begins the subtitles completely disappear and once the sponsor is over and the video begins, the subtitles return.
      • The Indian language channel ironically has no subtitles at all.
  37. Some videos have plot points that end up unresolved at the end of the videos, thus making them feel incomplete or ending on a somewhat cliffhanger. For example, in "Scammer FAKES INJURY For Money, He Lives to Regret It", a guy fakes an injury to get money so he can get a new car, but when he does, his car gets destroyed in an accident, and now he has to pay car insurance... but the video just ends there!
  38. Speaking of the line "lives to regret it", in some cases, it's not even close to being 100% true. The reason for that is that not every character in those so-called videos, lives to face the consequences of their actions forever. In order to live to regret something, it would make much more sense if the damages that the characters cause, were irreversible and/or near impossible to fix. This would mean that things would never be the same for them ever again, and now they'll have to live to accept the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives. Some infamous examples include:
    • "RICH Kid WON'T TIP Pizza Boy, He Lives to Regret It" - Derek may have started out as an unlikable spoiled son who was just too lazy to do anything. But, once he started to learn the meaning of hard work, he became a much better person and had great character development, and by the end of the video, he apologized to the delivery boy (who he was rude to earlier on in the video) and his mother is proud of him. Thus, he hasn't done anything that destroyed his reputation for good, because he learned how to work for something, and now great things are in store for him in the future.
    • "Mom SHUTS DOWN Kids' ELECTRONICS, She Lives to Regret It" - The mother decides to confiscate her kids' electronics, because she wants them to do outdoor activities, whilst the kids claim, they're using their electronics for business purposes. In the future, when the kids make so much money, they're able to take their parents on vacation and now their lives began to change for the better. Hence, the title is totally wrong.
  39. The videos tend to have plot twists at the end of them, and many of them are very predictable.
    • In the first video to involve Mikey cheating, "Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM", somehow Mr. Wilson was the one who made the test answers online, and he also mixed up the answers, literally making Mikey fail on purpose. And also in that same video, Mr. Wilson somehow knew where Mikey's parents live although there isn't a way to get the address of where the student lives unless they have the school records from the principal.
    • In "Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class", Mikey's father says that "Mikey misplaced his iPad, and he set up Find My iPad on it.", despite the fact it was never mentioned in the other videos that feature Mikey.
    • Many of them also have a homeless-looking character, but near the end of the video, the character is almost always revealed to be rich, the boss of the job, or undercover.
    • One of the most bizarre plot twist videos was "Evil Sitter DESTROYS Home", which is filled to the brim with plot twists and coincidences, especially until the sitter gets exposed.
  40. Dhar Mann himself cannot take criticism, which is proven in some videos, like "10-Year-Old MAKES FUN OF Dhar Mann, He Lives to Regret It" and "Dhar Mann ACTOR QUITS While on Set". As for the latter video, it edits out stuff to make the critics look bad, which leads to negative feedback from people about the video.
  41. The phrase "So you see... We're not just telling stories, we're changing lives", while iconic, can get old very fast.
  42. A lot of videos tend to shoehorn unnecessary references to Dhar Mann himself, such as the aforementioned "Dhar Mann Actor QUITS While on Set", "Kids LAUGH At Boy With NO FRIENDS", "Saleswoman KICKS OUT Man With Turban", "No One Asks BALD GIRL To The PROM, What Happens Is Shocking", and "10-Year-Old MAKES FUN OF Dhar Mann" being the worst offenders of this. Notice how these videos have characters either watching Dhar Mann's videos or buying his merch, or even just full-on saying "Dhar Mann is the best"? All of this shows Dhar Mann's narcissism of egotistical personality.
    • Additionally, as of Late-2022, the videos have started to break the fourth wall more often. In which in many of the videos the characters straight up realize the video's plots and they talk about it.
  43. Lots of videos tend to show some product placement towards iPhone, iPad, PlayStation (especially PlayStation 5), MacBook, Xbox 360, Roblox, TikTok, Dhar Mann's Merch, Dhar Mann's LiveGlam makeup, The Dhar Mann App, and to a lesser extent, the Nintendo Switch and Oculus. Even whole videos and intros are dedicated to promoting his merchandise. They also give unnecessary mentions to websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
  44. The playlists on the channel hosting the series are pretty messy, as many of the videos are not related to Mikey or Jay. For example one of the videos in the "Jay's Legendary Adventures" playlist has a video called "FIGHTING SIBLINGS Ruin THANKSGIVING" which instead has Randle instead of Jay. Not helping the fact that the actors in the videos are commonly the same actors reused without changing their looks.
  45. There is a video that features NFTs. In case you forgot, NFTs are very harmful to the environment, largely due to high energy consumption and the use of crypto currency. However, the video that features the NFTs tries to make them look good, which is absolutely wrong. And none of the people in the comment section even CARE!
    • In "Kid Gets SHOCKING Birthday Gift!", the characters use "Super Mario coin", which is a type of crypto currency.
  46. There was even a full hour length movie about a girl who finds out she's adopted. Not only did he make a movie fitting one of his abused rehash concepts, but unsurprisingly, it was awful, with the same troubles mentioned above.
    • However, last year, there was another one but this time it was Christmas related that was shown in theaters on December 18, 2022 and was released on YouTube a week later. It would likely share the exact same problems as the previous film by Dhar, as it was rushed (made in a few weeks to a month), filled with editing errors, etc. It was eventually released, but it was actually a lazily made clip show that reuploaded 4 episodes and put them into movie length. So basically, this exposed the film of being nothing but a scam.
    • Because of his Christmas film being a disaster because of it being exposed of being a clip show, it's highly likely he will end up creating lazy cash-grabs for his newer "films" and will rush them out often.
  47. As of August 2022, Dhar Mann has started to do YouTube Shorts. It is a very bad idea as those types of videos do not notify his viewers immediately, and they gain less views than his normal videos. Unsurprisingly they failed to gather views like he got from his normal videos, and Dhar has removed some of them from his channel. But he later done them again on November 2022.
    • However, some YouTubers get millions of views from Shorts, for example Julia Burch and Raine Emery. The former had one video reach over 200M views, and the latter had a short with the Super Mario princesses which gained over 50M views in a month. As previously mentioned, this is probably luck based on the algorithm.
    • Also, all of his YouTube Shorts are just very generic short videos based on trends that you can find on TikTok.
  48. He overdoes collabs with others (Especially during late-2022), including Ben Azelart, Brent Rivera, and The Anazala Family, and even sometimes with bad people, with some major examples beingː
    • Some of the late 2020 videos star SSSniperWolf, who is known for being a very bad person, who has been in prison, been abusing the algorithm, has been transphobic, ghosted a fan dying of cancer, and even doxxed popular Youtuber Jacksfilms (whilst the latter two happened after her collabs with Dhar Mann, they're still bad). And while she does help the subjects in the videos, she's in, this does not excuse her for her past behavior and current behavior. Luckily, there haven't been any SSSniperWolf collabs as of late until in August 2022 in which she returned for another video called "MEAN GIRLS Shame Teen FOR ANIME" and one of the reaction videos on the Reactions channel called "SSSniperWolf TAKES OVER Reaction Channel!", but Dhar Mann continues to collab with her for some reason. And then again for a show called "Sister Secrets", but after the show's announcement, SSSniperwolf would later doxx JacksFilms' house, additionally back in 2014 on Omegle she asked two kids to twerk for her. Despite this action, Dhar Mann still collabs with her to this very day.
    • Two videos featured The Stokes Twins, who are probably most infamous for not only copying videos and making bad content but for once making a robbery "prank". Yes, really. They even nearly got arrested for this. Why would Dhar Mann feature basically a criminal in his videos?
    • Two videos even featured The Royalty Family, who is basically the definition of a click-bait family channel that only uses their kids to then spoil and eventually put on camera, which is absolutely wrong, which is why family vlogging is really controversial. However, Dhar Mann for some reason decided to feature them. And if you just look at their channel, you'll question why he did so in the first place.
    • One video features family channel The LaBrant Fam, who are infamous for faking diseases such as cancer, and often use their kids for views. They even faked their dog being given away as an April Fools' prank.
    • One video featured KreekCraft, who was infamous for being a creep and bribing a user for 1,000,000 Robux to lick his foot on a livestream which is very gross.
    • One video featured Lilly Singh who was infamous for making a offensive joke about people wearing Turbans (Which Dhar ironically hates when people insult people who wear a Turban), and having a cultural appropriation that treats white people terribly.
  49. In fact, he heavily overdoes collabs with popular YouTubers to only get engagement from them in which during the fourth week of October 2023, 3 of the 5 videos are actually collabs.
  50. During 2022, he started to sponsor some pretty bad games and products such as Dragon City and Monster Legends.
    • In fact even with the recent drama from February 2023, he still gets some to this very day.
  51. The Dhar Mann App, launched in October 2021, is very unprofessional, because it requires YouTube in order to be used.
    • Starting off Late-2022, he thought it was a good idea to paywall content that was previously released for free before such as his extended videos, and various other content under a $7.99 paywall in his app under a subscription service. Dhar doesn't realize that his audience is mostly consisting of kids, and Dhar should have instead made a channel memberships service just for that alone.
  52. On February 6, 2023, it was revealed by Colin Borden[13] that Dhar Mann treated his actors very poorly, including paying them insufficient salaries. In fact, many of the actors were fired from their jobs for no apparent reason and many of his former actors (many of which were famously known on the channel) are now calling him out for it such as Chas Laughlin and Mair Mulroney.[14]
    • It wouldn't be until 2-3 days after the protests began, that Dhar would "respond" but the response was very poor, and it blamed the actors rather than himself (Also note the fact the response refers Dhar as a "we" rather than "I"). And also, none of the actors that he fired were ever given what they wanted. In fact, it made the situation worse, and more actors left his studio, and some were even silently fired as a result of it.
    • Additionally, during that time, Dhar decided to issue false copyright claims on many videos criticizing him and memes about him many of which are considered fair use.
    • After the drama died down, many months later in May 2023, Dhar uploaded a YouTube short called "Epic Vin Diesel Fan Surprise (Emotional!)" in which the person featured is not one of Dhar's actors, but actually one of Dhar's friends in which Dhar paid him a lot more than the actors who have spent years acting for Dhar in which they were the ones who made Dhar's channel popular in the first place.
  53. During April 2023, on Fridays the video endings now show Dhar showing the $100 giveaway winners. However, Dhar didn't announce or tell his fans about the $100 comment giveaways being a thing, additionally it isn't possible for Dhar to giveaway the money without contacting the winner for PayPal payment. Meaning he is likely faking his giveaways. Later on, it was removed a few weeks later.
    • This is also likely fake, considering Dhar was exposed 2 months ago for not paying his actors a reliable wage. So, it's most likely that Dhar never paid the winners at all.
  54. During June 2023, Dhar is going towards creating an actual show in which goes against his typical video style. Which is called "Jay and Mikey", which does not feature any morals whatsoever despite being posted on a channel that is filled with multiple videos with a moral at the end. He could have created a separate channel for the show itself.
    • And even further, he also created a series named "Antwan Against All Odds" which is way more inappropriate and it's about a young drug dealer preparing a crime spare... (You know? Family-Friendly)
    • In fact, he has silently announced in August 2023 that he will make more shows such as "Emily Ever After", "Mischief Mikey", "Noah's Arc", "Jenius Jayden", and "Sister Secrets" most of which are short lived since they will only have 2 episodes, additionally they are going to be rushed out and will end on a cliffhanger due to the weekly release date
    • Most of his shows are lazily made, as Dhar would rename a older normal video to become the first episode of the show, because he couldn't be bothered to create a first episode himself, this is clearly cutting corners to success.
  55. During Late-2023, Dhar has started his music career, in which his first ever song he released was Christmas-related. The song is called "Christmas Wish" which features recurring characters, Mikey and Jay singing the song. It also heavily relies on autotune, has bad lyrics, and shares a bad message, saying that "Christmas is meant for gifts". Ironically, in another Christmas video, Dhar Mann claims that "Christmas is meant for spending time with your family".[15]
    • In fact the song was so bad that the video's comment section is mostly filled with hate comments, and the video took 4 days just to get 1,000,000 viewers.
  56. 2023 is the worst era for Dhar Mann, considering Dhar is going away from the life-lesson content and turned his content into a terrible Disney Sitcom considering how unrealistic the plots are.
  57. When Dhar Mann got nominated for Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards in 2024, the videos had intros where they announced a giveaway for Apple Products every weekday, but it was actually a scheme for Dhar to rig the votes so he can win easily, due to the videos mentioning they can vote multiple times. Also considering the fact that now the videos are uploaded every single day just so he can milk his nomination and keep promoting his giveaway just so kids can vote for him. Additionally some of the winners never received their prize, making it a scam.
    • While one of the comments featured was actually real, the other comments are actually fake due to the bad editing on the comments themselves.
  58. Quantity Over Quality: After going on hiatus in January 2022, starting on February 7, 2022, the videos are uploaded every day on Monday to Saturday (With YouTube Shorts being uploaded every day on Sunday), which has resulted in the quality of the videos taking a nosedive, as they seem pretty rushed and do not have most of the same good charm that at least some older videos had. The plots also starting to hit their prime, as with way too many part 2s and rehashed plots, most likely due to the fact Dhar Mann is running out of ideas. The thing that took the worst was probably the writing. The scripts seemed to be made in about 5 minutes, and somehow how the plot moves along has gotten lazier, and especially in later 2022 Dhar Mann gave up on making good use of thumbnails, basically making Dhar Mann jump the shark even further. And overall, it was the start of this era where the videos would have little to no redemption which led to Dhar Mann fully destroying anything good about most of his videos.
  59. Bad usage of knockoffs. For example, MrBeast is depicted in Dhar Mann's vision as MrFeast. Dhar himself only swapped 1 letter with another.
    • As for one of the sandwich restaurants featured in one of the videos called WhatSub, it is a knockoff of Subway.

So You See, These are the Redeeming Qualities

  1. The background music in the videos is pretty relaxing and well composed but can be unfitting for certain scenes at times.
    • During late-2022, he started to include official songs into his videos. Many of which are good songs.
  2. Most of the camerawork in the videos has slightly improved during 2022.
    • In fact, some of the newer videos also use creative camera shots which is probably best shown in "Kid MAKES TEACHER Quit Job."
  3. Even though they tend to abuse these dark and mature topics, they usually manage to handle dark subjects at times pretty well, such as drug abuse, divorce, racism, and even suicide. The videos also make awareness of disabilities and defects, such as down syndrome or stuttering. So at least it's obvious they care about making awareness of dark times.
  4. In "Streamer PRANKED On LIVE STREAM" Dhar Mann actually made original gaming footage, rather than stealing it from someone else. This shows since Mikey's Minecraft username is actually "MinecraftMikey" this time rather than a different name.
    • And also in that video, it is shown that Dhar Mann now realized that NFTs are bad for the environment.
  5. Starting in "Kid SNEAKS Candy Into The MOVIES", Mikey is actually at his best, hinting he was finally getting character development, as he finally understood what his mom meant and persuades his brother not to do what he does in the video. Sadly, that was revealed false, as, by his next episode, he is back to his old self. Surprisingly, in "Kid Gets SHOCKING Birthday Gift!", his character development has improved once more, but this is still proven false, as in his next appearance in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER, He Lives To Regret It", he's back to his old self again. Later on in "Streamer PRANKED On LIVE STREAM", his character development has improved once again. So it's technically going back and forth.
  6. Many of the actors like the late Carl Judie, Kaido Lee Roberts, Shaun Dixon, Chas Laughlin, Devon Weetly, Winston Vengapally, Mair Mulroney, etc, are decent, as they are more expressive and are not stale. Among them, Mair Mulroney shines as one of the best, infusing her antagonistic roles with a sense of enjoyment and a unique charm that makes her villains intriguing, despite their unlikable nature.
    • And also, some of the roles do fit with the character they are playing as. For example, Sam in "Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With AUTISM" who has autism is played by Brendan Schroeder who is autistic in real life. Even Levi Petree, despite some flaws in acting, also fits Sergeant Stokes as he looks like a real-life sergeant.
    • Shaunte Massard is also great as Regina Lawson despite her character being unlikable and her overacting at times.
    • Carlos L. Chavez and Riki Yvette are also great as their characters.
  7. Speaking of Carl Judie, they paid a tribute to him in one video, which is extremely heartwarming.
  8. There are occasional good videos, especially some of his earlier videos. In the earlier videos, you can tell that there was more expression in the videos, even if they are still cringeworthy and bad. For most characters, you could get more as well.
    • Plus, the videos still have noticeable charm and a "so bad, it's good" factor to them.
  9. Even with the formulaic and repetitive plots, the videos do teach you the consequences of what would happen if you did bad things through the antagonist's obvious misfortune, and the morals of course are very good and teachworthy, even with their overuse.
  10. Despite reason #30, sometimes the "lives to regret it" line in some of the titles are indeed accurate! Some famous examples include:
    • In "Prosecutor Sends Innocent Black Man to Jail, Lives to Regret It", the prosecutor makes up many lies in court in order to get the Black man convicted. However, when the truth finally comes out towards the end of the video, the corrupt prosecutor is arrested (but unrealistically) and imprisoned for obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. Because of his actions, his career is now permanently damaged, and he'll never be able to practice law again.
    • In "Businessman Won't Serve to Lesbians, He Lives to Regret It", a baker, Trey, comes down on Kristen for selling cupcakes to a drag queen and a lesbian couple, so she decides to open up her own bakery for the LGBTQ+ community and all. While Kristen's business starts going uphill, Trey's bakery starts going downhill due to his mistreatment of the LGBTQ+ community, who bombard his business with negative reviews. In the end, Trey loses his shop to Kristen and it is unknown how he's ever going to be able to find work. Heck, he may end homeless! It wouldn't be a surprise, because given how discriminative he is, almost no high-paying business is going to hire him!
    • In "Male Boss Treats Female Employee Unfair, He Lives to Regret It", after enduring rampant sexist treatment by her boss Roy at his design firm, talented designer Peyton quits her job to start her own business. Subsequently, Roy's sexism and favoritism cause him to lose most of his design team and then his biggest client to Peyton's firm. She and her team subsequently skyrocket to success, while he struggles to keep up with his mounting bills. In the end, Roy loses his office space to Peyton and her team due to unpaid rent, is forced to close his firm, and now will likely have to start all over from the bottom again, if that's even possible.
    • In "Husband Cheats On Wife With Secretary, Lives to Regret His Decision" and "Famous Athlete Cheats On Wife, He Lives to Regret His Decision For Life", businessman Richard and just-drafted NBA player Tony become consumed by success to the point that they cheat on and leave their respective loyal wives for younger lovers. However, their new women prove to be bad influences who persuade them to make bad choices that gradually catch up with them, costing them their wealth, careers, and the new girlfriends themselves. Later, Richard and Tony unexpectedly run into their ex-wives and try to reconcile with them only to be rejected, as the ex-wives have moved on to better things and people. In the end, the two men can only watch as the loves of their lives that they took for granted walk away for good, and now they will have to find some way to carry on and pick up the pieces of their shattered lives alone.
    • In "College Kid Forces This Nerd to Drink, He Lives to Regret It", Norman and Kyle are planning on being lawyers after graduation, but whilst Norman focuses on his studies for the final exam, Kyle drinks and parties. Understandably, Kyle flunks the exam after waking up with a big hangover whilst Norman passes, and Kyle needs to retake all of his classes to graduate the next year. In the end, Norman finishes law school and goes to work at a big firm, and Kyle continues to struggle with menial jobs.
    • In "Mechanics Scam Girls In Parking Lot, They Live to Regret It", Devin and Amir pull off a complex scam to trick people into bringing their cars to their auto shop for repairs that they don't really need and then needlessly charge them lots of money, which they then pocket for themselves. They pull the scam on an old woman and then try it on a younger woman named Amelia the next day, but when she seemingly cannot pay, she convinces them to accept a seemingly expensive diamond ring. But when the diamond is revealed to be fake, the two confront Amelia, only to be arrested by the police -- it then turns out Amelia is an attorney who has dealt with scammers like them before, and her husband turns out to be one of the arresting officers, and her mother is the old woman that they scammed the previous day! In the end, Devin and Amir are facing jail time, a class-action lawsuit, the seizure of all their money and assets (both ill-gotten and legit) to repay their victims, and are dumped by their girlfriends, who then join the lawsuit (after having put money into helping start the auto shop), meaning that their lives are OVER!
    • In "YouTubers Use Kid With Down Syndrome For Views, They Live to Regret It", struggling influencer couple John and Mary decide to adopt Hope, a girl with Down Syndrome and document them raising her in order to boost views and follower numbers. The plan works and soon they end up internet-famous and getting millions of views and followers, brand deals, and big money. However, after getting everything they want, they decide to return Hope to the adoption agency, over their son Owen's objections. Their followers, however, soon notice Hope's absence and eventually, John and Mary are forced to come clean about their actions. As a result, they end up getting cancelled, lose their brand deals, stop vlogging and delete their YouTube channel, and are forced to get regular jobs and sell their house and all their luxuries to avoid bankruptcy. In the end, as Mary goes to sell the last of their valuables, she sees Hope with a new foster mother, who promises to never abandon her, leaving her feeling guilty about her and John's actions and how they have cost their family everything.
    • In "Mean Girls Leak Teen's Diary In School, They Live To Regret It", mean girl Madison, jealous that Shelby, one of her best friends, is dating her longtime crush Jason, brother of her other best friend Kate, and annoyed that her classmate Emma has gotten the same new bag as her, decides to put an end to both problems with a complex scheme: she creates a fake diary filled with false stories about Jason flirting with her, makes copies of the diary's pages, puts them up all over school, and tries to frame Emma and her friend Olivia for "stealing" and "publicizing" her diary. Madison figures that as a result, Shelby and Jason's relationship will end (thus leaving Madison free to date him), Emma and Olivia will get blamed and suspended for it all, and she'll slip through the cracks as an innocent victim. However, Emma and Olivia, determined to clear their names, put the pieces together and eventually expose the scheme to everyone, including the principal. In the end, Madison is facing possible suspension and further punishment from her parents, has forever lost her best friends, and most of all will likely have to transfer schools since, once word of her scheme gets out, she'll most likely never be trusted by anyone ever again. In other words, she has blown up her reputation and possibly her entire LIFE all because of petty jealousy over an old crush and a dumb bag.
  11. In concept, a channel that revolved around making short stories with life lessons at the end sounds kind of neat, but unfortunately it was poorly executed.
  12. Some likable characters here and there. In fact, every single character that Carlos L. Chavez, the late Carl Judie, and Riki Yvette Westmoreland play are likable and can even be very sympathetic. However, in Carlos's case, his characters usually end up being the butt monkey since they usually get taken advantage of and bullied, by the antagonists.
    • Continuing from the previous point, even some of the recurring characters are likable, such as Allison Day, Mr. Wilson, May, Baljit, and especially Dhar Mann (when he makes a cameo).
      • Some of the one-off characters and/or protagonists are likable.
  13. Most of the editing is beautiful, even if it's terribly rushed and errors can slip through the cracks.

Episodes with their own pages

  1. "Movie Star Slaps Host at Award Show"
  2. "Kids Cheat MrBeast For $1 Million"
  3. "Road Rage Driver Goes Too Far"
  4. "Skinny Kid Kicked Off Football Team"
  5. "Black Panther Fights Bullies Inside School"

Series with their own pages

  1. Jay and Mikey/Jay's World
  2. Antwan: Against All Odds
  3. Mischief Mikey
  4. Noah's Arch
  5. Jenius Jayden
  6. Sister Secrets
  7. Chasing Charlie
  8. My Shocking Story

Movies with their own pages

  1. Girl Finds Out She's Adopted On Thanksgiving


Dhar Mann initially received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and has a huge fanbase. This ends up birthing one of the worst "It's made for kids" excuse. However, it is to note that of course there are also a lot of people that may detect bad videos, and some previous Dhar Mann fans have abandoned him. As a result, there have been a lot of rants on Dhar Mann, made especially by AugustTheDuck, which probably was the main factor for Dhar Mann's rants being made, though that seems to not be stopping him. See some of the videos to find examples of people hating on Dhar Mann. Dhar Mann has also gathered a huge reaction genre, with some examples being SocksFor1, SSSniperWolf, LankyBox, Beluga, and many more. It is to also note that some of the reactors, like SocksFor1, manage to acknowledge many cringe and bad things about these videos. Plus, it should be mentioned there is at least a "so bad, it's good charm" to some of the videos, which results in reception being somewhat devised.[citation needed] As of now, on IMDb, Dhar Mann has a rating of 4.4/10.[16]

It wouldn't be until 2023, that it would receive negative feedback because of the protest incident in which exposed Dhar for not paying his actors. And now the videos tend to have more dislikes than likes.


  • The videos became internet memes starting in June 2021, when multiple YTP videos about Dhar Mann started popping up on the internet.[17]
  • Carl Judie, one of the former actors, passed away on February 16, 2021 from COVID-19.[18]
  • Multiple atrocious rip-offs of Dhar Mann have come after the series' success.
  • There is a legit Dhar Mann Dragon in Dragon City, due to his promotion in a video.[19]
  • Before Dhar Mann created the series, he helped found the medical marijuana business WeGrow.[20]
  • Despite his content and actions, he somehow got nominated in Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards in 2024.




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